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Kierstin Koppel

Kierstin Koppel is a political consultant at Galt Solutions, LLC.

Articles From Kierstin

What colleges and the media don’t tell millennials about Cuba

Fidel Castro, the communist dictator who ruled over Cuba for five decades, instituted a one-party government, and seized control over all aspects of Cuban life has finally died. Multiple generations of Cuban Americans living in Miami flooded the streets of little Havana, waving flags, dancing and cheering “Cuba Libre!” at the landmark Versailles restaurant. The […]

Hillary will restrict a woman’s right to self-defense

There are many faces of gun ownership in America, but the media doesn’t often show its diversity. We never see the young women who are gun owners. Rarely do we see news articles about how many crimes and rapes are prevented by gun owners. More importantly, we never hear about how infringing on our Second Amendment rights is […]

Everything you’re hearing about gun control is wrong [Opinion]

In the wake of the tragic shooting that took place at a gay night club in Orlando, President Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with other politicians and the media have intensified their push for gun control and subsequently a version of the so-called “assault weapons ban.” Sadly, leftists have turned this tragedy into their political […]

Stop waiting for young voters to get older: Millennials & minorities are new horizons for GOP

This past weekend I was invited to speak about the future of the Republican Party at the Georgia GOP Convention during a luncheon titled “Millennials, Minorities, and Mavericks.” As a young conservative woman serving as a voice for the next generation, it has been my personal mission to make sure that other young voters know […]

Letter to millennials: I’m a young woman and here’s why I carry a gun

Dear fellow millennials, I’m a young, single woman living in a high crime urban area. I’m 5 ft. tall and 110 lbs. Like most millennials, I’m constantly on the go between business meetings, Pilates, dinner with friends, and the mall. I’m in and out of parking lots throughout the day, usually wearing leggings and most […]