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Isaiah Denby

Isaiah is a college freshman from Tampa Bay, Florida studying economics and political science. He's a libertarian, member of the Tampa Bay Youth Republicans, as well as an avid Thomas Sowell reader.

Articles From Isaiah

Erasing history? CSU students want to change mascot dubbed an “icon of genocide”

Students are turning their backs on California State University-Long Beach’s (CSULB) mascot, Prospector Pete, calling the statue an “icon of genocide.” Dubbed the spirit of the 49ers, Prospector Pete has been found as part of the nation’s ongoing dialogue regarding confederate monuments as well as historical statues on college campuses. Rudy Sequoia, a senior at […]

Temple University is investigating random “racist” banana appearances

Two separate incidents of supposed racial discrimination have occurred in the dormitories of Temple University involving bananas. In one case, a banana was found resting on the door handle of a dorm room where four black undergraduate women reside. Similarly, a second banana incident transpired again in the dormitories, though details aren’t as clear. The […]

Harvard fraternity ditches gender qualifications, opens ranks to women

Harvard University’s Kappa Sigma fraternity is altering its membership requirements to become a co-ed social club. The official change leaves behind its single-gender, Greek fraternity history in a move to be more inclusive and progressive towards the social construct of gender. The group declared they have dissociated themselves from their national association and developed a […]

100+ UC Berkeley professors call for boycott of classes during Milo’s “Free Speech Week”

More than 100 UC Berkeley faculty members have called for a boycott of classes and campus activities during Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Free Speech Week,” which is scheduled for September 24th to 27th. Michael Cohen, an associate professor of African American studies at UC Berkeley, told The Daily Californian that free speech week is a “clear threat […]

Students organize “die-in” on 9/11 to protest “immigrant bashing” and Islamophobia

Students at Indiana University (IU) participated in a “die-in” on Monday to highlight the xenophobia Muslims and undocumented immigrants have faced since 9/11. Demonstrators laid on the ground with statistics and messages related to xenophobia taped to their backs, while they pretended to be dead. The fairly peculiar demonstration was organized by “UndocuHoosiers,” a student […]

Frat chants “Build a Wall.” Liberals want them punished

A fraternity at Cornell University is under scrutiny after one of its members allegedly chanted “build a wall” near a Latino Living Center (LLC) on campus last week. The event, described in a recent Facebook post by Cornell University’s La Asociación Latina (LAL), the umbrella organization for a majority of Latino groups at Cornell, has […]

UC Berkeley will set a security perimeter around six buildings for Ben Shapiro’s speech

UC Berkeley’s long-awaited speech featuring prominent, conservative speaker Ben Shapiro is set for this week. As a precaution for the event, which is expected to attract an immense amount of adversity from students on campus, the university has decided to increase its security measures, once again. Last Thursday, UC Berkeley’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost […]

Southern Poverty Law Center publishes guide to countering the alt-right on campus

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has released a publication titled, “The Alt-Right On Campus: What Students Need To Know.” Its purpose is to coach student activists on what measures to take whenever speakers that associate with the alt-right appear on campus. The article mentions numerous individuals they cite as “extremist speakers” who are touring […]

Harvard Business Review: Men shouldn’t conform to “masculine clothing norms at work”

A recent publication by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) addresses concerns regarding the common norms of men’s apparel in the workplace in a piece titled, “What Happens When Men Don’t Conform to Masculine Clothing Norms at Work?” The management magazine of one of the most prestigious business schools in the country sought after the opinion […]

San Diego State University creates free “Black Minds Matter” class

San Diego State University (SDSU) plans to implement a new course this Fall, titled “Black Minds Matter: A Focus On Black Boys and Men In Education.” The course is taught online and is free and open to the public. The instructor is J. Luke Wood, Prof. or Education, who also played a role in developing […]

Students’ freshmen Disorientation Guide accuses Penn of “white capitalist imperialist values”

New students at the University of Pennsylvania received a student-produced booklet entitled “Disorientation Guide *The S**t Penn Won’t Say”  during student orientation last week. The peculiar guide contains a myriad of criticisms about the prestigious institution ranging from racist behavior to topics including fossil fuels, Palestine, and “Killing Ethnic Studies,” as the booklet states. The […]

“Offensive”: Yale to remove decades-old stonework from library entrance

Last week, Yale University reported its decision to remove a long-standing stone carving from campus due to its violent depiction of a Puritan settler aiming his musket at the head of a Native American. Evidently, the ivy-league school could no longer bear looking at a statue that’s been affixed to campus for almost nine decades. […]

“Heteronormative masculinity”: Liberal students say avoid campus fraternities

Student at the University of Pennsylvania are reflecting on “going greek” and not all their reflections are positive. According to a recent publication by the Daily Pennsylvanian, students find it to be costly and wrongly enforcing gender roles. Two sophomores discussed their main concerns, in addition to the conveniences they experience at their respective Greek […]

FU to everyone else? UF hosts “blacks only” orientation

Last Friday, more than a hundred students at the University of Florida (UF) congregated on campus for a newly revamped orientation program. This peculiar induction, however, was only intended for one specific demographic attending the Gainesville institution: black students. This program is known as “PAACT,” which stands for Pledging to Advance Academic Capacity Together. According […]

New class at Princeton University fights “Fat Phobia,” celebrates obesity

Princeton University’s prestigious Lewis Center for the Arts will be teaching a course on fat phobia this fall. According to a new course guideline from the Lewis Center, “FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body,” will teach America’s most astute and intellectual college students an interesting conflation of not only obesity in this country, but […]

A “Social Justice Committee” is changing course material at University of Denver

Graduate students at the University of Denver (UD) have created a Social Justice Committee to provide support for “underrepresented people” at the Morgridge College of Education Counseling Psychology (CP.) The committee was formed due to a growing need for “social justice” as well as “advocacy” for certain underrepresented peers, according to the group. Numerous students […]

UC Berkeley charges College Republicans $15,000 for security to host Ben Shapiro

After tumultuous ups and downs, conservative author and pundit Ben Shapiro is once again confirmed to speak at UC Berkeley this September. Unfortunately for the UC Berkeley College Republicans, hosting the high profile conservative is a financial and logistical nightmare. According to The Daily Californian, the Berkeley’s College Republicans (BCR), have reluctantly agreed to pay […]

The nation’s biggest liberal university system underpaid their employees by $1.3 million

A recent discrepancy regarding payroll compensation has landed the University of California (UC) system in hot water. Thousands of UC employees, past and present, were underpaid slight quantities in each paycheck, totaling more than a million dollars in unpaid income. According to the Sacramento Bee, the duration of under-compensation was between the years of 2014 […]

“Abolishing Whiteness” to become a new course at Stanford

Progressive absurdity has found its way into the syllabus of a brand new course at Palo Alto’s prestigious Stanford University. This new anthropology course, entitled White Identity Politics,  taught by Professor John Patrick Moran this upcoming fall, is set to solve the racial animosity in our country by educating (or indoctrinating) students into left-wing identity […]

College offers free airport shuttle (but only for illegal immigrants)

Undergraduates at Pomona College have it taken upon themselves to provide a complimentary airport shuttle, but just for students who fall under the status of illegal alien. The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC), Pomona’s student government association, announced the shuttle on Facebook. They made sure to specify that priority for the Airport Rideshare System […]