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Peter Van Voorhis

Peter Van Voorhis is a conservative activist, commentator, and journalist who focuses on political issues affecting millennials. Find him on Twitter @RepublicanPeter.

Articles From Peter

Professor: Students who don’t denounce Trump are ‘complicit’ with racism and neo-Nazism

It is a “matter of conscience” for students to denounce President Trump, according to a class-wide memo written by a history professor at Cal State San Marcos. “In this class, we have tried to reimagine the rise of fascism in Germany and its consequences, primarily through the stories of ordinary people living in the Germany […]

Anti-gun professor shows up to class in body armor

An anti-gun professor at San Antonio College showed up to class wearing body armor and a ballistic helmet, in protest of Texas’ new campus carry law. Charles K. Smith, a geography professor, donned the military gear to class on Tuesday, the first day the law went into effect at community colleges. “I was just saying […]

Letter: Human Rights Commission refuses to investigate anti-white discrimination at Evergreen State

The Washington State Human Rights Commission has declined to investigate Evergreen State College for discrimination, after hundreds of left-wing students and faculty tried to force Professor Bret Weinstein off campus during a “Day of Absence” for white faculty and students. A letter, obtained by Red Alert Politics, was sent to legislators and Governor Jay Inslee […]

After SMU demands ‘triggering’ 9/11 memorial be moved, College Dems and GOP unite

Students across the political spectrum at Southern Methodist University (SMU) have teamed up to fight the school’s ban on a “triggering” 9/11 memorial display, which has relegated the flags to an obscure section of campus. In a rare show of bipartisan support, the school’s chapters of Young Americans for Freedom, Mustangs for Life, College Republicans, […]

Leaked: Union brags about ‘protecting’ violent professor, plans to fight ‘ultra-conservatives’

A leaked email from the California Faculty Association (CFA) reveals their hidden agenda to “[shield] employees from right-wing attacks on academic freedom.” The email, obtained by Red Alert Politics through a self-identified liberal professor who wished to remain anonymous, highlights their recent “success in protecting the career of a Cal State Fullerton lecturer who had […]

LPTA: Congress shouldn’t prioritize ‘lowest price’ for our military equipment

  As a conservative who believes in smart and limited government, I naturally support any policy which will protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse. The Department of Defense (DoD) currently has a policy for doling out defense contracts called “Lowest Price Technically Acceptable” (LPTA,) which is intended to provide the best military equipment at […]

First Milo, then Coulter: Berkeley blocks Ben Shapiro from speaking

(via YAF) Administrators at UC-Berkeley have canceled conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s scheduled September 14th appearance, citing an inability to “identify an available campus venue.” Ben Shapiro slammed UC-Berkeley, in a press release issued by Young America’s Foundation on Thursday night, referring to their “legal and moral obligation to ensure” that conservative students have their voices […]

Leaked emails: Professor defends destruction of 9/11 memorial posters

After Saddleback College Professor Margot Lovett was caught on camera ripping down posters that honored the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, media outlets across the country condemned her disrespectful actions. The gender studies professor, known for her statements which blame “U.S. imperialism” for the 9/11 attacks, was quickly defended by her colleagues, who referred […]

EPA: Solar panels increased toxic greenhouse gas emissions

According to a new study released by the federal government, toxic greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise as a result of solar panel manufacturing. The greenhouse gas in question, Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), is one of the principal chemicals used to manufacture solar panels, and is 17,200 times more potent than C02. Over the past […]

Beach vacations for the poor? California is going off the deep end

This week, California lawmakers introduced a new bill that will use taxpayer dollars to help low-income residents go on beach vacations. This is not simply an abuse of tax money — it is a perfect representation of how far California has drifted away politically from the rest of America. The legislation, introduced by Democrat Lorena […]

Trump’s executive order kills regulations: Massive win for millennials

Government regulation cost the American economy over $2,000,000,000,000 dollars in 2015, according to The Heritage Foundation. Despite President Obama’s rhetoric of fighting for America’s youth, his regulation state has caused immense harm to my generation. It’s about time that we had a President who took this issue seriously, and who backs up his views with […]

Millennials should celebrate Trump’s executive order on ObamaCare

Hours after his inauguration, President Trump signed an executive order “to seek the prompt repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” In doing so, he instructed federal agencies “to delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the Act that would impose a fiscal burden,” as well as several other directives to […]