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Kelsey Carroll

Kelsey Carroll is a sophomore at Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne
studying communications and political science. She serves as a Media Ambassador and Chapter President for Young Americans for Liberty. Kelsey can always be found with coffee and a book.

Articles From Kelsey

Unsettling trend: Another free speech ball stabbed in California

Another day, another assault on free speech. This time the offense took place at California State University-Fresno, when a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter was celebrating Free Speech Week by rolling a giant beach ball around campus and inviting students to write on it as an exercise in free speech. The event was cut […]

“No one is illegal”: Protestors with kazoos interrupt U-Pitt immigration debate

A debate on President Trump’s immigration policies was disrupted by protesters at the University of Pittsburgh. Protesters donned party hats, played kazoos, and held up small paper signs that had been smuggled into the event which read “no one is ‘illegal,’” “immigrants are not a commodity,” “your debate < someone else’s livelihood,” and “YOU ARE […]

YAL activists at WSU rally for free speech, Young Democrats refuse to attend

Yesterday, the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter at Washington State University (WSU) held a peaceful free speech rally. According to Noah White, Vice President for YAL at WSU, the rally was created in response to a sit-in held last Friday in which students asked the university to define hate speech versus free speech in […]