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Paulo Sibaja

Paulo Sibaja is the Founder & President of P.S. Media. He was a former candidate for County Commissioner in Colorado. Paulo has extensive experience in policy, politics, and in media. You can follow him on Twitter @PauloSibaja and learn more about him at

Articles From Paulo

Dear Nevada: Don’t let East Coast liberals pick your Senator

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Nevada Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto has no reservations campaigning with the most fringe elements of America’s Democratic Party. She warmly embraces the hyper-partisanship of its leaders and rubber-stamps their failed liberal policies. While Harry Reid enlists his Washington, D.C. liberal allies to drag his handpicked candidate across the finish […]

Debunking 5 myths about Colorado’s vote

“He tells it like it is.” “He is not politically correct.” “He is bold and won’t let others push us around.” Those are repeated lines by voters who justify their support for Donald Trump. Because they value political incorrectness, telling it like it is, and boldness — here is a dose of each. I will tell it […]

OPINION: ‘GOP’ has a new meaning. And it starts with the word ‘opportunity.’

The GOP as we know it is gone.

OPINION: The President of ‘No’

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama delivered his second-to-last State of the Union Address. Considering the election results — only two months removed — the President had a real opportunity to extend an olive branch to the newly sworn-in Republican House and Senate. Instead, we had a president who rightfully deserves the moniker “President of No.”