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Neil Dwyer

Neil Dwyer is a graduate of the University of Miami, and is a political and sports broadcaster, as well as a freelance writer.

Articles From Neil

Wonder Woman 2 is happening, proving ‘Twitter outrage is not real life’

Wonder Woman has all but shut down in theaters, and what a run it had. Gal Gadot’s smashing debut racked up $390 million in the United States, officially taking the title of the summer’s biggest hit. It’s the highest grossing action film directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and the third-highest grossing Warner Bros. movie […]

Quit the outrage: President Trump taught scouts important values

The 19th National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, with the overall theme of “Live Scouting’s Adventure,” turned out to be more of an adventure than the Boy Scouts of America bargained for on Monday night. President Trump addressed a crowd of 45,000 excited Scouts and this, of course, began the cycle of tweets and headlines […]

Contest winner fires back at Kat Von D, who revoked her prize for supporting “fascist” Trump

A Kat Von D contest winner was allegedly disqualified after her support of Trump was exposed. LA Ink star’s “Saints + Sinners” beauty contest was held on Instagram and contestants were to  depict the dual nature of good and evil. The winner would be flown out to Los Angeles, along with a guest, for the […]

A review of ‘Dunkirk’ that doesn’t count how many minorities are in it or care about Harry Styles

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams once told his biographer that the way a movie is supposed to start is in medias res — right in the thick of an air battle over Korea. After seeing “Dunkirk,” I can tell you that the Splendid Splinter would’ve been thrilled with Christopher Nolan’s foray into one of […]

Pandering to millennials, McDonalds adds two new ingredients

Go talk to a group of college students in the dining halls across America, and you’ll quickly realize classic flavors and condiments like barbecue, mayonnaise, and mustard are quickly being brushed aside for zestier, more exotic spices and sauces. A well-known example of the millennial palate is Chipotle — fresh, healthy, and spicy. Now the […]

Baseball’s “worst umpire” is suing for racial discrimination

Subject to constant criticism from fans, players, and managers, an umpire’s life is rarely an easy one on the diamond. But usually, the men we call “blue” weather the storm and rise in rank to become crew chiefs and officiate World Series games. One umpire, Angel Hernandez, has a bone to pick with baseball — but not because […]

Disney guts ‘politically incorrect scene’ from Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Shiver me timbers! Someone forgot to notify the folks at Disney’s Adventureland that political correctness is out of style. The classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride is undergoing a historical readjustment; part of the boat ride that includes a “wench auction” scene, in which the pirates auction off women they’ve kidnapped for marriage, must be […]

Republican-led states take on Trump, calling for an immediate end to DACA

When most moderates or Democrats hear the phrase, “End DACA,” they immediately envision tea party flags waving, country music blaring, and an overall spirit of “the south will rise again.” But as the state of politics is changing, so are opinions on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the 2012 piece of legislation which legalized […]

The jobless kneeler: Don’t blame racism for Kaepernick’s unemployment

Since Kaepernick was just a hair away from a Super Bowl ring in 2013, the athlete-turned-activist has seen his defense retire one-by-one, then his own skills decline, then his starting spot handed to Blaine Gabbert. While things haven’t been easy for the quarterback in identity crisis, you can’t exactly blame the NFL for turning their […]

Orange is the New Liberal: Democrat student registers dead people to vote, gets prison time

A student at James Madison University in Virginia ended up making an excellent case for voter IDs — but it wasn’t by writing a thoughtful op-ed or making a policy speech. 21-year-old Andrew Spieles pled guilty to filing 18 false voter registration applications…for the dead. Unless the ballot boxes are six feet under, the young Democrat […]

Fake News: Disney forces Vice to retract fabricated Trump feud

VICE media has come a long way from its founding. Take it from its ostracized co-founder “Proud Boy” Gavin McInnes, who says, he hasn’t looked at the website since 2008 and slams it for its “Stalinist revisionism.” In its latest round of fake news, VICE published, then retracted (through its tech site, Motherboard) that President Trump […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech was surprisingly conservative

Mark Zuckerberg, the baron of Facebook and the father of social media, took some time outside of his busy wall-building schedule to speak at the graduation at his old stomping grounds, Harvard University. On a day where Hillary Clinton delivered another speech not too far in Wellesley, Zuck broke out of his completely relatable shell […]

Triggered snowflake rips out memorial crosses [VIDEO]

Washington State University was the latest campus to be victimized under the guise of social justice. Sophomore political science student Keaton Aspell, from Montreal, took to Facebook to share a video of himself taking down a display of 300 crosses set up by the Students for Life organization. The crosses, representing 10 babies each, stands for […]

Dez Bryant: Stop blaming racism for your problems

There’s never a dull day in the NFL. Even in the offseason with a lot of time outside of personal training before camp on their hands, some superstars make their own headlines. Dez Bryant decided to veer away from groupthink and show off his “Hotep” side on Instagram, advocating for more personal responsibility in the […]

Feminist: Last name ‘Breitbart’ is almost as bad as Adolf or Hitler

Everyone knows that thanks to world history, certain names, first or last, are no longer socially acceptable. According to one young journalism student, Carly, the third name on this list besides Adolf and Hitler is Breitbart. Carly, a junior at the University of Florida, especially dislikes the surname because coincidentally, it’s hers. While she has […]

Why Microsoft’s ad telling women to go STEM is un-feminist and “just mean” [VIDEO]

In accordance with either a feminist liberal agenda or simply a marketing angle, a commercial has come out from Microsoft encouraging girls from a young age to embrace their scientific side and pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and career options. In an interview with Red Alert Politics, one fierce, feminine force in employment […]

I ruined my relationship over politics. Don’t make the same mistake.

In my last article for Red Alert Politics, I had cited the Milo effect on college conservatives, noting some people had turned rather obnoxious with their politics. Well, I have a confession. Sometimes we think we debate like Charlie Rose — but really brawl like two baby daddies on Maury. Having dated a hardcore liberal […]

Why conservatives should have welcomed Milo at CPAC

It’s been quite the weekend for Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos. First, the provocateur battled Bill Maher and his panelists on Real Time. Then, he was announced as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference. However, on Monday morning, American Conservative Union head Matt Schlapp announced that Milo’s invitation had been rescinded. "@ACUConservative has decided […]

Angel mom destroys Pelosi over sanctuary cities [VIDEO]

CNN may have finally found its niche for public service by airing their town halls with different members of Congress. The latest to face the gauntlet known as the American public was Nancy Pelosi, who found out firsthand how strong a mother’s grief can be. Red Alert Politics had reported that the Congresswoman may have […]

Why every Republican football fan should root for the Patriots

As Don McLean sung, “February made me shiver, with every paper I delivered…” — except for most of the country, the shivering gets more intense with every NFL game off the board. Now, America waits with baited breath for the Patriots and Falcons to kick off February 5th in Houston. Basic sports analysis tells you […]