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She is a health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys being active, exploring new places and teaching herself how to cook.

Meghan Keenan is the Campus Coordinator at Red Alert Politics. She is originally from the great state of Illinois, and graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2013, with a degree in journalism. Previously, she worked in public relations, and she is also a former Red Alert intern.

Articles From Meghan

Education Department: Debt-free college only part of the solution

arne duncan cover

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the U.S. education system is failing students, and it’s not because it is putting them in debt. In a speech on Monday at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Duncan said it is time for the Obama administration and lawmakers to move past discussions about the rising level of student […]

Indiana University policy leads to 11 percent decrease in student borrowing

(Associated Press)

Indiana University has successfully cut down student loan debt by implementing a fairly simple policy. The university found that students borrowed significantly less for the upcoming academic year when they were told how much they already owe from previous years. This suggests that in addition to higher tuition costs, in some cases, students may be borrowing […]

NYU professor calls Donald Trump’s comments racist, compares him to Hitler

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

  Scott Walker is not the only GOP presidential candidate being compared to a Nazi dictator. A professor at New York University recently claimed Donald Trump’s “racist rhetoric should be viewed in the repugnant tradition of Hitler.” Dr. Arthur Caplan, who also directs the medical ethics division at NYU, wrote a commentary piece published this week […]

Student Financial Aid Services charged with illegal billing practices

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Student Financial Aid Services Inc. (SFAS), known for operating the website, has been charged with illegally billing students and families millions of dollars in unauthorized service fees. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint with a federal court in California on Thursday, claiming that company engaged in “deceptive telemarketing acts,” as well as […]

Military mom fights condo association for the right to fly the American flag

Image via Screenshot

The mother of two servicemen is fighting her condo association for the right to fly the American flag outside her home – and neither side is backing down. The inside of Angie Hildebrandt’s condo in suburban Minneapolis is filled with American flags and photos of her two sons, one a marine and the other an Army […]

Democratic 2016 candidates answer questions from teacher’s union

Hillary Clinton with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. AP Photo/Louis Lanzano

Earlier this month, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) endorsed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, becoming the first major union to endorse a candidate for 2016. The endorsement caused some controversy among other labor leaders who are planning to hold off announcing their endorsements until after July 30 when all of the Democratic candidates […]

University’s sexual assault policy defines consent as ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘sober’

Image via Twitter/@MikeNRSC

Coastal Carolina University’s affirmative consent policy requires both parties in every sexual encounter to express consent enthusiastically – and soberly. According to posters written by the CCU CARES (Campus Assault Resource and Education Support), consent must be both “enthusiastic” and “sober.” If students cannot meet the stated definition of consent, they can be charged with […]

Student debt group protests financial aid officers

(Associated Press)

A group of student debt activists appeared to be protesting the wrong group at a financial aid conference in New Orleans on Monday. A parade following the second day of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) conference was disrupted by protestors from the Debt Collective, a group that demands a free college education […]

19-year-old waiter will put $1,000 tip towards college education

Image via Twitter/@ABC7Chicago

A 19-year-old waiter in Illinois was stunned after receiving a $1,000 tip from a man he served, and says he is planning to put the money towards his college education. Brendan Motill was having a slow night at his new job at Smokey Barque BBQ in Frankfurt, Ill., and chatting with a customer. After the man […]

University president takes summer job as an Uber driver

(Associated Press)

College students aren’t the only ones who need summer jobs. The president of a Georgia college is earning his paycheck this summer as an Uber driver, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lawrence Schall is the president of Oglethorpe University, a private liberal arts college located in a suburb of Atlanta. After his first ride in an […]

Ann Arbor resident sues the University of Michigan for banning open carry on campus

In this photo taken on Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Joshua Wade wears his gun into the Ann Arbor school board meeting at Skyline High School, in Ann Arbor, Mich.
(Photo: Nicole Hester/AP)

Ann Arbor resident Joshua Wade is suing the University of Michigan after he was banned from openly carrying a gun on campus. Michigan state law allows people with concealed carry permits to have guns on school property, as long as the weapon is visible. University of Michigan policy on the other hand, states that no weapons […]

UW Prof. tells incoming students the ‘bad news’ about Scott Walker’s state budget

Image via Twitter/@nstanley8

The University of Wisconsin professor who compared Gov. Scott Walker to Hitler also appears to be seeking out incoming freshman and encouraging them not to attend the university. Sara Goldrick-Rab is a tenured professor of educational policy studies and sociology at UW-Madison who has been engaged in the debate over the past few months in […]

Economist combats 52 progressive myths taught to college students

(Associated Press)

Jesus was a progressive. The Great Depression was caused by capitalism. Government spending brings jobs and prosperity. The minimum wage helps the poor. You’ve probably heard at least one of these phrases before, perhaps from a professor or a classmate. But according to a group of economic experts, all of these statements are myths. Lawrence […]

University under fire for policy that says disabled students cannot consent to sex

AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach

A public college that is part of the University System of Georgia has attracted media attention for its policy that says physically disabled students are unable to consent to having sex. A sexual misconduct policy currently in effect at Armstrong State University says, “…persons under the age of 16 and persons who have a physical […]

California court rules campus rape trials violated student’s right to due process

Image via Twitter/@UCSDNews

A California court has ruled that campus rape trials violated the due process rights of a male student accused of sexual assault at the University of California at San Diego. A superior court judge ruling on Friday found that the student, referred to as John Doe in court documents, was not allowed to adequately challenge […]

University of Wisconsin professor compares Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler

AP Photo/Morry Gash

A sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has compared Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler and claimed the similarities between the two are “terrifying.” Sara Goldrick-Rab has made it no secret what she thinks about the Wisconsin governor and 2016 presidential candidate. After Walker signed a state budget on Sunday that repeals tenure guarantees at […]

Grad student union contract now protects against microaggressions

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

The University of Washington recently joined several other institutions by creating a policy to protect students and faculty against microaggressions. The union for academic student employees (ASEs) negotiated a new contract with the university including a provision that labels microaggressions a “grievable” offense, and requires the university to meet three times per year to develop training […]

University of Minnesota delays ‘affirmative consent’ rule

Image via WJON

Officials at the University of Minnesota have decided to postpone the implementation of a new sexual assault prevention policy over concerns that it would leave the accused with essentially no defense in legal proceedings. An “affirmative consent” rule, which was slated to take effect this week after a 30-day comment period, has been delayed until […]

Johns Hopkins students battle over Chick-fil-A ban

AP Photo/Mike Stewart

The battle over chicken sandwiches at Johns Hopkins University continues. In the spring, the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association voted to ban the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain from campus. Now other students are saying the ban threatens the university’s commitment to freedom of speech, intellectual diversity and religious freedom. A petition asking the administration to “reject […]

Professor fired for using profanity, sexual humor in the classroom

Image via Twitter/@theadvocatebr

A professor at Louisiana State University was recently fired after a 20-year career at the university for using profanity and sexual humor in the classroom. Teresa Buchanan, a tenured professor of elementary education, was officially terminated on June 19 after a lengthy investigation by the university. Buchanan has said she is the victim of a […]