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Jacob Airey

Jacob Airey is a native Texan who currently resides in the Sunny SoCal area. He is a conservative writer and blogger who covers a diverse range of topics. Follow him on Twitter @realjacobairey

Articles From Jacob

Empowering young leadership: GOP promotes 37-year-old to Majority Leader in NC

In North Carolina, the dynamics of the local Republican Party are changing. One of the reasons is Representative John Bell, who represents the Goldsboro area’s 10th District in the General Assembly. He was elected to a third term on November 8th — along with a wave of twenty other legislators who are under forty. Bell […]

Lauren Southern assaulted by liberal activists at ‘free speech’ rally [VIDEO]

Lauren Southern of Rebel Media is no stranger to controversy or being in controversial situations. She has challenged many so-called social justice warriors, not just in the United States, but also in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. On one occasion in Vancouver, Southern told feminists at a rally that “white privilege” did not exist […]

Jane Goodall expects Trump to debate like… Harambe?

Anticipation is building for the first presidential debate next week, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will finally face each other one-on-one. Well-known anthropologist Jane Goodall made her expectations for the debate clear when she said Trump’s behavior will likely be similar to one of the male chimpanzees she has studied extensively throughout her career. “In […]

GOP rushes to block: Obama’s ‘internet giveaway’ to Russia, China (and worse countries)

If there is one thing that millennials value, it is an open and free internet. Generation Y was born online and were the first to put great content on the web. From entertainment to the so-called “new media” phenomenon, millennials were always at the forefront of the latest trend. The Obama administration has recently been planning to […]

Viral video: Liberal throws tantrum over her Lyft driver’s hula doll

Next time you’re taking an Uber or Lyft, be thankful you aren’t sharing a ride with this social justice warrior. Lauren Southern of Rebel Media received a video from an anonymous source and chose to share it on her YouTube Channel. The video features self-proclaimed SJW Annaliese Nielsen, founder of the secretive club “Girls Night In,” an exclusive […]

5 reasons Evan McMullin is good for millennials

Evan McMullin is running as an independent candidate for president, offering himself as a true conservative alternative to the more liberal mainstream and third-party nominees. Let’s be honest: McMullin has an extremely slim chance of winning the presidency. It’s a long way to the top and he would have to work very hard and campaign smart. […]

Progressive millennials should support banning Sharia Law [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslim immigrants from the United States, particularly Syrian refugees, has drawn criticism from his opponents on both sides of the aisle who are trying to reach out to millennial voters. Opposition on the right has mainly come from those who see it as inconsistent with the First Amendment, which […]