Neil Dwyer

Neil Dwyer is a graduate of the University of Miami, and is a political and sports broadcaster, as well as a freelance writer.

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Black students outraged by cotton centerpieces at university president’s home

A private school in Music City is under fire after the university president hosted minority students for dinners at his home. What was originally meant to be a dialogue about diversity at the Lipscomb campus quickly became an uncomfortable situation for all involved. Instead of raising concerns of perceived racism at the predominantly white school, […]

ESPN’s latest controversy reminds me why I left the sports media industry

In the wake of Jemele Hill’s accusations that the President is a white supremacist, I reminded myself why I write about politics, instead of sports. As a child I dreamt of a career in sports media, specifically sports talk radio. I attended the University of Miami and had a memorable three and a half years […]

Stony Brook University dedicates an entire department to bash Trump and “angry white men”

Congratulations are definitely in order for Stony Brook University, part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system on Long Island. The home of the Seawolves has, at long last, answered the calls for equality by adding a Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities in 2013. Don’t be fooled, however. This isn’t […]

Explosive letter: Girl Scouts accuse Boy Scouts of secretly trying to recruit girls

Scouting is once again making headlines this summer for the first time since President Trump’s speech to the National Scout Jamboree. This time the Boy Scouts of America are getting hit, not from liberal or anti-Trump parents, but from a very unlikely source: the Girl Scouts. In a letter obtained by Buzzfeed, Kathy Hopkinah Hannah, […]

Billy Joel trolls Bannon, Scaramucci, and other ex-Trump officials with “Goodbye to You” [VIDEO]

Billy Joel hasn’t written a lick of new work since 1993, but he’s still selling out show after show. His concerts at Madison Square Garden, a once-per-month “residency,” have routinely sold out (44 straight) since starting in 2014, and his other shows at different stadiums (also about once a month), always draw huge crowds and positive […]

The change you wish to see is within ourselves, not Donald Trump

Over the last few days, the ability of the President to command the moral authority and conscience of America has been put into question. The backlash that has come from the mainstream media, including Fox News and Republican and Democrat politicians alike, over President Trump’s wild, unplanned press conference has caused Trump’s defenders to back […]

Corporate activism: Millennials want companies to engage in politics

When millennials spend four years living on college campuses that cater to every whim, they graduate and find themselves wondering, “Why doesn’t our office have beanbag chairs, cafeterias, and gyms?” Some companies, like Power Design, an electrical contracting company in Florida, have answered the call to be a more “woke” office. Gone are the days […]

Take the ‘student’ out of student-athlete? ‘Football and school don’t go together,’ QB says

The fall season of college sports kicks off in just a few weeks, and the annual debate over how much “student” is in the title “student-athlete” is starting up again. University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) quarterback Josh Rosen opened up the fault lines of this debate and shook the narrative when he recently […]

Meet the conservative college dean who is running to unseat a Senate Democrat

Republican contenders are lining up for a shot at defeating sitting Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in the 2018 Missouri Senate race. When Congresswoman Ann Wagner, the favorite in the Missouri GOP primaries, announced she plans to run for reelection, rumors swirled of a libertarian-Republican, a NASCAR driver, and an Italian from Brooklyn all jumping in […]

Where’s the feminist outrage? ESPN praises ‘soft tackles’ for female football player

America is just about a month away from its favorite season — no not Fall, football. From waiting for the Patriots/Chiefs kickoff game in September to small, sleepy towns in the Heartland coming out in droves for Friday Night Lights, so many incredible highlights and inspirational stories are on the horizon. One such story, already […]

“Discriminatory”: Facebook censors Army medic’s viral post supporting Trump trans ban

When President Trump tweeted his announcement that transgendered individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the military, the blowback took everyone by storm. Even Republican congressman sounded like Lady Gaga, yelling “Born This Way!” Supposed “military experts” sitting on Twitter in their mom’s basements were grabbing stories of trans vets and loading the […]

Wonder Woman 2 is happening, proving ‘Twitter outrage is not real life’

Wonder Woman has all but shut down in theaters, and what a run it had. Gal Gadot’s smashing debut racked up $390 million in the United States, officially taking the title of the summer’s biggest hit. It’s the highest grossing action film directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and the third-highest grossing Warner Bros. movie […]

Quit the outrage: President Trump taught scouts important values

The 19th National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, with the overall theme of “Live Scouting’s Adventure,” turned out to be more of an adventure than the Boy Scouts of America bargained for on Monday night. President Trump addressed a crowd of 45,000 excited Scouts and this, of course, began the cycle of tweets and headlines […]

Contest winner fires back at Kat Von D, who revoked her prize for supporting “fascist” Trump

A Kat Von D contest winner was allegedly disqualified after her support of Trump was exposed. LA Ink star’s “Saints + Sinners” beauty contest was held on Instagram and contestants were to  depict the dual nature of good and evil. The winner would be flown out to Los Angeles, along with a guest, for the […]

A review of ‘Dunkirk’ that doesn’t count how many minorities are in it or care about Harry Styles

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams once told his biographer that the way a movie is supposed to start is in medias res — right in the thick of an air battle over Korea. After seeing “Dunkirk,” I can tell you that the Splendid Splinter would’ve been thrilled with Christopher Nolan’s foray into one of […]

Pandering to millennials, McDonalds adds two new ingredients

Go talk to a group of college students in the dining halls across America, and you’ll quickly realize classic flavors and condiments like barbecue, mayonnaise, and mustard are quickly being brushed aside for zestier, more exotic spices and sauces. A well-known example of the millennial palate is Chipotle — fresh, healthy, and spicy. Now the […]

Baseball’s “worst umpire” is suing for racial discrimination

Subject to constant criticism from fans, players, and managers, an umpire’s life is rarely an easy one on the diamond. But usually, the men we call “blue” weather the storm and rise in rank to become crew chiefs and officiate World Series games. One umpire, Angel Hernandez, has a bone to pick with baseball — but not because […]

Disney guts ‘politically incorrect scene’ from Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Shiver me timbers! Someone forgot to notify the folks at Disney’s Adventureland that political correctness is out of style. The classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride is undergoing a historical readjustment; part of the boat ride that includes a “wench auction” scene, in which the pirates auction off women they’ve kidnapped for marriage, must be […]

Republican-led states take on Trump, calling for an immediate end to DACA

When most moderates or Democrats hear the phrase, “End DACA,” they immediately envision tea party flags waving, country music blaring, and an overall spirit of “the south will rise again.” But as the state of politics is changing, so are opinions on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the 2012 piece of legislation which legalized […]

The jobless kneeler: Don’t blame racism for Kaepernick’s unemployment

Since Kaepernick was just a hair away from a Super Bowl ring in 2013, the athlete-turned-activist has seen his defense retire one-by-one, then his own skills decline, then his starting spot handed to Blaine Gabbert. While things haven’t been easy for the quarterback in identity crisis, you can’t exactly blame the NFL for turning their […]