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Morgan Chalfant

Morgan Chalfant


Staff Writer


Morgan is a Staff Writer at Red Alert Politics. She is originally from western Massachusetts, and she graduated from Boston College in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Mathematics. While at Boston College, Morgan worked for the English Department and wrote for and edited BC’s conservative paper The Observer, serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper for 2012. She worked at The Washington Examiner in Washington, D.C., as a CN intern during the summer prior to her senior year of college. She served as the year-long Collegiate Network fellow at USA TODAY until June of 2014. You can follow Morgan on Twitter at @mchalfant16.

Articles From Morgan

Military prevents troops from visiting Missouri Bible school

American flag

A church located in Carthage, Missouri was essentially stood up by the National Guard because the military said troops are not allowed to do anything with specific churches that would look like the Army is sponsoring a specific religion, reports Todd Starnes of Fox News.

Federal judge: Washington, D.C., ban on handguns in public is unconstitutional

Smith and Wesson .40 caliber gun

Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. on Saturday declared that the law in Washington, D.C., preventing individuals from carrying handguns in public is unconstitutional.


White House press secretary Josh Earnest: Some Republicans running for office in order to impeach Obama

Image via C-SPAN

Responding to a question posed by CNN’s Jon Acosta about White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer’s statement that the possibility of impeachment shouldn’t be discounted, Earnest said that “senior members” and “prominent voices in the Republican party” are certainly calling for impeachment.

Hillary Clinton: Darth Vader ‘looks pretty good’ when compared to Congress

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Hillary Clinton in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” Sunday addressed the recent poll that shows Darth Vader polling higher than all potential 2016 presidential candidates, including Clinton herself.

Rep. Paul Ryan blames Harry Reid’s Senate for Washington gridlock

Image via "Meet the Press"

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday and addressed the current gridlock in Washington about which President Obama has been complaining unendingly.

Joe Biden: I wish I had a ‘Republican kid to go out and make money’

Joe Biden smirking

At an Urban League conference in Cincinatti, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden confided to the audience in a speech that he wishes he had a “Republican kid to go out and make money.”


Obama’s motorcade prevents pregnant woman from getting to hospital

Image via Instagram/Robert Kovacik

On Wednesday, a woman in labor couldn’t cross the road to get to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for upwards of 30 minutes because Obama’s motorcade had closed down the street, reports The Blaze.

President Obama continues to fundraise, mingle with celebrities despite world turmoil

Barack Obama

During his speech at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee Wednesday that took place at the home of  ”Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes, President Obama got friendly with “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington and singer Janelle Monae.

Meghan McCain calls herself ‘socially liberal Republican,’ talks ‘True Blood’ in Refinery29 interview

Image via Refinery29

On Wednesday, Refinery29 published a profile of Meghan McCain in which Arizona Senator John McCain’s daughter discussed her co-hosting role on Pivot’s show “TakePart Live” and her enthusiasm in millennial politics.

Maryland’s gun laws scare away firearm manufacturer Beretta

Image via

Firearm manufacturer Beretta U.S.A. will leave its factory in Accokeek, Maryland and move to a facility currently under construction Gallatin, Tennessee because of Maryland’s tight gun laws, according to a press release posted on the company’s website Tuesday.

President Obama admits he does not watch the news

Obama in front of American Flag

During a speech during a Democratic National Committee event in Seattle, Washington Tuesday night, President Obama confessed that he doesn’t watch the news. Throughout the speech, Obama predictably complained about the incompetence of our “broken” Congress and urged his liberal audience to get enthusiastic about voting for Democrats in the midterm elections this fall.

Snoop Dogg confesses to Jimmy Kimmel that he smoked pot in the White House

Image via Double G News

Snoop Dogg may just have officially inducted himself into President Obama’s “Choom Gang.” The rapper confessed — or bragged, rather — to Jimmy Kimmel on his Internet program “Double G News Network” that he smoked a joint in the White House bathroom back in 2013.

Ridiculously rich Michael Moore fights over money in divorce despite previously hating on capitalism

Michael Moore

According to The Detroit News, Michael Moore’s divorce from Kathleen Glynn was provoked by monetary disagreements, specifically Moore’s anger that his wife was spending tons of money expanding their lavish Michigan home. This home is just one of nine that the couple owns from Michigan to New York.

Jenny McCarthy on ‘The View’: Maybe Hillary Clinton is a lesbian

Image via ABC

Tuesday’s episode of “The View” spotlighted a recent New York Post report that claims former President Bill Clinton  has a mistress nicknamed “Energizer.” The source of the Page Six story is a forthcoming book by Ronald Kessler entitled ”The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents.”

Hillary Clinton during Twitter interview: ‘We have to fix the Affordable Care Act’

Image via YouTube/Twitter

Hillary Clinton visited Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Monday to participate in an interview during which she addressed Obamacare and expressed America’s duty to “fix” the universal health care law.

Hillary Clinton complains of high college tuition costs after charging university $275k to make one-hour speech

Image via YouTube/Twitter

During a live-streamed #AskHillary interview at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Monday evening, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the extreme cost of higher education “one of the biggest problems” that our country currently faces.

Republicans launch campaign to #FireReid


On Tuesday, the RNC launched its #FireReid campaign encouraging voters to elect GOP candidates to the Senate during the midterm elections in order to force Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) out of his Senate Majority Leader position and put a Republican in his place.

President Obama waxes hypocritical by advising kids to use kindness and embrace teamwork

President Barack Obama thinks before answering a question about his father during an event at the Walker Jones Education Campus in Washington, to announce additional commitments for "My Brother’s Keeper," Obama's initiative aimed at helping boys and young men of color,  Monday, July 21, 2014. The commitments include an effort by the NBA to recruit 25,000 new mentors and work with at-risk students to increase attendance and performance.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Obama delivered a speech at an event for his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative in Washington, D.C., Monday in which he advised his young audience on the importance of kindness and teamwork despite the fact that he himself has neither adopted kindness nor encouraged teamwork as he clashes with congressional Republicans in Washington.

Ear wax eating congressman: ‘We don’t have a border security problem’

Rep. Joe Garcia

Congressman Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) doesn’t think the United States has a border security issue despite the fact that over 57,000 children have already crossed the southern border into the country illegally this year.

Illinois woman gets caught shoplifting because of Facebook selfie

Image via News 3

An Illinois woman who stole from a boutique this month was caught by police after posting pictures of herself sporting her new clothes on Facebook, reports local news station News 3. Danielle Saxton, 27, lifted a leopard dress among other clothing items from Mortie’s Boutique in West Frankfort earlier in July.