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Isaiah Denby

Isaiah is a college freshman from Tampa Bay, Florida studying economics and political science. He's a libertarian, member of the Tampa Bay Youth Republicans, as well as an avid Thomas Sowell reader.

Articles From Isaiah

Rosie O’Donnell promotes online game where users push Trump off a cliff

Comedian and actress Rosie O’Donnell is under fire for promoting a video game site titled “Push Trump Off a Cliff Again” on Twitter. The website allows players to move a digital President Trump steadily closer towards the edge of a cliff until he finally falls off. Gamers can also shove the president down a New […]

Students march to demand segregated housing and culture centers

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) Last week, more than a hundred students and alumni of the University of Florida (UF) marched through their campus in an outrage. The great injustice they were rallying against was a proposed change to campus housing. Staff members of the university’s “Multicultural and Diversity Affairs” department want to merge the UF Institute […]

Campus free speech: Adam Carolla, Ben Shapiro to testify before Congress

Conservative columnist and commentator Ben Shapiro is set to testify before a joint Congressional hearing this month, titled “Challenges to Freedom of Speech on College Campuses.” Adam Carolla, who recently collaborated with PragerU creator Dennis Prager to develop a documentary entitled “No Safe Spaces,” will join Shapiro at the hearing. Set for release in 2018, […]

Migos kicked off plane, blames “racial profiling”

The newest airline scuffle is between Delta Air Lines and the widely famed, rap/hip-hop group Migos. The group’s manager is alleging one of their members was racially discriminated upon boarding a plane last week. The three member group, “Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff,” as well as their manager, boarded a flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Des Moines, […]

UC Berkeley conservatives unite to sue over free speech suppression

Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans have joined together to file a lawsuit against the University of California, Berkeley. The lawsuit comes after numerous accounts of UC Berkeley administrators purposefully barricading conservative thought from campus. On April 24, the two groups filed a lawsuit which asserts the university has illegitimately prohibited conservative speakers […]

Public university removes Bible and cross from campus chapel, caves to DC-based group

A heated religious controversy has erupted at East Central University (ECU). Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit group based in Washington D.C., has filed a complaint against the Oklahoma public university, expressing concern over the Bibles and crosses in the university’s chapel. Americans United for Separation of Church and […]

University offers profs and students $2,500+ grants to ‘advance social justice’ with engineering

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is offering up big bucks to academics who are interested in pushing the social justice narrative. This extends beyond professorial staff, and to students who attend the college. The university is prepared to spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for either teaching, promoting, or taking research into the […]

Building codes aren’t gender neutral. Yale is suing

The ongoing disunity in American culture over the issue of gender identity has found its way into the bathrooms of Yale University. After much grief and multiple complaints from students of there being a shortage of gender-neutral restrooms present on their campus, Yale law school submitted a construction request to modify their single-user or gender […]

Berkeley scholarship created for illegal immigrant students

Husband and wife alumni of University of California, Berkeley have established a scholarship to support illegal aliens. The couple, José Luis Bedolla and Lisa García Bedolla, aim to provide Berkeley students who fall under the classification of illegal alien, most notably those who qualifications reflect the DREAM Act of 2001, with funding to attend a […]