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Sky News editor calls for spanking wimpy millennials

In another show of millennial bashing, Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley took on the lazy, weak, and entitled generation he believes is sinking Britain. In his piece titled “Thin-skinned Millennials need a spanking,” Kiley brings out some examples of millennial weakness, including what made the English strong and successful leaders at home and […]

Military’s new retirement system to attract millennials will save U.S. $2 billion

In an effort to attract millennials, the U.S. Military has introduced a new retirement program to be implemented on January 1, 2018. The new plan opens up retirement funding to 85 percent of service members, while downsizing traditional pension benefits. The move is expected to save the U.S. around $2 billion annually. Service members will […]

Survey: Ivanka isn’t popular with millennial women

According to a recent SurveyMonkey poll, only 21 percent of young women have a favorable view of Ivanka Trump. The survey asked participants about how they see Trump, his family, and his inner White House circle. Overall, 39 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Ivanka, with 37 percent saying they had an unfavorable view, […]

Study: Millennials pick Netflix over insurance, want to stay on parents’ plans

Growing up is not an easy task. Many millennials have never been told how to deal with simple life tasks, such as pursuing health insurance. A study by Vertafore, a leader in insurance technology, highlights how complex the issue of insurance is to millennials. For many, the risks of not having insurance are there, while […]

Abortion rates lowest since Roe v. Wade: What it means for pro-lifers

NPR reported this month that the U.S. abortion rate has hit its lowest level since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. When Roe was passed, the abortion rate was 16.3 per 1,000 women aged 15-to-44 and in 2014, it fell to 14.6. The findings were from the research group Guttmacher Institute, which supports legalized abortions. This […]

Fashion week gets political (and anti-Trump)

“…I’m 28, I’m black, and I’m living in a time where there’s very much a revolution of thought happening, and if I were to stay silent it would be as stupid as what other people are doing,” said Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder of the luxury sportswear brand Pyer Moss said last year, “I have a small […]

The vocal minority: Hispanic millennials who support Trump

While many Hispanics are getting serious about stopping Donald Trump, there is a vocal minority who see things differently. They’re not waving Mexican flags and throwing rocks at Trump rallies, nor are they becoming citizens to vote against him. Instead they’ve come to see the benefits of a Trump presidency. “…when I turn on my TV, […]

Incoming college freshman will get a dose of diversity training this fall

Do you think it’s a good idea to provide diversity training for students who come from predominantly white regions, like Wisconsin? What about giving students tips on how to avoid stereotyping their peers based on skin color? Universities are including the answers to these questions in new student orientations. In response to several racially motivated […]

Study shatters Airbnb’s millennial approval rating

Despite Airbnb’s recent evangelism at the Democratic National Convention, data throws a wrench in the company’s narrative. Airbnb tried to win over Democrats with a new study of theirs that claims millennials overwhelmingly love the company, and the sharing economy in general. However, taking a deeper look at millennial travel habits, Airbnb may not be quite as popular as […]

GOP for HRC? Former Bush officials campaign for Hillary

New Jersey Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has described this election as one where “Every Republican who is not working for Trump is working for Clinton.” Two longtime Republicans and former George W. Bush administration officials are taking his words to heart and actively gathering support for Hillary. Their group, called R4C16, […]

How the GOP platform failed millennials

Millennials are detached from standard political party alignment, as evidenced by a Pew Research study showing that only 31 percent believe there’s a considerable difference between the two major parties, and over half identify as independent. This split from standard political alignment is disconcerting, especially to the GOP, a party that continually pushes policies that […]

Sen. Tim Scott leads the fight to end “broken-window” policing [VIDEO]

“[T]he vast majority of the time I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial,” said South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott during a Senate speech on Wednesday. In it, he recounted past run-ins with police and the unfair scrutiny he has […]