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Grant Wishard

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Grant is a sophomore English & Political Science student at Grove City College in Grove City, PA, and is working as an intern at The Weekly Standard.

Articles From Grant

Ball and chain: College graduates put marriage on hold for student debt

Young Americans are putting off their most important life decisions — sadly, even marriage — under the pressure of student loan debt. The graduates of 2015 are the most indebted students in U.S. history, each owing, on average, $35,051, according to Market Watch. Such high levels of debt are forcing recent graduates to put their […]

Michelle Obama launching effort to get more teens to attend college

First Lady Michelle Obama recently launched a new campaign to get young students, ages 14-19 years old, interested in their education beyond high school. The campaign, called “Better Make Room” is a part of her “Reach Higher” initiative to encourage low-income students to consider college, job training, or trade school. The first lady is concerned […]

Garrison Keillor to retire from ‘A Prairie Home Companion’

Fleeting celebrity gossip and new entertaining personalities often distract from venerable careers. But hopefully, the usual sludge will not take away from the career accomplishments of Garrison Keillor. The creator and host of the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion” announced Monday that he plans to retire. Keillor has hosted the musical variety show for four decades, […]

Millennials have turned away from ‘cool’ Christianity, but traditional churches are making a comeback

Nearly every study tells us that Millennials are unconcerned with religion and feel unconnected to any sort of faith. But could it be that this same generation is actually returning to the traditional church? Yes, 18-to-35-year-olds are still leaving mainline pews in ever-increasing numbers and some are leaving the faith entirely. But many are leaving […]