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J.P. Carroll

J.P. Carroll is a freelance national security and foreign affairs reporter and commentator based in Washington D.C. His reporting and commentary tend to focus on U.S. relations with Latin America and Europe. J.P. is a Red Alert Politics Contributor. Follow him on Twitter @JPCarrollDC1.

Articles From J.P.

The most frightening Halloween costume is a Che Guevara t-shirt

This October is a particularly spooky month in history. Besides the annual celebration of Halloween, two landmark events in the ignominious history of communism – or as it is more fashionably known these days among many millennials, 21st-century socialism – are happening. First, this October marks 100 years since the Russian revolution under Lenin, which […]

America must unite behind Manchester

Today, there are no Manchester United or Manchester City fans, only Mancunians. Wherever you are reading this article from, make no mistake about the incontrovertible fact that Manchester is a place that has changed your life, even if you have never been there. Long before the cowardly terrorist attack yesterday, May 22, 2017, that killed […]

Obama’s America cares more about Kardashian robbery than France attack

The world came to a halt on Monday as it was reported 16 people were arrested in France for their alleged connection with the robbery of Kim Kardashian back in October 2016. In stark contrast to the grave concern and cheers for justice by many on social media as a result of the arrests, not nearly […]

Dear EU: Gun control won’t defeat radical Islamic terrorism

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the horrific truck attack in Berlin Monday that left 12 people dead and in short order, the European Union passed stricter gun laws. It is worth noting that the legislation was proposed in 2015 after radical Islamist terrorists attacked Paris twice that year, using assault rifles in both instances. In the […]