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Jeremiah Poff

Jeremiah is a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville where he studies Journalism and Human Life Studies. He is fluent in Spanish and he also writes for The College Fix. Follow him on twitter @JJ_Poff

Articles From Jeremiah

Justin Timberlake called the “worst kind of white person” after Super Bowl LII announcement

Justin Timberlake is headed back to the Super Bowl to perform the halftime show for a record third time. However, not everyone is celebrating the pop star’s return to the most watched television event of the year. Pepsi and the NFL’s announcement that Timberlake would be headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show was […]

No, liberals. Taylor Swift is not a racist for feuding with Kanye

Everyone on the internet has an opinion about Taylor Swift these days, but some are so bizarre you have to read them twice. Here’s one: Taylor Swift has so much white privilege that the only person who can combat her is another white person: Kim Kardashian. Yes, you (re-)read that correctly. In perhaps one of […]

Broadway show canceled after liberals attack recasting a black actor for a white actor

A popular Broadway show is the latest victim of a racial controversy, and it’s led to the show’s cancellation. Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812, a 12 time Tony award nominated Broadway musical, has been cancelled. The issue? Replacing a black actor with a white actor. Okieriete “Oak” Onaodowan, known for his work […]

Rutgers mandates microagression sensitivity training for new students

Thousands of students attending Rutgers University as a freshman this fall will be required to undergo a new form of sensitivity training, costing each student $175. At an orientation course entitled “Language Matters,” microaggressions are the focal point. The Language Matters Campaign, organized by the university’s Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities, teaches […]

The new Harambe? RIP Snooty the manatee

First we lost Cecil the Lion, then Harambe the gorilla. Now it’s time to add one more beloved zoological creature to the list of those gone too soon — Snooty the manatee. Snooty the manatee was the Guinness World Record’s oldest living manatee. He turned 69 on Friday but that would turn out to be […]

Florida school district bans homework

Elementary schoolchildren in one Florida school district are living every kid’s dream; the Marion County Public School District has banned homework for elementary school children under the premise that it’s a hindrance to actual learning. According to the Washington Post, the superintendent of Marion County Public Schools, Heidi Maier, has unilaterally put an end to […]

“Civil rights issue”: Algebra is racist, apparently

Add one more thing to the list of things that are racist: algebra. Apparently the system of mathematical equations discriminates against minorities and low-income students, according to the Chancellor of California Community Colleges. In an interview with National Public Radio’s (NRP) Robert Seigel, Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley expressed support for the removal of advanced math […]

The great congressional deception on Obamacare continues, hurting young Americans

Well, that is that. The so-called Republican majority in the Senate has failed to deliver on their chief campaign promise, and the American people are left with the same mess. There may be 52 Republican senators in Washington, but we don’t have 52 conservative senators, and we definitely don’t have 52 senators who truly want […]

DHS to scan faces of U.S. citizens at airports, says only way to avoid is to not travel overseas

It appears that Big Brother is rolling out another form of surveillance on American citizens. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to scan the faces of all individuals leaving the U.S., even American citizens. This would be in addition to the already established biometric collection of foreign nationals entering the country. The current measures […]

For some, a movie can never be “diverse” enough

The perceived lack of diversity in Hollywood continues to be a talking point for liberal pundits and actors. It was also the impetus for casting several minority actors in the new film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures cast a number of actors with diverse racial backgrounds — including Hispanic, Filipino, and African-Americans — […]

Nevada calls a state of emergency because they ran out of weed

The state of Nevada has declared a state of emergency — for running out of weed. Barely legalized for a week, the state ran out of legal cannabis herb, prompting the state’s department of taxation to call the “statement of emergency.” Nevada became the fifth state of the union to legalize recreational pot on July 1st. […]

Hamburg and Poland: Two starkly different visions for the future

President Donald Trump channeled his inner Ronald Reagan at the Warsaw Uprising memorial in Poland last week. His impassioned speech in defense of Western values heralded his America First mantra in a way that made both domestic and international supporters proud. It was a stark contrast, however, to the scene in Hamburg, Germany later that […]