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Isaiah Denby

Isaiah is a college freshman from Tampa Bay, Florida studying economics and political science. He's a libertarian, member of the Tampa Bay Youth Republicans, as well as an avid Thomas Sowell reader.

Articles From Isaiah

Cambridge University gives trigger warnings for Shakespeare plays

Professors at Cambridge University are offering trigger warnings before introducing their students to the works of Shakespeare. Undergraduates studying english literature at the university evidently were alerted of these warnings in a document entitled “Notes on Lectures” that was dispersed to students from the English department’s faculty members. The trigger warnings made students aware of […]

Feminist students push for “sustainable sex” during “Menstruation Mondays”

Activists at Johns Hopkins University are asking their fellow classmates to think more broadly on the concept of feminism, by incorporating environmentalism and focusing on “sustainable sex.” During a new event series called “Feminist Mondays,” Hopkins students are seeking to inform others on how third-wave feminism as well as environmental sustainability associate with each other. […]

Professor sues President Trump for blocking him on Twitter

A professor at the University of Maryland, College Park is suing Donald Trump because the president blocked him on Twitter over the summer. Sociology professor Philip N. Cohen sees this as a violation of his First Amendment rights. The tweet that started it all dates back to June 6 when Cohen posted a photo of […]

College professor under investigation for “Female or Shemale” quiz

A sociology professor at New York College at Geneseo has been accused of being transphobic because he had his students participate in a “Female or Shemale” quiz during class. David Sorbello asked his students to differentiate among pictures of women, some of whom are transgender. The projection encompasses four individuals who, for the most part, […]

PETA unhinged: Protesters crash Yale president’s speech, stalk researcher

Protesters from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, are up in arms over possible inhumane experiments of sparrows taking place at Yale University. They allege that experiments by Postdoctoral Associate Christine Lattin have left 250 sparrows dead, since 2008, at both Tufts and Yale University. Earlier this month, PETA […]

Penn TA calls on black women in class before white men despite who raised their hand first

Students attending the University of Pennsylvania may be addressed by their educators in accordance to the melanin in their skin, as opposed whose hand was raised first, according to a public admission by one TA. Graduate instructor and UPenn Ph.D. student Stephanie McKellop published a set of patently racist tweets on her now-private Twitter account, […]

Professor: College admissions is a “system of white supremacy”

A student group called “Asians for Black Lives” is turning heads in Texas. The group, which seems to follow the standard principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, breaks the mold in one way – their membership. According to the Asians for Black Lives Facebook account, the group describes themselves as “a space for Asian […]

“We’re a Culture, not a Costume” campaign returns to campus

Halloween is just around the corner, and unsurprisingly, student organizations and activists on campuses all across the country are frantic to regulate costumes. Washington State University students, in particular, are now walking on eggshells after a campus presentation entitled “We’re a Culture, not a Costume” warned students of accidentally appropriating culture when celebrating Halloween. The […]

Dartmouth shutters its Gender Research Institute

The Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) is closing its doors. Established in 2013, the GRID’s original goal was to seek a clearer understanding on the topic of gender. According to The Dartmouth student newspaper, the program is on hold due to financial issues. GRID was founded with a four-year grant, which has since lapsed. […]

University of Mississippi to rebuild Confederate statue despite student protest

The University of Mississippi is replacing a Confederate statue on campus which was damaged by a pickup truck last month. Now, students are outraged after learning that the Confederate statue on the Oxford campus will be rebuilt. Ole Miss student groups are coming together to protest the forthcoming restoration. The University of Mississippi NAACP chapter […]

Does race impact your views on the NFL protests? These sociologists think so

With the ongoing feud between President Donald Trump and the NFL protesters who use the national anthem as a time to either take a knee, lock arms, or even hold up the “Black Power” fist, average Americans are sick and tired of politicized entertainment. But if Americans were forced to choose a side – between […]

“Wear a Hijab Day” takes over University of Illinois

A student organization at the University of Illinois is hosting a week-long group of festivities on the Urbana-Champaign campus in order for students to learn about Islam. Each day, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) will observe its own theme that, according to the group’s Facebook page, is intended for “helping our fellow students on campus […]

Yale mathletes complain of “gender imbalance” in their Math Department

Students and professors at Yale University are highly concerned with gender imbalance in the Math Department at the university. Only one tenured professor is female, and out of 53 professors in total, only four are female. Many faculty members and students recently told the Yale Daily News that these “gender imbalances” are negatively affecting women […]

Indigenous activists claim UC Berkeley’s campus is “stolen land”

In honor of Columbus Day — or as the left calls it, “Indigenous People Day” — members and supporters of the Indigenous Land Action Committee are occupying UC Berkeley-owned land in protest of the university’s plans to develop it. The Gill Tract, 104 acres of land located in the city of Albany, is owned by […]

Dangerously fashionable: A comprehensive list of MAGA gear controversies

Fashion has always pushed the boundaries, but today, there’s nothing more edgy, counter-culture, or courageous than wearing Trump gear… especially on an educational campus, whether that be K-12 or college. Here are some stories of teachers or school administrations outlawing any Trump or Make America Great Again attire that will shock you: On August 31st, […]

Protesters interrupt Virginia Tech President, chanting “Nazis get off our campus”

Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands could barely finish his State of the University speech last week, as vexed students interrupted the President to yell about his alleged support of racism on the Blacksburg campus. Students protesters did their absolute best to shut President Sands’s speech at VT’s Moss Center for the Arts auditorium, as well […]

California Attorney General: “You build a wall, I’ll buy a ladder”

Stanford in Government, a student-run, nonpartisan political awareness group at Stanford University, hosted an event featuring California Attorney General and Stanford alumni Xavier Becerra (BA ‘80, JD ‘84). Becerra discussed numerous topics with students and faculty members, including President Trump’s decision on DACA, today’s political climate, his career in office, as well as policies for […]

ACLU providing $10,000 grants for UC Berkeley students to host speakers who “advance equal justice”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California is offering $10,000 in grant money for student organizations at the University of California at Berkeley who are looking to “advance equal justice.” The funding is intended for student groups at Berkeley to host speakers who will discuss specific topics such as “racial justice, immigrants’ rights, […]

Black students at University of Michigan block streets, protest name of campus building

Racial tension is rising at the University of Michigan, as a vast assembly of African-American student have took to the streets in protest against alleged racism on their campus. Protesters have shut down traffic on campus roads to the point where buses in the area had to be rerouted. Some of the organizers explain that […]

UC system steps up, will pay for half of the security bill for Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley speech

In mid-September, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro entered the lion’s den and gave a long-awaited speech at the politically bifurcated campus of UC Berkeley. Leading up to the event, logistics seemed ever-changing — event day, time, location, and even who was paying for what. As the dust settled, however, it seems that the University of California […]