John Patrick

Born and raised in New York, John is a graduate of Canisius College and Georgia Southern University. He interned for Red Alert Politics during the summer of 2012 and now works as a contributor to the site.

Articles From John

Constitution wins: Democrat Governor signs bill banning free speech zones

On Tuesday, Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) officially signed into law a bill prohibiting public universities from restricting student expression to designated “free speech zones” on campus. Under Senate Bill 62, Colorado universities are no longer able to sanction or restrict certain types of speech on campus, and students now have the option to sue their school […]

Tennessee scraps proposal to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition

On Tuesday, representatives in the Tennessee State Legislature denied a proposed law that would have granted thousands of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates to the University of Tennessee school system. By a vote of 6-7, the legislature failed to approve a proposal that would have granted in-state tuition rates to non-resident illegal alien students who were […]

University student government rejects sanctuary campus bill

The Student Government at Montclair State University has formally rejected a bill that would designate their campus as a sanctuary campus for illegal immigrants. Last month, student legislators from the Montclair State University Student Government vetoed a bill that would have formally requested that the university administrators designate their school as a “sanctuary campus,” effectively […]

Report: Tax breaks for Ivy League schools cost taxpayers billions

It’s no secret that the Ivy League colleges have long favored Democrats’ push for bigger government, higher taxes on the rich, and less freedom. According to a new report, however, Ivy League institutions are using government loopholes to avoid paying billions of dollars on their own taxes each year. In a new report titled “Ivy League Inc,” […]

Scholar debunks ‘Microaggressions’: Not based in scientific evidence

While college campuses across the U.S. have seen a increase in victimhood culture commonly referred to as “microaggressions,” one psychology professor is questioning the scientific proof behind them. According to Emory University psychology Professor Scott Lilienfeld, the concept of microaggressions is sorely lacking scientific proof, and because of this, universities should not be rushing to […]

Surprise! Turns out liberal student group was behind “White Nation” posters

Following an uproar by the student body at Gustavus Adolphus College over the appearance of posters telling students that America is a white nation, a liberal diversity group has admitted responsibility for the posters. The Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) at Gustavus Adolphus College, a group of over 20 student organizations that advocate for diversity initiatives on campus, […]

UC sends Janet Napolitano to Mexico to rebuke Trump on immigration

In response to President Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border, the University of California is working to send a strong message that illegal immigrants are still welcome on their campuses.  This week, UC President Janet Napolitano will visit Mexico on a three-day trip that is […]

Snowflake alert: University tells students to say “oops/ouch” when feelings are hurt

The Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at the University of Arizona has a new solution to addressing micro-aggressions in the classroom: the “Oops/ouch” method. In a new guide titled “Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Classroom,” professors are encouraged to foster dialogue between students by utilizing the two-term method. “If a student feels hurt or offended […]

New bill: Allow students to sue colleges for free speech violations

The Texas House of Representatives is considering a bill that would greatly enhance the right to free speech for students on college campuses in Texas. Under H.B. No. 2527, students would be able to sue Texas colleges and universities in state court for up to one year from the date that their speech was violated. According […]

The Higher Education Act (HEA): Trump’s chance for conservative reform

The 2016 elections have provided President Trump and Congress with a rare opportunity to drastically reform higher education in America with policy changes that benefit students, not liberal administrators. As Congress gets ready to update the Higher Education Act (HEA), which dictates all of the rules and regulations for U.S. colleges and universities, conservative academics […]

Harvard Guide to Fake News: Wash. Examiner is “unreliable,” Daily Kos is “credible”

Harvard University’s Library has published a student guide targeting reputable conservative news outlets as fake news, while pushing liberal news outlets such as the Daily Kos as being acceptable and credible. The new research guide,“Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda,” has a tool designed to help students avoid fake news outlets that are “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, […]

Southern state advances bill to ban sanctuary campuses

Lawmakers in Mississippi have advanced a bill that will prevent universities from concealing a student’s immigration status, effectively allowing them to operate as a sanctuary campus. Senate Bill 2170 would prevent any state agency, including public colleges and universities, from helping to hide or shelter illegal immigrants from federal enforcement of immigration laws. Specifically, the bill […]

Nye & Sanders: Voters who don’t agree with us on climate change have a disorder [VIDEO]

Former children’s television show host Bill Nye really doesn’t like people who question the science behind climate change, and he is getting nastier about it. During a Facebook Live chat yesterday with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Nye lamented the fact that there were still large numbers of people who dare to question his authoritarian views on […]

Texas General Assembly advances bill to defund sanctuary campuses

A new bill in the Texas General Assembly would cut off state funding to schools whose campus police departments refuse to comply with federal immigration law. Senate Bill 4, passed in the State Senate on February 8th, will impose fines of up to $25,500 and cut off funding to cities or campuses that refuse to […]

Scott Walker’s new budget a win-win for non-liberal students

In a win-win for students of the University of Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker’s new state budget will cut the price of tuition. Also, it will enable students to opt out of paying for programs or services that may not agree with them. In addition to lowering the price of tuition by 5 percent for in-state […]

Study: Many millennials are overeducated for their jobs

Contrary to what your college professors may have told you, a new study indicates you probably didn’t need those classes on genderqueer identity and income redistribution to succeed in the real world. According to new research from the Urban Institute, a large number of college graduates with a job are overqualified for the work they […]

California taxpayers would pay $3.3 billion a year for ‘free’ college

A program to help students in California graduate college without debt would put California taxpayers on the hook for more than $3.3 billion dollars per year. According to a new report, the program would include free tuition at any University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges, as well as a stipend to […]

Report: Obama wasted $7 billion on failed federal education plan

A new report by the Department of Education indicates that the billions of dollars pumped into education by the Obama Administration had absolutely no impact on improving student achievement. The main focus of the report, titled School Improvement Grants: Implementation and Effectiveness, was the School Improvement Grants (SIG) program, a program first proposed by President […]

Piers Morgan trolls the Women’s March on Twitter

Many conservatives have long been wary of Piers Morgan for his commitment to leftist policies such as increased gun control. However, the former CNN personality’s commentary on the hypocrisy of the Women’s March over the weekend was spot-on. Morgan began the day by jokingly pondering the potential public reaction to men-only marches in the streets, […]

Dems’ new strategy to stop Obamacare repeal: Deprive GOP of alcohol

In response to Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare under President Trump, Democratic activists in Washington D.C. are pushing a bizarre new strategy: get bars and restaurants in the Washington D.C. area to ban politicians who plan on voting to repeal Obamacare. According to tweets by Scott Dworkin, who is listed as a Senior Advisor to […]