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Mitchell Blatt

Mitchell Blatt is a columnist and freelance writer based in China who covers politics and travel. He is the editor of Bombs and Dollars and the lead author of Panda Guides' Hong Kong guidebook. He has been published by the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, The Hill, and Newsbusters, among other outlets.

Articles From Mitchell

Travel ban: Why millennials should not be traveling to North Korea

The State Department’s decision to ban travel by Americans to North Korea was the right thing to do for reasons of safety, morality, and foreign policy. As an American who has spent the past summer in South Korea, I can attest to the necessity of this ban on all three levels. The Republic of Korea […]

What Trump’s call meant to Taiwan’s “strawberry generation”

For all the focus on how Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen has outraged China, the point of view of the country whose leader was on the other side of the phone has been neglected. The Taiwanese people have lived for centuries in the shadows of foreign powers, having faced colonialism, invasion, […]

The Electoral College disenfranchises millennials [OPINION]

A decline of 5 points in millennial voter preferences can have big consequences. Although Hillary Clinton won the 18-29 year-old vote handedly, her victory margin among the youth was 5 points less than President Obama’s in 2012, and the turnout of millennials as a share of the electorate was down. Millennial apathy hurt Democrats in […]

Real estate ‘tax discrimination’ benefits the rich while millennials miss out

When it was revealed by gaming license applications that Donald Trump paid $0 in taxes for at least four years in the 1970s and ’90s, Trump said such low tax rates are normal in the real estate business. While it was notable that Trump was living a lavish lifestyle and that he is unwilling to […]

3 myths about the Trump nomination [Opinion]

National conventions have a way of spreading myths and misinformation. With all the political spinsters involved crafting every intricate detail behind the scenes to propagate their intended message, it’s not surprising that a lot of false narratives emerge. But it’s our job as the public to shoot them down. Here are three myths about Trump […]

Did Trump choose the wrong Indiana governor to be his VP?

When I heard Donald Trump was looking at an Indiana governor to be his vice presidential pick, I was excited. I attended college there, and during those four years, the state had a governor who cut taxes, balanced the budget, supported school vouchers, and signed “Right to Work” into law. His name was Mitch Daniels. […]