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Kelly McDonald

Kelly is a senior political science major at the College of the Holy Cross. She has previously written for several publications, including The Federalist and The Daily Caller. Follow her on Twitter @kell_belle1995.

Articles From Kelly

The top resources available for young conservative women

Being a young, conservative female can be tough in a generation considered to be “oh-so-liberal.” And being a conservative student at a liberal college campus can be even more difficult. I was a junior in college before I discovered the wealth of resources available to young conservatives, and I wish I had known about this […]

Trump double-standard: Why Ivanka is not only qualified, but also a perfect fit for G-20 seat

First Daughter Ivanka Trump briefly sat in for her father at the G-20 Summit last Saturday and liberal, feminist outlets like Jezebel are disparaging her for it. What many outlets fail to mention is that Ivanka was sitting in on a workshop focused on a topic she knows well: female entrepreneurship. The discussion specifically revolved […]

A recent grad’s advice on how to get a job straight out of college (yes, it’s still possible)

Finding a job is often even more difficult than undergraduate students are led to believe, and it’s often the most stress-inducing part of a college senior’s year. There’s probably no way to avoid the fear and struggle that comes with the job search, but there are steps every student can take to increase their chances […]

Young Turks’ criticisms of Tomi Lahren are completely sexist

On Wednesday, a progressive organization called The Young Turks uploaded a video of Hasan Piker criticizing Tomi Lahren, who is a well-known conservative television host. In the video, Piker takes issue with a number of statements that Lahren has made. The video was presented as an enlightened response to Lahren’s supposed unintellectual bloviating, but it […]

NY Times report: Colleges are “economically segregated”

The New York Times recently released a report on income inequality at American colleges and universities, and the results were less than flattering. The report was based on a study of anonymous tax records that showed institutions of higher learning in the United States are “economically segregated,” which essentially means that American colleges and universities […]

5 books every conservative millennial should read (that you might not expect)

Most conservative millennials are aware of the value of books, especially those that help us become better informed or show us a perspective we may not have considered. However, some young conservatives may feel that the only kind of books that can improve their understanding of conservative ideas are philosophical treatises like The Road to […]

Europe is less liberal on abortion than you’d think

American progressives would have you believe that Western Europe, which they tend to argue is far more enlightened than the United States, is a pro-choice haven where abortion is available on demand at any time during a woman’s pregnancy, no questions asked. But a video by Dennis Prager’s Prager University illustrates how removed from reality […]

Why every American should worry about anti-Semitism

Last semester, an upsetting occurrence took place in one of the freshman dorms on campus. I attend a small, close-knit college where each class year feels like an extended family and incidents of harassment, bullying, and the like are rare. I considered my school to be a sort of haven where critical thinking and the […]

Shailene Woodley protests DAPL: ‘Thanksgiving was founded on a massacre’ [VIDEO]

In a recently released video, actress Shailene Woodley tearfully remarks on the “false narratives” that she believes most American children learn about Thanksgiving, American history, and colonization in school. Woodley’s comments were inspired by her fierce opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, which she feels is being built despite the impact it will have on […]

Minimum wage hike makes child care more expensive: Unintended consequences

Many voters support minimum wage increases because they believe these policies will benefit workers who are struggling to make ends meet. Proponents of minimum wage hikes say they allow workers in all sectors of the economy to make a “living wage.” Yet, minimum wage increases often have unintended consequences, one of which is shocking a […]

How the GOP can prevent another Trump-type nominee in future elections [OPINION]

How did a candidate like Donald Trump, who is despised by political elites and disliked by Americans, become the nominee of a major American political party?  The answer lies in electoral reforms established after the 1968 Democratic convention, during which party elite favorite Hubert Humphrey was selected as the party nominee over the insurgent anti-war candidate […]

Halloween hysteria: Colleges crack down on costumes

It’s that time of year again, and by “that time of year,” I mean the weeks leading up to Halloween when fliers start cropping up around the halls of my school, warning students to avoid cultural appropriation when they plan their costumes.  I walked by one such sign today, of an Asian girl standing next […]

Why millennials still aren’t enrolling in Obamacare

Millennial enrollment in Obamacare continues to be low, which has caused the Obama Administration to begin a campaign intended to promote greater participation in the program among young adults, ages 25-34. The president will hold a “Millennial Outreach and Engagement Summit” at the White House on Tuesday to articulate the minutia of his plan, and he has already written letters […]

Dear anti-capitalist millennials: Read a history book

While scrolling through Facebook recently, I noticed a GoFundMe page that an acquaintance from high school had shared. It had been created by a self-proclaimed “proletarian,” which is a term used in Marxist theory to refer to a member of the working class in a capitalist society. This person was seeking funds so that he […]

Oxford claims veils help young Muslims integrate. They’re wrong

The veil worn by devout Muslims helps Muslim women integrate more effectively into society, according to a study published by a team of sociologists at Oxford. The study drew its respondents from 27 countries around the world, including Belgium, Turkey, and several Islamic countries. The team interviewed women who were forced to wear the veil […]

Huma Abedin is (finally) leaving Anthony Weiner

Long-time Clinton aide Huma Abedin has announced her separation from her husband Anthony Weiner following the public revelation of his third sexting scandal, The New York Times reported Monday. Weiner has experienced three public sexting scandals in his career, the first being the 2011 Twitter debacle that led to his resignation from Congress. Two years […]

Poll: Economists like Gary Johnson better than Trump

In a surprise result, 15 percent of economists polled by the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) said Gary Johnson would be the best candidate to manage the American economy. Only 14 percent of the economists said the same of Donald Trump, while 55 percent supported Hillary Clinton. NABE is, as its name suggests, a business-oriented group, so the fact that Johnson outpolled Trump […]