Phalen Kuckuck

Phalen is a recent graduate of Ohio University with a degree in criminology and political science. He currently works in West Virginia politics. Follow him on twitter @Phalen_k

Articles From Phalen

Stupid millennial stereotype disproven: Millennials are not ‘job-hoppers’

New data from the Pew Research Center shows that millennials change jobs less often than older generations, with 63.4 percent of 18-to-35-year-olds staying at their current employer for 13 months or more, compared to 59.9 percent reporting the same in 2000. The percent decrease is not dramatic, but it strays from conventional wisdom surrounding the […]

Governor brings actual bullsh– to press conference [VIDEO]

West Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Jim Justice, vetoed the GOP majority’s budget bill in spectacular fashion — by comparing it to poop… bull crap, to be specific. Governor Justice is no stranger to the spotlight, and it’s not because his nearly 400-pound figure precludes him from hiding. Just one month before the election, an NPR story […]

How one state is tackling administrative bloat to lower college tuition

The West Virginia House voted today to advance a bill allowing colleges and universities more discretion in handling personnel decisions. With the student loan debt crisis looming, addressing higher education costs is critical — more states should follow suit. Department of Education data shows administrative positions at colleges and universities grew by 60 percent between […]

3 hard truths about Betsy DeVos

Trump’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, has spent three decades advocating for education policies that will pull low-income children out of cyclical poverty. Despite this, Democrats are sensationalizing her nomination in a continued attempt to undermine the Trump administration at all costs – even when the cost is America’s children. As we wrap up […]

Ohio universities should increase safety & freedom: Allow campus carry

Governor Kasich recently signed a bill that awards universities in Ohio the option to abolish ‘gun-free zones’ on their respective campuses. Institutions of higher learning across the state have a unique opportunity to expand both safety and freedom – they should seize it. Unfortunately, several major schools have already doubled down on their bans of […]

Conservative millennial legislators thriving in West Virginia

President-elect Donald Trump enjoyed a 42-point victory in the state of West Virginia. Nearly seven-in-ten residents supported the Republican nominee, but winning ‘bigly’ in the Mountain State hasn’t always been easy. In 2014, Republicans gained a majority in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate for the first time in over 80 years. […]

3 reasons conservative millennials should oppose the death penalty

No matter which of the 17 Republican candidates you supported in the presidential primary, we can agree that fighting big government overreach is what unifies us as conservatives. Government-ordered execution of American citizens is big government epitomized. Hear me out. According to 2016 data from Pew Research, 51 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds oppose the death penalty. […]

Criminal justice reform: Fairer to all communities, safer for our police [Opinion]

Twice in two days, black men were shot and killed by police officers. Last night, five police officers were killed while protecting a protest in Dallas. The common denominator is an eroding rule of law driven by cyclical crime, violence, and poverty. It is reasonable and necessary to both stand up against injustice and mourn […]