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Laura Byrne

Laura Byrne is a writer for Red Alert Politics. Her work has been featured on Yahoo! News, Fox Nation, and the Daily Caller. If she's not reporting, she's running or reading. She grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and spent her college years in New Orleans at Tulane University. After graduating, she finally left her Southern roots to move to Washington D.C. Follow her on Twitter at @Byrne_Notices.

Articles From Laura

5 examples of wasted government spending mentioned by Rand Paul at the 2013 CEI Dinner

Although President Obama thinks there’s nothing left to be cut from the federal budget, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul begs to differ.

[WATCH] Stephen Colbert’s touching tribute to his mom

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert put aside his on-screen conservative persona Wednesday night to give a touching tribute to his late mother on “The Colbert Report.”

8 local and state governments that are cutting workers’ hours and wages due to Obamacare

It isn’t just the private sector taking a hit from Obamacare. As employers prepare for the full impact of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act in 2014, many local and state government agencies are being forced to shed staff or cut workers’ hours and paychecks to stay afloat.

Amputee vet Alex Minsky returns from war, becomes underwear model

Alex Minsky isn’t your average underwear model.

College football coaches are three highest-paid employees on Pentagon’s payroll

The Pentagon is shelling out millions of dollars — to coach football.

[WATCH] Undercover video shows ‘Obamaphones’ given away to pay for drugs, shoes

Need some heroin? No problem, just sell your “Obama phone.”

Perfume company develops signature scent for Virginia Tech

Hey Hokies — take a whiff of this. Perfume company Masik Collegiate Fragrances just announced that Virginia Tech will be the next university for which the company produces a signature scent.

[WATCH] Hollywood demands President Obama eradicate nuclear weapons from the world

Some familiar faces are demanding that President Obama follow up on his promise to destroy all nuclear weapons.

Meet ‘Hamilton the Hipster Cat’ — the kitty with the perfect mustache

This cat had a mustache before it was cool.

Gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson report record sales despite Democrats’ push for increased gun controls in U.S.

The harder the Obama administration fights to ban guns, the more Americans want to buy them.

Joe Biden revamps gun control fight with White House event

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t giving up on gun control anytime soon.

Robert Redford and Al Gore chastise Obama for not taking action on climate change

Two prominent liberals are criticizing President Obama, not because of the recent scandals, but because he’s not doing enough to save the environment.

Former Baltimore Ravens player refuses to visit White House because of president’s position on abortion

While the public still can’t visit the White House, one member of the Baltimore Ravens’ 2012 Super Bowl championship team voluntarily skipped the team’s visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this week because of the president’s pro-choice beliefs.

NYU Professor: Fat people shouldn’t apply for Ph.D.s

Fat people don’t deserve Ph.D.s according to one New York University professor.

Hollywood stars don “iconic” fedoras to advocate for immigration reform

Nothing says immigration reform like wearing a fedora.

AG Holder’s approval ratings nosedive over AP scandal

Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t winning any popularity contests with the American public right now.

Obama bashes Congressional Republicans’ student loan interest rate legislation in WH presser

Rather than work with Republican lawmakers to make sure that the federal student loan interest rate doesn’t double on July 1, President Obama held a press conference Friday morning bashing the House’s proposed legislation.

Kansas City, Mo. spends $15K on youth mentoring event that never happened

Cities are known for their wasteful spending, but Kansas City, Mo. took it a bit too far – spending $15,000 on a youth mentoring event that never happened.

Illinois school board disciplines teacher for defending his students’ Constitutional rights

One Illinois school district wasn’t too thrilled that one of its teachers was encouraging his students to use their Fifth Amendment rights in the classroom.

[WATCH] People sign “Thank you IRS” card for targeting Tea Party groups

As one conservative pundit found out, not all Americans are angry with the Internal Revenue Service for improperly targeting conservative groups. In fact, some are so thankful that they’re willing to sign their name on a thank you card to the agency.