Jason Hopkins


Jason Hopkins began his career in state politics while attending college. He served as an aide to the Georgia Senate Majority Leader his Senior year. He continued to work in the Georgia Senate following graduation - serving as an aide to the Chairman of the Science and Technology committee. Jason then moved to the DC area to track and analyze legislation passing through all 50 state capitols.

Articles From Jason

Donald Trump becomes first president to be protested from space

(Photo via ASAN)

Last week, Donald Trump became the target of a record-setting act against an American president. The Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) launched the first ever “protest in space” against him. .@realDonaldTrump:LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCHhttps://t.co/Vu7q2j8g1t pic.twitter.com/EU1obtes4q— ASAN (@ASANspace) April 12, 2017 The message reads, “Look at that, you son of a B**ch.”  […]

Afraid of chicken sandwiches? Students feel ‘unsafe’ at Chick-fil-A

Who knew chicken sandwiches could threaten the safety and well-being of students on campus? (Photo via AP)

A new Chick-fil-A Express will be opening at Duquesne University for the upcoming fall semester. However, not every student is excited about eating delicious chicken sandwiches. Niko Martini is an executive member of Duquesne’s gay-straight alliance group (known as Lambda) and has formally requested that student government pass a resolution asking the university to reverse […]

Fraternity Exec: Harvard discriminates against male student groups


The top executive representing national fraternity organizations is accusing Harvard University of overt sexism against its male student body. North-American Interfraternity Conference President Judson Horras responded to Harvard’s decision to allow all-female groups on campus to continue without penalties – while excluding male groups. “Harvard’s original policy trampled students’ association rights, and it now also serves […]

Pepe the Frog might save Venezuela from socialist hell


Desperate times call for desperate measures.   The Venezuelan economy, led by President Nicolas Maduro, has completely tanked under socialist rule. Extreme government regulations meant to help poor citizens have had the opposite effect. Price controls for basic grocery items have resulted in unimaginably long lines. The Latin American nation depends heavily on oil exports, […]

Trolls defeat Shia Labeouf, again: 4chan’s international victory

Epic trolling: Shia Labeouf targeted for his anti-Trump protest

Red Alert has been covering the ongoing feud between actor Shia Labeouf and 4chan trolls looking to ruin his “He Will Not Divide Us” protest. Labeouf has literally been traversing the United States to no avail in an attempt to find a permanent home for his anti-Trump live stream. The former Disney star first began his […]

Transgender emojis are apparently now a thing.

(AP Photo/Florida Keys News Bureau, Andy Newman)

Have you ever felt marginalized by the lack of gender diversity on your iPhone?  Do you believe the current list of emojis just isn’t enough to express yourself via text? Well, the answer to your concerns may be coming. A proposal to include transgender emojis has been introduced and could be available to iPhone users […]

Epic trolling: Shia Labeouf targeted for his anti-Trump protest

Actor Shia LaBeouf is followed by media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities the Broadway show "Cabaret," Friday, June 27, 2014, in New York. The 28-year-old star of the "Transformers" franchise faces charges that include disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.  (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

For Shia Labeouf, there seems to be no place in the country where he can hide to escape incessant trolling on his “He Will Not Divide Us” protest. The actor turned anti-Trump activist decided to create an “art exhibit” on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. People were invited to look into a camera stationed […]

Expansion of Right-to-Work laws: Great news for millennials

(AP Photo)

The 2016 election was a big win for young conservatives. The GOP retained Senate control, and Donald Trump is now heading to the White House with a pro-growth agenda. While the national implications of Election Day are important, so are the victories local Republicans scored. Republican gains in state legislatures across the country will mean […]