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Jacob Grandstaff

Jacob Grandstaff is a graduate student at the University of North Alabama and a journalist who enjoys writing about institutional and governmental policies that affect millennials. His non-academic interests include hiking, cycling, and traveling.

Articles From Jacob

FBI surveillance uncovers collusion between college-age Antifa members and ISIS

The FBI has found that American college students in Antifa have ties with radical Islamic terrorists from both ISIS and Al Qaeda. In his book released on October 30, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Donald Trump, former New York Times Magazine Editor-in-Chief Edward Klein includes the FBI’s ‘Informational Report,’ which documents the connection between […]

Millennials are clueless on student loans, study shows

A recent survey by Millennial Personal Finance (MPF) shows a large majority of millennials know little concerning their own student loans. In many cases, students even acknowledge this but choose to remain ignorant on the subject. MPF partnered with Pollfish to survey 500 student loan borrowers, consisting of currently enrolled students as well as those recently […]

Georgetown University to defund student group for believing in Catholic doctrine

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) at Georgetown University is holding a hearing on whether to remove recognition and funding from the conservative student group Love Saxa, for allegedly violating the university’s policy against fostering intolerance. Those petitioning to ban Love Saxa are basing their accusations solely on the fact that the group espouses the Catholic doctrine […]

Crazed protesters scream over Richard Spencer ruining any chance of civil discourse

Students at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville yelled and chanted for around two hours on Thursday as White Supremacist and National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer tried to speak over the crowd. Many chanted anti-American slogans and attacked the First Amendment, which allowed Spencer the right to speak at the public institution. Red […]

Millennial wins Austrian Chancellorship, becomes the West’s youngest head of state

Austria elected conservative 31-year old Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on Sunday as the country’s chancellor, making him Europe’s youngest head of state. He is also the only Western head of state born between 1982 and 2004, the age bracket many refer to as the millennial generation. Kurz’s center-right People’s Party (OVP) defeated the Social Democratic […]

Norway rejects socialism, re-elects conservative prime minister

Norway re-elected conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Monday, guaranteeing a right-of-center government in a country that former United States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders often touted as a model of democratic socialism. Ms. Solberg and her coalition partners, including the conservative Progress Party – which only four years ago was considered on the right-wing fringe […]

Millennials rumble: Conservatives debate libertarians at CATO

Hundreds of Washington D.C. interns and young policy enthusiasts attended the Cato Institute’s annual libertarianism vs. conservatism debate on August 3. In it, interns hashed out many issues which divide young millennials on the right. These included American foreign policy dominance, drug legalization, and security versus privacy. The debate featured two conservative interns from the […]