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Jose Eriel Muniz Gomez

Jose is an undergraduate student in Neuroscience and Israel Studies at American University in Washington, DC. Among his accomplishments, he had held professional internships in the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico and the College Republican National Committee in Washington, DC. In addition to his interest in legislative lobbying in Washington, he highlights his interest in US, European and Middle East political and geopolitical related issues. Jose had published more than 100 articles in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Israel.

Articles From Jose

Why I’m both a Latino and proud Republican

Despite what some may say, being a Republican and Latino are not incompatible in America. At my university, I often hear that being both is totally illogical. In fact, I have had debates with people that try to call me a ‘racist’ by the mere fact that I am a Republican. Those who have called […]