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Jamie Barker

Jamie is currently the Political Director of the Republican Party of Arkansas and has formerly worked on the campaigns of Mike Huckabee and Senator Tom Cotton. He lives in Little Rock, AR with his wife, Allie, and their foster children.

Articles From Jamie

Chance the Rapper rises above the political performances

Apparently you don’t have to sell your album to snatch a Grammy. Last night at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Chicago-born Chance the Rapper stole the show. The twenty-three year old was first announced as this year’s “Best New Artist,” which would have been enough to call it a great night. However, he went on to […]

Flip-flop: Johnson supports mandatory vaccines, rejects religious liberty

Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian nominee for president Gary Johnson said yesterday that his position on vaccines has changed. Since he is a Libertarian, one would assume that his position would be that deciding whether to be vaccinated or to vaccinate one’s children should be left to the individual. That assumption would be correct — […]

No, Amy Schumer. Being a liberal hasn’t hurt your ticket sales

Amy Schumer, the comedic actress and cousin of liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer, recently said that her unabashed support for Hillary Clinton and outspoken attitude in favor of gun control will likely hurt her ticket sales — but she doesn’t care. I applaud Schumer for recognizing that politics is important, and it should not […]