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Jessica Seale

Jessica is a native Floridian living in Texas. She works as a Social Media Strategist for Upstream Communications where she routinely geeks out on data analysis and infographics. Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessaNaomi.

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The get out the vote effort matters and it matters now

With election day drawing closer, it is time to shift gears into overdrive. By now you have seen the news, read the stories, and heard the commercials ad nauseum. You may have even voted already. With a remarkable climb in the polls that began in late September, it appears the Romney-Ryan ticket may be peaking at just the right moment.

But positive polling won’t be enough to lift Governor Romney into the White House. I hate to bore you with something as trivial as numbers, but let’s take a look at a few that explain why the Governor’s rise to the White House will depend on the critical Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts of folks like you and me.

She-PAC Video Shows Hypocrisy of the Left

She-PAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing principled conservative women to all levels of government, released a hard-hitting video this week comparing Bill Maher and David Letterman’s foul treatment of conservative women with President Obama’s statements of leading by example.

She-PAC saw the failure of the mainstream media to admit there was anything wrong with Maher’s treatment of conservative women and Sarah Palin in particular while deriding Rush Limbaugh for calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and put together this video to show just how hypocritical the President and the Left are.

Rick Perry Not Settling for the Status Quo

Governor Perry may be out of the Presidential race, but he’s certainly not out of politics or the conservative movement. His speech to CPAC attendees was full of optimism while still managing to acknowledge the challenges we face as a nation. The whole spectacle left many wondering, Where was this Rick Perry when he was […]