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Kevin Shafer

Kevin Shafer is a conservative political consultant working in the DC Metro area. He has a Master's Degree in Political Campaigning from the University of Florida.

Articles From Kevin

Bridging divides, not hiding in corners: Justice reform for all Americans

Criminal justice reform is an issue that conservatives and liberals can work on together. Many millennials feel that the justice system is unfair, too costly, and broken. Recent police shootings — both of officers and by officers — should challenge us to restore trust between our police departments and our communities. We should use this […]

“Free college” isn’t free: Students deserve solutions, not slogans [Opinion]

Massive amounts of student loan debt. Tuition costs through the roof. Countless young men and women graduating with degrees that don’t lead to well-paying jobs. This is the unfortunate reality for so many millennials in today’s economy. Young people know crushing student loan debt is hurting their ability to make the purchases that have defined […]