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Kaitlyn Schallhorn

Kaitlyn is a contributor at Red Alert Politics and a senior at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. where she is double majoring in English and journalism. At Winthrop, Kaitlyn is the managing editor of her student newspaper, The Johnsonian. Kaitlyn also was a contributor to The Charlestonian, a local online publication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing tennis and sailing. Follow her on Twitter at @katie0509.

Articles From Kaitlyn

Minimum wage debate could backfire on Democrats in 2014

With the Obamacare rollout falling short of expectations, it looks as though Democrats have hastily found a new mascot for the 2014 midterm elections: a minimum wage hike.

Lawmakers reward cyclists with proposed tax hikes

As cycling as an alternative mode of transportation increases in popularity, lawmakers are taking note — and drooling over the possibility of additional tax revenue.

[WATCH] The funniest ‘SNL’ skit we’ve seen in a looong time

It doesn’t take much to be the CEO of the “fastest growing financial start-up in history,” at least according to Saturday Night Live.

Virginia college students in hot water for “border control” themed party

Students at a private liberal arts school in Virginia found themselves in hot water this week after throwing a “USA vs. Mexico” themed party.

[WATCH] SNL mocks George Zimmerman’s latest arrest

George Zimmerman is back into the media spotlight after his latest arrest, earning him the bunt of Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week.

In the opening sketch, Piers Morgan, played by Taran Killam, introduces himself as the “tiny little fool of news,” and interviews Zimmerman’s new girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, played by Kate McKinnon.  Scheibe didn’t hold back her obscure adoration for Zimmerman, who was charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a shotgun at her earlier this week.

Bill de Blasio’s mission to relax abortion regulations in New York City

With 41 percent of pregnancies ending in abortions in New York City, it’s no wonder the place has been called the “abortion capital of America.” But for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, solidifying the city’s reputation for lax abortion regulations is top priority.

U.S. fought WWII quicker than launching healthcare website

Apparently the United States can fight a world war in less time than it can put together a successful website.

Texas politician prepares state to secede from union

The Texas Railroad Commission Chairman loves the Lone Star State so much that he says he has devoted much of his public sector career to preparing the state to secede from the union if necessary.

City of Detroit runs out of paper for death certificates, struggles to buy more due to bankruptcy

An unexpected side effect of Detroit’s bankruptcy filing in July – the inability for the city coroner’s office to provide residents with official death certificates.

Environmentalist compares Syria’s use of chemical weapons to pesticides

According to a leading environmentalist, Syria’s use of chemical weapons on its citizens is akin to American farmers using pesticides in food.

‘The Walking Dead’ themed course offered at UC Irvine

Fight the dead. Fear the living. The zombies are headed to college.

Bill Clinton has faith that young people will sign up for Obamacare

Former President Bill Clinton knows that  young people won’t be young forever, and that they should do the “right” and “smart” thing by signing up for Obamacare’s insurance policies now.

Conn. Democrats lobby to ban guns from Starbucks

Several top Democrats in Connecticut have teamed up with a local pro-gun control organization urging the coffee chain Starbucks to ban firearms from its stores nationwide.

NYC mayoral candidate proposes skipping school to help with campaign

New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn has found something more important than going to class — her campaign.

Hampton Univ. students briefed on the ‘dangers of twerking’ during freshman orientation

Hampton University has decided it wants nothing to do with Miley Cyrus’ favorite dance move.

University of Alabama sorority members bribed with beer to vote in local election

Questions about the legitimacy of a recent school board election in Tuscaloosa, Ala. have surfaced after news broke that members of a sorority at the University of Alabama were offered several incentives, including booze, to vote for particular candidates in the race.

[LISTEN] Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber ‘twerking’ in new song

While the world continues to recover from Miley Cyrus’ provocative and controversial twerking performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, the former Disney star is busy at work taking her signature dance move to the next level – with the help of Justin Bieber, that is.

French town calls on Batman to save it from gang violence and poverty

Marseille, France’s second-largest city, is looking to an interesting savior to fix its blight.

Ga. pre-schooler brings loaded gun to school

A Georgia preschool student is currently facing disciplinary actions after packing a loaded gun in his backpack and bringing it with him to school.

New Illinois law publicizes names of toll violaters on gov’t website

Drivers on the Illinois Tollway better beware, as raking up unpaid toll fines could soon land them on a public shaming list.