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Lexie King

Extremely passionate about all things political and Christian, Lexie is an avid writer. In addition to her work for Red Alert, she writes at her own site

Articles From Lexie

Woman brags she’s “raping the government” by gaming the welfare system [VIDEO]

A new viral video shows a “Brooklyn mother of 3” bragging about how she takes advantage of welfare programs so that she doesn’t have to work. She is “proudly raping the government,” as she puts it. This video is proof that at least some Americans take advantage of the system. As of 2016, the Department […]

Grab your Kleenex: Airline to provide trigger warnings for emotional movies

Virgin Atlantic has adopted trigger warnings for the movies they offer mid-flight. Because many passengers have had emotional reactions, whether happy or sad, to films like LaLa Land or Moonlight, the airline plans to give customers an ‘emotion warning’ that they’re about to watch a tearjerker. “Apparently, emotions are heightened when you are on a […]

Servant leader: Trump helps marine with fly away cap

Two administrations can make a difference when it comes to the treatment of our troops and sometimes it’s the little things that speak volumes. While President Obama was giving latte salutes during his tenure, President Trump is chasing covers. The special moment took place as President Trump arrived back from Germany for the G-20 summit. […]