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This string of tragedies can unite a divided America

First came Hurricane Harvey, killing at least 70 people. Then came Hurricane Irma, killing at least 75. Then came Hurricane Maria, killing at least 16 in Puerto Rico with that number still rising. Now, the Las Vegas Strip shooting has reportedly left more than 50 dead and more than 400 wounded. Some have attempted to […]

Red Alert senior contributor Gianno Caldwell hired by Fox News

Gianno Caldwell, Red Alert Politics senior contributor and Extra TV special correspondent, is headed to Fox News as a political analyst. There, he will appear across Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network’s daytime and primetime programs, providing analysis and commentary on political, financial, and cultural issues. Recently, Caldwell teared up on a Fox News […]

Red Alert contributor Ariana Rowlands will speak at Free Speech Week

Red Alert Politics contributor Ariana Rowlands is scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week, hosted by the Berkeley Patriots and MILO Inc. The event is scheduled to take place September 24th through the 27th and has been dubbed the right-wing Woodstock. Rowlands is the only student speaking at the event. Other keynotes include […]

UFC’s rise to dominance results from many of the reasons Trump won

Boxing, in many ways, is a rigged system — not that different from our political system. For years, a few rich power-brokers have tightly controlled the match-ups. The rules for “fighting” were heavily restricted. While not totally pre-planned like professional wrestling, it becomes rather predictable and boring. Few upsets. Little action. These things all describe […]

Thanks to ESPN and the far-Left, political correctness is killing correctness

When an Asian-American man named Robert Lee isn’t allowed to broadcast games at the University of Virginia, we all know political correctness has gone too far. ESPN didn’t ask him to go by “Rob” or “Bob”; they were so afraid that they just moved him. Did they really think someone was going to mistake him […]

More Browns kneel for National Anthem than their win total for last 3 years combined

Twelve of America’s wealthiest 1 percent — and from one of America’s worst professional sports teams, the Cleveland Browns — kneeled for the National Anthem on Monday night. These privileged television performers think that by taking a knee during a song paying tribute to “the land of the free, and the home of the brave,” […]

Facebook and Twitter tolerate ‘Boston Antifa,’ which is calling for terrorism

While Facebook, Twitter, and Silicon Valley have no trouble banning or censoring edgy/radical conservatives on their platforms, apparently they also tolerate terrorist rhetoric from ‘Boston Antifa,’ a now viral group which was key in organizing the demonstrations in Boston. A cursory scan of their latest Facebook and Twitter posts reveal violent political rhetoric and should […]

Stop empowering racists by branding them with the GOP and Trump supporters

Many on the Left and in the media are giving the KKK and white supremacists exactly what they want: legitimacy. After the deadly white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, far too many people in the press, on social media, and in politics have tried to associate the racist ralliers with Republicans and Trump supporters. […]

Caitlyn Jenner for U.S. Senate: Why not?

Should Republicans be excited about Caitlyn Jenner’s potential run for U.S. Senate in 2018? Jenner said she “would look for a senatorial run,” when talking with radio host John Catsimatidis. Jenner said, “Over the next six months or so, I gotta find out where I can do a better job. Can I do a better job […]

Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian sounds scandalous, only if you don’t read the facts

‘They finally caught Trump colluding with the Russians’ — is the line every major mainstream media organization is implying this morning. The latest news of Donald Trump, Jr. and others from the campaign meeting with a Russian attorney last June sounds scandalous, but it’s only scandalous if you don’t read the facts of the meeting. The […]

Comey and Lynch broke the law, coordinated messaging with Clinton campaign [VIDEO]

Former FBI Director James Comey admitted he was listening to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s directive to call the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s government-related emails a “matter” rather than an investigation — following the Clinton campaign’s messaging on the scandal. Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox News, saying that this would be a […]

It’s 2017. This Republican is trying to gay-bash his way to statewide nomination

Elections are happening in 2017 in Virginia and New Jersey. In Virginia, voters head to the polls next Tuesday, and contentious primaries for Lieutenant Governor are dominating the headlines. In a three-way race on both sides, one of the three Democrats called for President Trump’s impeachment last week, and now, one of the three Republicans […]

2nd annual WCS ‘Under 30 Speech Contest’: 10-minute video could land you a major keynote

For the second year in a row, Red Alert Politics is partnering with Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit to host the WCS Under 30 Speech Contest. Last year, Ellen Densmore won the contest with her video and delivered the speech to thousands at the WCS. This year, you have a chance to do the same, and it all […]

After Trump rejects Paris Accord, liberals embrace federalism and localism

Democrats, environmental activists, and many young Americans are distressed about President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. Social media has been on fire. But, out of this fire has come an unexpected and positive development: the Left is embracing federalism and localism to solve a problem close to their hearts. Rather […]

Trump to end Obama’s Cuba deal? Cuba needs more free trade, not less

According to reports, President Trump is considering reversing President Obama’s actions toward Cuba. For decades, America’s attempts to isolate Cuba never produced the desired outcome. We wanted regime change. We wanted to punish dictators who worked with our enemies to threaten us. We wanted our protectionist policies to hurt the Cuban economy so badly that […]

It’s not mean to say ‘healthcare is not a right’

From some of the reactions on Twitter, one would think the newly crowned Miss USA Kara McCullough had committed some sort of speech crime. In the question and answer portion of the Miss USA content, one of the hosts asked, “Do you think affordable health care for all U.S. citizens is a right or a privilege and […]

Fred Upton, unlike niece Kate Upton, might not be perfect

Rep. Fred Upton, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, should resign immediately. For conservatives and libertarians, he couldn’t be further from perfect — unlike his niece, Kate Upton. Fred Upton, a Republican, announced yesterday that he wouldn’t support the Obamacare repeal and replacement compromise plan because it’s too conservative. His website says, “I support […]

Big Sis, Stop funding illegals over free speech — or resign

During the last few weeks, we’ve noticed two storylines emerging separately out of the University of California system, headed by former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (known by critics as ‘Big Sis‘). The first was an increase in funding and focus for “undocumented” students, culminating in a taxpayer-funded trip for Napolitano to Mexico. From our […]

Yes, Glenn Beck is running a “smear campaign” on Tomi Lahren

Inside baseball is pretty lame, especially conservative inside baseball on Twitter. The latest conservative Twitter carfuffle happened because employees from The Blaze and their close friends took offense at our headline, “Glenn Beck countersues Tomi Lahren, starts smear campaign.” Unsurprisingly, friends and allies of Glenn Beck did not like the characterization that his comments and the contents of […]

Yes, taxation can be legalized theft — especially for millennials

Tax Day is tomorrow. All Americans should calculate how much of their income is going to the government — federal, state, and local — and ask themselves: am I willingly giving up this money? When a robber takes your property, this is classified as theft. Many libertarians argue that taxation is legalized theft, theft by […]