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Jayson Veley

Jayson Veley is a conservative radio host, author, activist, and founder of He was featured on Red Alert Politics' "30 under 30" list in 2014.

Articles From Jayson

Misguided ‘Socialist Students’ walk out in protest of Donald Trump

Students across the country will participate in a nationwide walkout today to protest the election of Donald Trump. The event, officially called the National Student Walkout Against Bigotry and Hate, is being organized by Socialist Students, a group that operates as an appendage of Socialist Alternative. The walkout has been scheduled for Inauguration Day since […]

Anti-Trump protesters promote violence days before the inauguration [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump protestors took to the streets last night outside of the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. to oppose the President-Elect, according to a video captured by WUSA 9. In the video, which was originally broadcasted on Facebook Live, protesters marched through the streets, chanting “Trump and Pence are illegitimate, Trump and Pence are fascist.” Just […]

Proposed law: “Student satisfaction” is the goal of college, not education

Should colleges and educators strive to satisfy their students rather than ensure they receive a good education? That is what’s discussed about the proposed reforms to higher education, which put “student satisfaction” as the primary objective of educators. The reform proposal, The Higher Education and Research Bill, would establish a new ranking system whereby universities would […]

New Year’s resolutions for conservative students

Earlier this week, Angela Morabito at Red Alert Politics wrote a list of New Year’s Resolutions for social justice warriors, the name commonly given to young people who endlessly whine about capitalism, conservatism, and what they claim to be “social injustices.” But, while these safe space dwellers certainly could use the advice, there are also some […]

California cracks down on cow farts

No, this is not a satirical piece from “The Onion.” Just when we thought the far left couldn’t get any more nutty, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a new state regulation that proved us wrong. Brown has decided to take the fight against climate change to the next level by issuing a regulation against methane […]

Transgender bathroom laws are the left-wing “war on women” [Opinion]

Two hundred and forty years ago, George Washington and his troops took on the largest army in the world, fighting for the noble cause of liberty and independence. Today, the “battle of our times” is a battle to give men the right to dress up as a woman and pee in the girl’s bathroom. Yes, […]

I was banned from my campus newspaper: Conservative students must speak up

It’s been nearly one month since I published my article “No, I’m Not Privileged Because I’m White” in the campus newspaper at Eastern Connecticut State University. Since then, I have submitted two more opinion pieces — one on the subject of illegal immigration, and another in defense of religious liberty. Interestingly enough, neither of these […]

I offended campus liberals so badly, they convened a “safe space”

Two weeks ago, I wrote an editorial for my campus newspaper called “No, I’m Not Privileged Because I’m White.” The entire purpose of the article was to debunk the myth of white privilege, which is a concept that my generation seems to be obsessed with. Not only do all of my fellow classmates seem to […]

Indiana teen could succeed in lowering age to run for office

While some young people are getting involved in the 2016 presidential race, they are rarely active in their state or local government. Yet, Indiana high school student Megan Stoner defies the norm; the 18-year-old is currently working with state legislators to pass a bill she helped author. In an effort to change Indiana law, Stoner has proposed legislation that […]

For young voters, Ted Cruz is the 2016 Reagan Republican [Opinion]

It’s been over three decades since the American people had a chance to vote for a true, principled conservative in a general election — 32 years to be exact. Since then, we were forced to choose between Bush and Dukakis in 1988, Bush and Clinton in 1992, Dole and Clinton in 1996, Bush and Gore in 2000, […]