Jackson Richman

Jackson Richman is a senior at George Washington University studying political science. He has written for The Weekly Standard, The Daily Caller, American Action News, and New Voices Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @jacksonrichman

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To my liberal college: Thank you for turning me into a conservative

“I think government taking care of those without health insurance is noble. I think Wall Street is greedy. I think we need a higher minimum wage. I don’t think the rich pay their fair share. I think that just because there is Freedom of Speech, that doesn’t give someone a license to be hateful. I […]

‘The Simpsons’: White House staffers hanged, Trump talks with ghost of Nixon [VIDEO]

Mocking the latest Trump-Russia news, such as reports claiming Trump asked former FBI director James Comey to stop investigating former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, the latest episode of “The Simpsons” features a ghost of Richard Nixon. Released Friday, the “125 Days” clip opens ominously with lightning over the White House, only to zoom into the briefing […]

Sen. Ben Sasse explains why tuition and healthcare are so expensive

Senator Ben Sasse has authored a book that is virtually non-political nor policy-related. Instead, the Nebraska Republican’s first book, The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis — and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance, is about how adolescents are raised incorrectly and how to reverse the coddling trend. Catching up with him on his book […]

Without entitlement reform, Trump’s budget will screw over millennials

While President Donald Trump proposed slashing $3.6 trillion of government spending, his 2018 budget proposal barely tackles any serious entitlement reform, with $610 billion in Medicaid cuts over a decade. From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, Trump has refused to acknowledge the urgent need for entitlement reform, especially for Social Security and Medicare. […]

Trump administration is making the Internet great again

                (File Photo) The Federal Communications Commission initiated rolling back the Obama-era net neutrality regulations, which forces Internet providers to treat all internet, specifically speeds, equally. Although the 2015 rule is expected to be repealed in August officially, the U.S. lost the web likely forever in October 2016 […]

Don’t tell me I’m using my brother’s disability for political reasons

New Jersey moderate Republican Tom McArthur, a crucial member in the House that passed the American Health Care Act earlier this month, was heckled at a town-hall meeting last week when he mentioned his 11-year-old daughter who died of health complications almost two decades ago. “Shame on you!” shouted one constituent. “We know that story!” another screamed. “You’re politicizing her!” […]

Rand Paul will teach a class at GWU — and it’s not a politics course

Professor Rand Paul will teach a class next fall at George Washington University. That is not a proofreading error. A representative for GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences tells Red Alert the Kentucky senator will teach a course titled “Dystopian Visions” during the Fall 2017 semester. In the midst of a presidency that’s been compared to […]

Interview: Student sues Trump for inciting violence, judge agrees to hear case

Last week, a judge allowed a case to proceed against President Donald Trump for alleging violence at a campaign rally last year in Kentucky. George Washington University freshman Henry Brousseau is one of three plaintiffs in the case who was assaulted by three Trump supporters, one of whom identifies as a white nationalist. “I wouldn’t say […]

Law school publishes 4th Amendment analysis on Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his rapper name Jay Z, may have somewhat taught Americans, through his 2003 hit “99 Problems,” about the Fourth Amendment. St. Louis University School of Law published an article in its law journal in 2012 of a line-by-line analysis of the second verse of the song with the amendment […]

New study: Millennials don’t trust government or political parties

Millennials care less about party loyalty and more about causes compared to previous generations, according to the 2016 Millennial Impact Report, released this past weekend.  The study also revealed that millennials believe issues can be solved without government, an institution the majority of respondents do not trust. The report has been annually conducted over the past […]

MIT offers a $250,000 reward for ‘disobedience’

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered this week a $250,000 reward to those who can go against the status quo. The university’s media lab will offer the prize to anyone who they believe can provide “an extraordinary example of disobedience for the benefit of society,” according to the department’s website. MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito […]

Anne Frank’s stepsister optimistic for future during Trump era

Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s stepsister, addressed the Chabad at Washington University in St. Louis last week on her experiences during the Holocaust. She compared, to an extent, today’s plight of Syrian refugees to the refugee situation of the Jews during World War II, calling on countries like England. In a Newsweek piece published last year, […]

Why millennials should support Andrew Puzder’s nomination for Labor

Confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Labor have been delayed indefinitely. Millennials should rally and support the confirmation of business executive Andrew Puzder, whose policies, if confirmed, will benefit millennials. Puzder’s Senate Oversight Committee confirmation hearing is on hold due to trouble with filing his ethics paperwork. As the CEO […]

George Washington University fires former terrorist

George Washington University has fired a former Al Qaeda terrorist, turned research fellow, after his arrest last month for cocaine possession and prostitution. Jesse Morton (formerly Younus Abdullah Muhammad) was hired by the university’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security last August to conduct counter-terrorism research. A university spokesperson confirmed to the Washington Post that […]

Why millenials should support Tom Price for HHS Secretary

Under the Affordable Care Act, adult children can stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. So, why should millennials support President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, who wants to repeal and replace Obamacare? Millennials should rally behind HHS nominee Georgia Congressman Tom Price because of his introduced bill, “The […]

My college doesn’t require US History for history majors. It should

George Washington University’s History department has decided that taking a US history course to complete its major requirements is optional. While understandable as a way for students to specialize in an area of history, in the age of declining American civics, this move is alarming for future political discourse. In his opinion of Brown v. […]

Students are comparing Trump’s win to the Holocaust. It needs to stop.

On college campuses, the reaction to Donald Trump winning the presidential election last week has gone from sadness to madness to ignorance and bigotry. Hundreds of George Washington University students participated in a “post-election group cry,” where at least one student compared Trump’s victory to Kristallnacht, or the night of broken glass in Nazi Germany […]

Now considered sexual harassment: Grading students based on ‘effort’

A Brooklyn College professor was told to change his class syllabus over concerns that a participation and effort component worth 10 percent of a student’s final grade could be misinterpreted as sexual harassment. In a post on Minding the Campus, Geology professor David Seidemann wrote, “Here is the offending phrase from the grading portion of my syllabus: ‘Class […]

Twitter mocks Ben & Jerry’s support for #BlackLivesMatter

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s is churning out support for the Black Lives Matter movement. “Black Lives Matter. Choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an option,” they posted on Twitter last Friday. Black Lives Matter. Choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an […]

Triggered students offend easily — yet wear shirt idolizing mass-murderer

On campuses across the country, leftist students commemorate Fidel Castro confidant and mass-murderer Ernesto “Che” Guerva. In response, campus chapters of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) held a “No More Che Day” on Friday to inform their peers that the man should actually be condemned, not celebrated. Guerva was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution […]