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John Rossomando is Red Alert Politics' Senior Political Correspondent. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as, The Daily Caller, Human Events, Newsmax, The American Spectator, and Crisis Magazine. He also served as senior managing editor of The Bulletin, a 100,000-circulation daily newspaper in Philadelphia and received the Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors first-place award in 2008 for his reporting. Follow John on Twitter at @jrossman12.

Articles From John

Paul Kengor: Reagan offers message of hope for young Americans

AP Photo

Ronald Reagan’s principles of sunny optimism and appeal to the ideals that have made America great offer hope for today’s young people, according to Dr. Paul Kengor, author of 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative.

CAIR demonstrates hypocrisy in denouncing 9/11 Museum film

CAIR demonstrates hypocrisy in denouncing 9/11 Museum film

CAIR’s hypocritical embrace of a controversial theologian makes it impossible to take its effort to whitewash the connection between extreme interpretations of Islam and 9/11 seriously.

Putin looks to recapture czarist glory


Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine is not an effort to revive the Soviet Union, contrary to the hyperbole many conservative pundits who paint him as the new Joseph Stalin.

Ryan Costello seeks retiring Rep. Jim Gerlach’s seat in Pennsylvania

Ryan Costello

Running for Congress has been a dream for Ryan Costello since he was in law school at Villanova University during the late ‘90s and early 2000s. He never had his chance, until now – a chance brought about by the sudden unexpected retirement of Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.) after 12 years in office.

Daily Show suggests conservatives want Russian crony capitalism

The GUM department store and the Kremlin Tower are reflected in a window of a building in Red Square in Moscow, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Russia is a “conservative paradise,” says “The Daily Show.” Yet, Jason Jones’ segment “Live From Sochi-ish” this week showcased numerous stereotypes liberals have about conservatives and Russia itself — ones that showcase liberal ignorance of economics and bigotry against the rise of Russia’s Orthodox Church in Russian society.

The biggest Republican challenge in 2014 might be unity

Francesca Chambers AFF panel

Republicans have a huge hill to climb if they expect to be competitive again, according to a Tuesday night panel sponsored by the Americas Future Foundation. And they’re going to have to climb it together.

‘Rolling Stone’ piece for Millennials ignores lessons from the Soviet collapse

Soviet Union USSR flag

As someone who grew up at the end of Soviet era and studied it in college, reading Jesse Myerson’s Rolling Stone piece about the “five economic reforms Millennials should be fighting for” set off an alarm.

His words showed me just how much has been forgotten since the Soviet Union ceased to exist on Dec. 26, 1991, and how little Millennials have been taught about the real reasons for its economic collapse.

Is America on the verge of becoming like France? Young people better hope not

Eiffel Tower in France

Under President Barack Obama, Americans have seen unprecedented spending, regulations and a constant call for higher taxes, combined with high unemployment for youth and the general population alike.

Is this high unemployment and lackluster economic growth the result of liberal policies, or is it the depth of the recession, where liberals like to direct the blame? The French experience suggests that it’s the former.

Palin defends herself from Bashir’s ‘evil’ comments


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called out MSNBC executives for their “hypocrisy” following host Martin Bashir’s attack against her during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Palin complained that MSNBC had given Alec Baldwin’s show the boot after he made anti-gay comments, but that it had done nothing to Bashir following his suggestion that someone should “defecate” in her mouth.

Pelosi still says people will like Obamacare once they see what’s in it


Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders are not backing away from Obamacare despite the uproar. That was clear from numerous comments on the Sunday talk shows.

Glenn Beck, conservative leaders rally tea partiers to cleanup Washington amid government shutdown

Glenn Beck

A crowd of several hundred tea partiers braved a soggy Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. to hear talk show host Glenn Beck, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and others at the “Fix Up DC” Day of Service rally on Capitol Hill, co-sponsored by FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots.

Bachmann: Obama’s spending is a ‘War on the Young’

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Barack Obama is waging a “War on the Young” with the $6 trillion in national debt he has added to the national debt since taking office in 2009, according to Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

“That is a war on the young,” Bachmann said. “That isn’t caring about the future. That isn’t caring about America.”

Borrowing money in such an environment is a serious “generational injustice,” according to Bachmann.

‘Red Dawn’ remake panders to political correctness and Chinese censorship

The original 1984 version of “Red Dawn,” depicting a Soviet-led communist invasion of the United States, has been a conservative classic now for decades. But political correctness has rendered the remake of this classic downright farcical.

While Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen stood in good old-fashioned Americana standing up for American defiance against tyranny. The new version simply falls apart due to the filmmakers’ desire to be politically correct.

Michigan could become the newest right-to-work state

Michigan has long been a stronghold for American labor unions, but now it is becoming a battleground in the right-to-work movement’s push against compulsory unionization.

Backers of Michigan’s right-to-work bill hope the state will become 24th in the country passing a bill preventing unions firing workers who refuse to contribute to them financially.

Obama wins re-election; Dems keep Senate

President Barack Obama has won re-election in spite of the dismal economy.

Obama becomes the first incumbent President to win re-election with the unemployment rate over 7.5 percent since Franklin Roosevelt did it in 1940. But Obama was able to sell millions of Americans on the idea that he inherited a deep mess from George W. Bush and that he needs another four years to fix it.

Will Ferrell promises to do whatever it takes to get you to vote for Obama in new video

Comedian Will Ferrell threatens to give you a bad tattoo and eat garbage among other if you come out to vote on Tuesday for the President in a new Obama campaign video.

The comedian and actor appears in a swanky leisure suit shooting pool at the start and begs the President’s supporters to get out and vote.

Wasserman Schultz: Republicans tried to ‘rig’ the election

Republicans tried to “rig” the outcome of the election by limiting early voting opportunities and by limiting who shows up at the polls, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said this morning during an appearance on C-Span.

“We have run circles around them because of our very strong and effective ground game,” Wasserman Schultz said regarding early voter turnout. “Just yesterday, we had major records in terms of Democrats going in to vote in counties around the state of Florida.

“The same is true in states across the country.”

Axelrod, Cutter in denial about Obama’s erosion at the polls

Obama campaign Senior Adviser David Axelrod refused to concede that the President is losing ground in the final days before the election or that his campaign’s closing argument is decidedly negative this morning during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley.

Axelrod pointed to favorable polling suggesting that the President leads Mitt Romney in Ohio to make his case. Other polls such as one by the Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News shows the two tied at 49 percent each, and a recent Rasmussen poll tells the same story with Obama and Romney tied at 48 percent.

Romney slams Obama for saying he would have more flexibility with Russia after election

Mitt Romney slammed President Obama for having said he would give Russia more flexibility after the election during Monday night’s debate.

Romney was referring to Obama’s infamous hot mic incident in which he told outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to tell Putin, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Axelrod hypes Obama’s failed Iran sanctions

Iran took center stage on the Sunday talk shows this morning on the eve of tomorrow night’s foreign policy debate, with Obama campaign senior adviser touting President Obama’s Iran policy during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with David Gregory.

Axelrod praised the President for uniting the world behind sanctions against the Islamic republic, noting that the Iranian economy had been brought “to its knees.”