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Rebekah Swieringa

Rebekah is a graduate of Regent University. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Political Management from George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Articles From Rebekah

‘Day without a Woman’: A day without food for many impoverished children

Today is International Women’s Day. It is the day when we celebrate the women who have paved the way for us so that we can have the option to go to work or go to school or raise a family. It is the day that we continue to show how much of a positive impact […]

Why I march (for life)

In a hospital room, there is a mother who went into labor 20 weeks early. In a hospital room, there are doctors surrounding a newborn child, doing everything they can to save that baby’s life. It is their duty to do everything in their power to help that child survive. But why then, at 20 […]

In Obama’s 8 years, the Youth Misery Index skyrocketed

Since President Obama took office, the Youth Misery Index (YMI) has risen 36%, the New Guard reports. The YMI was created by Young America’s Foundation and is calculated by adding together the youth unemployment rate, student loan debt, and debt per capita. In January 2009, the YMI was 83.5. Now it stands at a staggering 113.4. According […]

Dear conservatives: A peaceful transition is a two-way street. Let’s not be rude.

I have seen many comments on social media emphasizing the intolerance of the left, and I have seen people rightly point out when certain acts are outrageous, as well as divulge inconsistencies in the arguments of some people on the left. However, while many conservatives rightly point out these things in order to analyze what […]

Lena Dunham uses ‘apology’ for abortion comment… to raise money for abortion

While it is rare to see a liberal snowflake apologize for actually being offensive (as opposed to apologizing for false offenses like microaggressions), the day has come where Lena Dunham has said sorry. Well, kind of. Last week on her podcast, Dunham stated she wished that she had an abortion, because by not having one, […]

Lena Dunham: I never had an abortion, but I wish I did

Lena Dunham’s foot and mouth must be dating because the two are almost inseparable. The millennial HBO actress and self-proclaimed “abortion rights activist” said that she wished that she could have had an abortion. She continued further by saying that by not having one, she carries a stigma about abortion. Dunham, who has taught her […]

How pro-life millennials should react to Kasich’s signing/veto in Ohio

Last week, Ohio passed legislation that would ban abortions after a child’s heartbeat could be detected, which is around six weeks after conception. In addition, Ohio legislators passed a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of life. Today, Ohio Governor, John Kasich signed one of the pieces of pro-life legislation into law, while […]

New Plan aims to save Social Security for millennials

“Social Security’s combined Trust Funds will not be able to pay full benefits in 2034, at which point beneficiaries would face a 21-percent benefit cut if action is not taken,” according to a June press release by the Ways and Means Committee. With Social Security soon not being able to pay for benefits in full, […]

Trump supporters troll Megyn Kelly’s new book on Amazon

Donald Trump is headed to the White House in January, despite what he calls the “unfair” media, but his supporters continue to lash out at reporters — especially Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. According to the Chicago Tribune, “More than 100 negative one-star reviews appeared on the Amazon page selling Kelly’s memoir “Settle for More” […]

No Justice: Clemson University bans Harambe memes

Not even a trigger warning can prepare students for the extreme offensive nature of Harambe. The gorilla that was shot and killed in order to save a young child is now considered too offensive to be displayed at Clemson University. According to Campus Reform a Clemson administrator informed freshman, “We are no longer allowing any reference to […]

Bad influence: Millennials are passing PC Culture down to Generation Z

The Black Lives Matter movement, socialism, the evil right, and even “Justice for Harambe” are all messages that my generation, the millennial generation, has screamed to the world. Through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and viral videos, many of the messages have been deprived of facts, and yet some have inspired the generation below us. Generation Z […]

Trump visiting Regent: Christian students have mixed feelings

The announcement that presidential candidate Donald Trump would be coming to speak at Regent University stirred some debate on the Christian campus — and more than a few heated arguments on social media. Trump recently caused a small flap when he visited Liberty University and referred to a Bible verse as “two Corinthians” as opposed […]

#FeelTheBern: Sanders, not Clinton, claiming Obama’s youth and social media mantle

Among millennials, Sanders continues to be the favorable choice for the Democratic presidential nomination, while Clinton continues to be viewed in a much less favorable light. According to the latest CNN/ORC poll from December 17-21, of those aged 18-35 who were polled, Clinton had a 47 percent favorable, 48 percent unfavorable rating. In the same age […]

Top 5 politically correct campus controversies of 2015

There is no doubt 2015 was a year full of campus controversies. The demand for political correctness reached such heights this year that many began to worry today’s “coddled” American college students are no longer even exposed to ideas they disagree with or find challenging. There are far too many examples to list them all, but here are […]

Gov. Kasich visits Regent U., fails attempt to reach college students

Ohio Governor John Kasich was the guest of honor at Regent University’s second presidential forum of the year. During the forum, Gov. Kasich focused on balancing the budget and defeating ISIS. Though he was speaking at a university, student debt was only mentioned once towards the end of the Q&A session. The forum was moderated by Regent University chancellor […]

Regent University to host Jeb Bush… when no one is there

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will be visiting Regent University in Virginia Beach this week, however it looks like student turnout is going to be pretty weak. The university recently announced that it will be hosting “Presidential Candidate Forums” to introduce the 2016 presidential candidates and their platforms through discussions and Q&A sessions. Gov. Bush will be […]

RNC ignites new initiative for students and communities

  The Republican National Committee has recently launched a new effort to win the 2016 presidential election. Their efforts involve engaging communities, including college campuses, and training staffers and volunteers to step up their ground game from the 2012 election. While offered for all ages, the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) is especially important for college students. […]

Harvard University is allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronoun

The politically correct, grammatically incorrect, campus police are at it again – this time on Harvard’s campus. The Ivy League school now allows students to pick their preferred gender pronouns. According to the Harvard Crimson, this action is in place to “make students more comfortable with their gender identity.” While some believe that institutions of higher […]

Ted Cruz’s campaign appoints ‘Millennial Director’

Today, Sen. Ted Cruz announced the addition of a new Millennial Director to his South Carolina campaign efforts. “I understand the crucial role Millennials will play in the 2016 presidential election,” Cruz said in a statement. In 2008, Millennials voted for Obama by a ratio of 2 to 1 – the largest margin within any […]

New Jersey law could force Christie to defend religious freedom

Republican 2016 candidate Gov. Chris Christie may be put on the spot if a bill retaliating against religious freedom laws makes it through the New Jersey state legislature. The recently introduced bill would prohibit state-sponsored travel to any state that has a religious freedom law but does not have an anti-discrimination law. If enacted, the […]