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Kassy Dillon

A Massachusetts native, Kassy Dillon is a junior at Mount Holyoke College studying International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. She's active on her campus as the College Republican President and is the founder of

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The key to raising big money in politics? Karaoke, apparently

Austin Petersen, a current Republican Senate candidate from Missouri and former libertarian presidential candidate, has decided to use a new tactic to raise money for his campaign… and that tactic is karaoke. Through Facebook Live streams, Petersen provides updates to his followers about fundraising efforts and promises to sing karaoke songs if certain goals are […]

Liberals use Holocaust Remembrance Day to protest ICE deportations

A leftist organization decided to celebrate Yom HaShoah, a day dedicated to remembering 6 million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust, by marching from the Holocaust Museum in New York to the ICE immigration detention center in Lower Manhattan. According to their Facebook event, the organization will “wear orange jumpsuits to represent the people forced […]

School bans “High-Five Friday” to avoid having cops around children of color

A city police department in Massachusetts has ended their “High-Five Friday” program to greet arriving elementary students after some residents complained about the police officers’ presence around minority children. “People were specifically concerned about kids of color, undocumented children, or any children who may have had negative experiences with the police,” the police department announced […]

Gold Star Mom to liberal colleges: Don’t burn our flag [VIDEO]

A small liberal arts college in Massachusetts caused controversy after Veterans Day when students removed and burned an American flag. Responding to the incident, Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash announced that “we will not fly the U.S. flag or any other flags at Hampshire for the time being.” Lash has since announced that the flag will […]

No, Cosmo: America didn’t fail women by electing Trump

Hillary Clinton did not lose because she is a woman. She lost because she is woefully corrupt, untrustworthy, and unrelatable to working class Americans. Cosmopolitan writer Jill Filipovic seems to think Hillary lost because “America failed women.” Not only is this incorrect, this is damaging and demeaning to women, and Americans as a whole. No, Filipovic, you […]

The downfall of Gary Johnson: A lost opportunity for Libertarians

Libertarians are not the largest group, but they are certainly one of the loudest, and they are strong advocates of their principles. Months after his nomination, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was doing far better than anyone expected, especially with millennial voters. A mid-August Pew Research poll had him at 10 percent and on track […]

DePaul Univ. event tells students: ‘Why you shouldn’t vote’

The latest polls are showing almost half of millennial voters either support a third-party candidate, don’t know who to vote for, or won’t vote at all in the upcoming presidential election. Instead of encouraging students to pick a side, DePaul University will host an event titled, “Why You Shouldn’t Vote Tomorrow.” It will take place on Nov. 7, […]

Tomi Lahren threatened on Twitter after posting Kaepernick takedown

Yesterday Tomi Lahren posted a video from her show on TheBlaze where she gave her “Final Thoughts” about NFL 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the national anthem. Since the video went up yesterday it has received 33 million views. “Colin, I support the First Amendment, I support your right to freedom of speech […]

Huffington Post writer fired over #HillarysHealth story

On Sunday night, Huffington Post contributor David Seaman was terminated after writing two articles about Hillary’s health, which both link to a viral video created by Paul Joseph Watson, the editor of the website InfoWars. After being terminated, Seaman posted his own YouTube video explaining the situation. He claimed that his publishing access was revoked and “both […]

Google is manipulating searches about Hillary Clinton’s health

On Saturday morning the hashtag “#HillarysSearchTerms” was trending. As a Twitter user who doesn’t hold back my feelings about Hillary Clinton, I decided to post screenshots I took of Google filtering its search results. Well this is odd. #HillarysHealth #HillaryClintonSearchTerms— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) August 27, 2016 These screenshots show that when “Hillary Clinton’s he” […]

Hillary slams for-profit colleges: Will Bill return his $16 million salary from one?

Hillary Clinton continues to crusade against for-profit schools, despite the fact that Bill made millions from one. As part of her plan to make college more affordable, Clinton has pledged to “crack down on the abusive practices of for-profit colleges that defraud taxpayers while burdening students with debt for educational programs of no value.” However, […]

Who’s your match? ‘Voter’ app lets millennials swipe right to pick candidates

Millennials will soon become the largest portion of the electorate, but they are also the group less likely to vote. 26-year-old web developer Hunter Scarborough hopes to engage more millennials in politics through his app “Voter.” Voter asks users a variety of questions to match them to candidates, parties, and influencers that best align with their […]

Introducing ‘Gab’: Free speech Twitter alternative

After the revelation that Facebook manipulated its trending topics section and a series of suspensions of conservative Twitter accounts, many people have expressed the need for an alternative social media outlet to share their views. In July, after Twitter banned Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, WikiLeaks threatened to create their own platform because “our supporters are threatened by a space of feudal justice.” This […]

Clinton campaign vows to destroy Breitbart

Following Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen K. Bannon, the head of Breitbart News, as his new campaign chairman, the Clinton campaign has begun attacks on the conservative news website. Yesterday, the Clinton campaign sent out an email describing Breitbart as “a fringe website where there’s no opinion too ugly, too divisive, or too outright crazy to […]

Ivanka Trump receives hate mail from NY jewelry store

When Lady Grey Jewelry received an order from Ivanka Trump, the company took the opportunity to publicly shame her for the policies her father supports. After Ivanka placed an online order, the jewelry company wrote her a note and shared it online: “Dear Ivanka. Thank you so much for your web order! We’re happy to let you know that […]

Millennials should support Carly Fiorina’s bid for RNC Chair [Opinion]

Time Magazine reported former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is laying the groundwork to become the next RNC Chair. This news comes at a time when the party has encountered dramatic shifts and confusion. The contrasting Republican platform and Republican nominee have left the party divided and lacking guidance. The future of the party is most […]

“Step down”: PA College GOP chair condemns Penn State CRs for rejecting Trump

On Thursday, Penn State College Republicans announced that they would not endorse Donald Trump for president, and encouraged other College Republicans to do the same. “After a majority decision between members and the executive board, we have ultimately decided that we will be forgoing an endorsement of him as the GOP presidential nominee,” the group said in a […]

Saudi accounts hijack Rand Paul’s Twitter poll on arms deal

Senator Rand Paul recently published a poll on Twitter asking, “Should the U.S. be selling $1.15 billion in arms to our unreliable ‘ally’ Saudi Arabia?” Should the US be selling $1.15 billion in arms to our unreliable "ally" Saudi Arabia?— Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) August 10, 2016 This comes on the heels of a State […]

“Republican Women for Hillary” has sketchy ties to Clinton campaign

The two young women behind the new group “Republican Women for Hillary Clinton” may have previously known financial ties to the Clinton campaign. The founders, Meghan Milloy and Jennifer Pierotti Lim, have records of being dedicated Republicans. Both have worked on several campaigns for Republican candidates. According to Rolling Stone, Milloy worked on the Bush campaign […]

Liberal students: Sustainability signs are “fat-shaming” and “ableist”

On many college campuses, there are signs that say things like, “burn calories not electricity,” with the intention of urging students to use the stairs instead of the elevators. A young woman from the University of Queensland in Australia expressed outrage with the sustainability signs on her campus. On her blog she claimed, “Not only are these news signs annoyingly […]