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Nikki Schwab

Nikki Schwab writes the Yeas & Nays column for Red Alert Politics and serves as the site’s Political Entertainment Editor. Nikki started her career in Washington journalism at U.S. News & World Report where she contributed to the Washington Whispers column, covered technology and politics during the 2008 presidential campaign cycle and produced sections of Her writing has also appeared on, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, D.C. Magazine and Washington Life. A native of Ligonier, Pa., Nikki graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University. Follow her on Twitter at @NikkiSchwab.

Articles From Nikki

Filmmaker uses Nixon aides’ home movies to create the layered documentary, ‘Our Nixon’

Holding a screening at the Watergate might indicate that the forthcoming documentary, “Our Nixon,” was just another scandal flick, but filmmaker Penny Lane tried to make that the least of it.

Cory Booker supports Ben Affleck as Batman

Democratic New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker moved into dangerous political territory Thursday night. Booker said he was pro actor Ben Affleck playing Batman.

Author Chuck Klosterman explains why he included Bill Clinton in villains book

Nixon was the president that best-selling author Chuck Klosterman most wanted to explore in his new book “I Wear the Black Hat,” a tome about villains. But after reading up on the Republican, the “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” writer thought again.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton: Ben’s Chili Bowl can ‘soften the heart’ of Tea Party Congress

It seems that Washington has come up with a solution for the sharp partisanship on Capitol Hill–Ben’s Chili Bowl. On Thursday, the historic half smoke joint turned 55 and lawmakers, locals and Bill Cosby gathered outside to cheer the institution.

Sydney Leathers stars in adult movie, ‘Weiner and Me’

Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, has gone all the way.

PETA applauds Gov. Lincoln Chafee for saving praying mantis

Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee gave some love to a bug earlier this week, according to a reporter’s account on Twitter.

Barney Frank is annoyed by ‘House of Cards’

Now, out of Congress, former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., has more time to be annoyed. This week, it was the Netflix show “House of Cards” that annoyed him.

White House unveils Sunny Obama, Bo’s baby sister

President Obama has flip-flopped on his stance on a second dog. “One dog’s probably enough,” he announced upon re-election. But on Monday, the White House announced a new addition–Sunny, a 14-month-old Portuguese Water Dog, named for her friendly disposition.

Reason magazine on the hunt for sophisticated stoners

Reason is seeking out some professional looking pot smokers for the magazine’s next cover shot.

Sen. Rand Paul’s summer break includes performing free eye surgery

Squeezed on his summer schedule between meeting with the Paducah Rotary Club and making an appearance at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will be performing eye surgery on his constituents for free.

State Sen. Wendy Davis gets the Vogue vote

In just two months time, Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis went from relative obscurity to being featured in a Vogue spread in the fashion glossy’s September issue, the fattest magazine of the year.

[WATCH] San Diego Mayor gets a ‘Blurred Lines’ parody

One San Diego television station is trying a more creative approach to push the city’s Mayor, Bob Filner, out the door.

Michelle Obama has no interest in being President of the United States

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an interview to Parade magazine and talked about her political future and why she shed those bangs.

Reggie Love talks about playing cards with President Obama the day Osama bin Laden died

Sure, the most famous image from the day Osama bin Laden died was taken in the Situation Room, with President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden’s pursed faces clearly in view. But former Obama “body man” Reggie Love painted another picture from that day, too.

John Oliver would like to see Piers Morgan fall off a Segway, gets his wish

On Monday night, “Daily Show” host John Oliver did a segment about weed, which turned into a bet about Segways.

[WATCH] Barack Obama ‘sing’ Demi Lovato

BaracksDubs–the YouTube account that creates presidential song covers–is back, this time making President Obama “sing” some Demi Lovato. The song is called “Made in the USA.”

Bo Obama channels ‘Mean Girls’

Fans of the movie “Mean Girls” will appreciate a tweet sent by the White House Tuesday morning.

Michelle Obama to tackle obesity through hip hop album

First Lady Michelle Obama is linking up with the hip hop community to create a hip hop album as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign.

Anthony Weiner shrugs over Snapchat suggestion, alludes to Hillary Clinton 2016

Yeah, he went there. At the New York City edition of Buzzfeed Brews, Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith asked mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner why he hadn’t been more tech-savvy in his sexting.

Media, Members of Congress growl at Bo Obama’s Osprey ride to Martha’s Vineyard

The entire Obama family, including first pooch Bo, is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard this week. But the dog, it turns out, hitched a separate ride.