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Jenna Ellis is a millennial, constitutional law attorney, and professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University. She is the author of the book, “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution” and a fellow at the Centennial Institute. Jenna can be reached at

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Dear Liberal Women…

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is making headlines for basically being told to shut it on the Senate floor. This wasn’t because she was a woman. It’s because she was broke the Senate rules. Warren tried to read a letter criticizing fellow Senator Jeff Sessions, who was recently confirmed U.S. Attorney General. Warren sought to impugn […]

What happened with Trump’s immigration ban in the Ninth Circuit?

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The Ninth Circuit just heard arguments tonight in State of Washington v. President Trump . Millions of Americans tuned in to the live stream. What happened exactly? The Ninth Circuit is comprised of a three-judge panel, and tonight considered whether to suspend the Washington State District Court’s temporary injunction of the President’s Executive Order that placed a […]

What Trump’s kept SCOTUS promise means for the next generation


Last night, President Trump nominated constitutional conservative Neil Gorsuch, a current judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and said during the announcement Tuesday evening, “I am a man of my word. I will do as I say. Something that the American people have been asking for from Washington for a […]

Dear NeverTrumpers: This is OUR president and OUR opportunity [OPINION]

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In the aftermath of Tuesday’s election, the data is showing that millennials turned out to vote for Trump in far greater numbers than predicted, while Clinton’s numbers slipped significantly from Obama’s millennial turnout in 2012. This election was indeed an incredible upset victory. But it was the minor-party candidates that performed strongest among voters under […]

Guess what America? Your debate sweetheart is a millennial


That’s right. Ken Bone is a millennial. At age 34, the red sweater-wearing debate sensation is one of us. This is important not only because Mr. Bone asked the most substantive, policy-driven question of the largely superficial 90-minute debate, but also because the town hall style did not feature anyone else obviously or self-declaring as […]

A ‘Convention of States’ happened this weekend: “A turning point in history”

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Last week, one of the most significant events in our constitutional republic since 1787 occurred: Delegations of primarily state legislators from all 50 states gathered in Colonial Williamsburg with the intent to reign in the federal government’s abuse of power. While the talking heads in Washington repeated the Trump vs. Clinton debates we’ve heard since this […]