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Jeremy Frankel

Jeremy Frankel is a Human Resource Coordinator based in New Jersey. An Orthodox Jew, he is also a writer for The Daily Wire and The New Americana. You can follow on twitter @frankeljeremy.

Articles From Jeremy

The craziest college classes being offered this fall (and why they’re worthless)

As summer comes to a close and college students head back to campus life, the indoctrination of young minds will continue this Fall. It’s no secret that over the last few decades, colleges and universities have become vehemently biased toward the left. As a result, instead of producing college graduates mature enough to enter the […]

Showtime’s Homeland takes a leftist turn, and a dangerous one

When Showtime’s Homeland premiered in 2011, it showed something that conservatives were aching for in television — a conservative view on the world. However, this past season, the inevitable turn to leftism finally came. Homeland, a show about the CIA and Islamic terror, started as a story about a CIA agent and her mentor, Carrie […]

O’Keefe strikes again: Teachers union hides student abuse [VIDEO]

Conservatives should thank James O’Keefe and Project Veritas once again. The group does great work uncovering left-wing plots and crimes, such as uncovering a plot to poison gas President Trump’s Inaugural Ball, among many others. Most recently, according to the Daily Wire, O’Keefe’s group decided to expose the corruption of teachers’ unions, and how they protect […]

A pro-life millennial’s defense of Tomi Lahren

It’s no secret that the mainstream media is biased in favor the Left. A conservative going on to a liberal show can be like Daniel going into the lions’ den. It is tough for most to hold their ground, particularly when it’s them against the rest of the room. The latest victim of this is […]

Students apologize for wearing red, white, and blue to a game

Barack Obama famously stated in 2009 that he believes in American exceptionalism just as the Brits believe in British exceptionalism or Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. It’s sad that if someone disagrees, and believes that America really is the greatest country in the world, he or she now has to hide or apologize for it. […]

Make space exploration great again: Cruz leads NASA rebirth

One of the more forgotten egregious acts of the Obama administration is the belittling of NASA. NASA’s lack of a solid mission for years, Obama’s priority of using it for Muslim outreach as opposed to actually improving space exploration, the ending of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, and budget cuts by the Obama administration, have […]

5 years later: How Andrew Breitbart defeated Hillary Clinton

Last Wednesday marked the fifth anniversary of the death of legendary conservative icon Andrew Breitbart. At 43 years old, his passing was sudden, having collapsed while walking in Brentwood, California, and pronounced dead a few hours later at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Andrew’s autopsy showed he had died of heart failure. Breitbart was one of […]

GOP governor joins with House of Cards actor to tackle millennial opioid crisis [VIDEO]

Addiction can be one of the worst trials one can go through. A person has little to no control over their actions and will even succumb at their own peril. The family of the addict and the society around him or her often suffers immensely, as well. Dependency on illicit, dangerous drugs is common in […]

Safety On: A must-read for children whose parents own a firearm

Parents who own firearms often ask themselves how to keep them out of their children’s hands to keep them safe. But what if, instead, parents took the time to teach their sons and daughters about firearm safety? That’s where Safety On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children, by Yehuda Remer, can solve […]

Schools need to stop indoctrinating and start educating

In an ideal world, the goal of schooling would be to teach students how to learn and how to think. The importance of a formal education has, rightfully, been embedded into society — students studying hard and preparing for the SAT’s in order to be accepted to college, college students chasing the much-coveted 4.0 GPA, […]

Sports and politics need to stay separate

Professional sports in the last few years specifically has, like most other institutions, been usurped by liberal ideology. We have seen this both in sports media and professional sports leagues. Just in the last year, the NFL has become much more than a football league. It has become a spectacle where Colin Kaepernick is applauded […]

Teaching students to obey the law is now controversial

How politically correct of a culture have we become that we cannot even talk about enforcing immigration law? Evidently, bending over backwards so to not offend anyone has essentially destroyed our educational backbone. According to a school district in Washington state, a teacher talking about reporting illegal immigrants goes too far. Even as we see […]

Students told to wear white pins to represent their ‘white privilege’

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that his dream was that people wouldn’t be judged by their skin color, but by the content of their character. Little did he know that his dream is still unfulfilled. Caucasian college students are now being told to wear white pins shaped like puzzle pieces for one month […]

NFL threatens to boycott Texas: Will conservatives boycott the NFL?

A question many conservatives should ask is why few major outlets or corporations stand up for our values, while they routinely rally for Democratic policies while still claiming to be apolitical. We see this in many places, from college campuses to movies and television shows, and more recently, professional sports. Nowhere has this been more apparent […]

Fired, banned, censored: Campuses are the worst place to be a conservative

Anyone who has ever been on a liberal college campus knows that it is not a welcoming place towards conservatives. Professors routinely tout their leftist political views, curriculums are smeared with revisionist history, and conservative speech is routinely suppressed. Conservative groups or speakers on campus are usually frowned upon or outright rejected by university administrators […]

Meet Democrats’ latest political target: The Super Bowl

Liberals just cannot help themselves from politicizing everything within their reach. Many millennials, especially males, enjoy watching professional sports. But while it used to be a fun activity, watching sports is now embedded with politics, and has almost become a chore. For example, ESPN routinely suppresses conservative voices. NFL players take a knee for the […]