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Regina is the Event Coordinator and an Associate Editor for Red Alert Politics. As a DC journalist who specializes in politics, policy and social issues, she currently contributes to the Washington Examiner and has had her work linked on FOXNews, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times and featured on the Sean Hannity Show. She is also a student of History and Spanish at The Catholic University of America.

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Young, Hispanic conservatives write manual on why the GOP is losing Hispanics and how they can fix it

Conservatives need to make serious changes to their outreach efforts in order to attract Hispanic voters, according to several prominent, young Hispanic conservatives.

In a document released Thursday, Brittany Morrrett, the Project Coordinator with a conservative Hispanic group The Libre Initiative and Sam Rosado, a freelance contributor on Hispanic issues for Politic365The Daily Grito and Misfit Politicsalong with Michelle Lancaster, a blogger from Texas, and Ben Domenech, a co-founder of RedState, editor of The Transomand a fellow at the Heartland Institute, provide a how-to guide for conservatives on changes the movement needs to make in order to attract Hispanic voters and why refusing to would be a horrible mistake.

VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly calls Atheist leader a fascist during disagreement over Christmas

It’s just not Christmastime in America if there is not a group of atheists wildly protesting Christmas trees, nativity scenes and baby Jesus.

This year, Bill O’Reilly decided to host the President of American Atheists, David Silverman on his show Wednesday night to ask him exactly why atheists feel the need to “mess around with Christmas.”

Things got a little heated, up to the point where O’Reilly accused Silverman and his “merry band of fascists” of destroying Christmas grinch-style.

Powerball fever comes to an end; tickets sold in Arizona, Missouri contain winning numbers

Powerball fever is at an end, after two tickets were reported to contain the winning Powerball combination yesterday.

The Associated Press reports that two tickets with the numbers 5,16,22,23,29 and a Powerball of 6 are the lucky winners. The tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri. The winners have not yet come forward to claim their prizes.

Obama resumes role as campaigner-in-chief to avoid debt talks

Less than one month after his election, President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail. Our campaigner-in-chief just can’t let it go.

Obama has his whole schedule for the rest of the week planned as one large campaign push to get public support behind his goal to raise taxes on the richest Americans and threaten Congress with losing public support if they do not go along with his plan, according to a report by The New York Times.
On Tuesday, he is meeting 15 owners of small businesses at the White House to argue that his tax proposals will generate growth.

Rick Santorum featured in new Ke$ha and Iggy Pop duet ‘Dirty Love’

If you thought Ke$ha had already reached her limit of bizarre and extreme, think again. Her new leaked duet, “Dirty Love”with Iggy Pop is classless, tasteless and just plain god-awful, in case that isn’t clear from the title.

“Cockroaches do it in garbage cans / Rug merchants do it in Afghanistan / Santorum do it in a V-neck sweater / Pornos produce it, but wild child can do it better!,” was one of her most elegant lines.

Only goes to show that despite Senator Rick Santorum’s short-lived presidential run, he thoroughly made his mark on pop culture.

VIDEO: Jamie Foxx refers to Obama as his “Lord and Savior”

Singer and actor Jamie Foxx called President Barack Obama his “Lord and Savior,” at the Soul Train Awards 2012 in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday.

“It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama,” said Foxx to a cheering audience.

Foxx is a long-time outspoken supporter of the current President, even if his support is sometimes a little strange.

Approval ratings surge for N.J. Gov. Chris Christie despite conservative backlash

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating is now up 19 points despite his controversial comments expressing his support of President Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll.

Christie has never seen such high approval ratings since he took office in 2010. His numbers have typically hovered between 44 and 50 percent but since the Hurricane his favorability rating has shot up to 67 percent.

“Throughout the governor’s term, we’ve had little movement in his ratings. This just blows that out of the water,” David Redlawsk, director of the Rutgers-Eagleton poll, told the Huffington Post.

Union backed Wal-mart workers plan strike for Black Friday

The Wal-Mart labor organization, OUR Walmart, is planning a staged protest on the biggest shopping day of the year to demand for more benefits and higher wages.

The protest is a response to what Wal-Mart employees are calling “retaliation” measures that Wal-Mart employs in order to prevent complaining about better pay, fairer schedules and more affordable benefits. According to the workers the ‘retaliation’ measures include cutting hours, changing shifts and moving them around departments.

Wal-Mart, which owns 4,000 stores in the United States and employes 1.3 million people, filed suit with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Friday saying that OUR Walmart had violated the National Labor Relations Act by picketing and protesting in the last six months without filing a formal petition to form a union.

Fordham University bars Ann Coulter from campus, welcomes infanticide advocate Peter Singer

Fordham University welcomed infanticide and bestiality advocate Peter Singer to campus on Friday after they effectively banned conservative pundit Ann Coulter because she is “hateful,” and “needlessly provocative.”

But encouraging people to have sex with their pets and killing babies up to one month after birth is just fine, according to the Fordham University President Joseph M. McShane.

VIDEO: Maher tells Obama to become an “angry black man”

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher said he has a solution for all of those who are trying to make President Barack Obama look like an angry black man pushing a liberal agenda.

He suggest that Obama should be an angry black man pushing a liberal agenda.

“New rule, now that he’s been reelected, President Obama must get back at all those right-wing hacks who tried to paint him as an angry black man pushing a liberal agenda by becoming an angry black man who’s pushing a liberal agenda,” Maher said on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night.

Pew Research: Hispanic Electorate set to double by 2030

If you thought the Latino vote played a huge role in the results of this election, just wait 20 years.

The number of Hispanics eligible to vote is set to double by 2030, according to Pew Hispanic Center analysis based on U.S. Census Bureau data, Election Day exit polls and a new nationwide survey of Hispanic immigrants.

The hispanic share of the electorate is set to rise mainly because Hispanics are one of the youngest ethnic groups in the United States. Currently, 17 percent of U.S. citizens are Hispanic but they made up only 10 percent of the electorate in 2012.

Chris Christie criticizes Romney for making excuses about the election

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday and criticized former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for making excuses about the election.

“I always think this is kind of scapegoating after elections,” Christie said. “When you lose, you lost.”

Christie was referring to a call Romney held Wednesday with donors. On the call Romney said  President Barack Obama’s reelection was a direct result of the current President giving voters “gifts” in order to win their vote.

Twitter, social media, on the front lines of Israeli attack

When Israeli forces attacked Gaza on Friday, killing a top Hamas military leader, they declared their intentions to the world on Twitter.

Since then, both sides have been involved in a Twitter war with military commanders live-tweeting the action on the ground in Gaza while sending inflammatory tweets to the Twitter account of their opponents.

“We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead,” the Israeli Defense Force spokesperson (@IDFSpokesperson) account tweeted Wednesday. The tweet was re-tweeted more than 2500 times.

Dan Rather: Republicans need to get in touch with science

CBS News Evening News anchor Dan Rather appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC Wednesday night with his own take on how Republicans can come back after facing defeat last week.

According to Rather, it’s science, global warming and evolution that are holding Republicans back.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s not women voters, it’s not latino voters, it’s not social issues and  it’s not young voters…it’s science.

Obama says he’s forgotten the election, but keeps talking about Romney

President Barack Obama said he had already forgotten the election on Wednesday afternoon in his first press conference since his reelection, but that didn’t stop him from talking all about former Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

After a brief speech mainly about Obama’s plan to get the economy moving forward, which is mostly based on taxing the wealthy, he opened up the floor to questions and spent a significant amount of time talking about his former opponent.

“If there was one thing that everybody understood was a big difference between myself and Mr. Romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit,” Obama said.

Ron Paul bids farewell on the House floor after 23 years of service

Congressman Ron Paul (R – TX) gave the first part of his farewell speech on the floor of the House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon after 23 years in public office.

Paul’s speech, which was academic in tone and reflective on his years serving as a Congressman, claimed he never faltered in his original mission.

“My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today,” he said. “Promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.”

Tumblr mocks media for obsessing over Petraeus scandal while ignoring Hurricane crisis

A new Tumblr blog popped up over the weekend called, “David Petraeus Affair Photos,” except the pictures show the brutal images of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy instead.

“The Petraeus scandal is dominating the “news” as a real national crisis is being ignored,” wrote the Tumblr owner to an interested commenter.

The Tumblr selects headlines from Petraeus-related stories from across the nation and accompanies them with a photo from the destruction that faces hundreds of thousands of Americans in the Northeast.

Pelosi puts her foot down, will remain Democratic Leader

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday morning that she intends to run for minority leader again and will remain the figurehead for Democrats in the House until 2014.

It was originally unclear whether Pelosi, 72, who has already held the minority leader position for 10 years, would use 2012 as a chance to step down especially after her wild predictions that the Democrats would finally win majority in the House.

Pelosi is most likely hoping for a mid-term election rally in order to redeem herself from the embarrassing 2010 episode where she was forced to give up the Speaker of the House gavel to John Boehner and an overwhelmingly Republican floor.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells Sesame Street that being a princess is not a career

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor made an appearance on Sesame Street on Sunday to make a point about the word “career.”

As Sotomayor told Abby from Sesame Street, being a princess is not a career because a career is “a job you train for, or prepare for and plan on doing for a long time.”

It might be a good thing for young girls to keep in mind, but it just sounds funny coming from the mouth of the Princess of government programs that require absolutely no work at all, like, affirmative action, the Dream Act, food stamps and welfare.

Three ways the GOP can reach out to Latino voters

President Barack Obama won the election with the help of the Hispanic vote, which went more disproportionately for Obama than any other ethnic group other than African Americans.

The GOP made more efforts to reach out to Latinos in 2012 than in 2008, but the Republican Party’s measures were weak. The GOP spent 2012 scrambling to catch up with the Democrats’ well-thought out Hispanic outreach campaign and the party talked about issues that, frankly, don’t appeal to the majority of Latinos at all.