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Gabriella Morrongiello

Gabriella is a junior studying political science and journalism at The George Washington University located in the heart of D.C. Passionate about advancing the Conservative Movement, she was founding chairwoman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Oregon State University prior to transferring to GW. Immigration policy, Second Amendment issues, and activism initiatives by other young conservatives are topics she particularly enjoys covering and her work has often been featured on Fox News and the Drudge Report. Gabriella is a die-hard SF Giants baseball fan from the California Wine Country where she enjoys sunshine and frequent day trips into the City By the Bay. Follow her on Twitter at @gabriellahopem

Articles From Gabriella

FCC makes the right call on delaying invasive study, for now

While the FCC’s decision to defer a plan to question journalists about editorial and other job-related decisions is welcome news, it is important that any revised program henceforth ensures no intimidation of the press.

The Libre Initiative seeks to empower Hispanics through the American Dream

Buried beneath growing entitlement programs and the liberal push for bigger government are the often-forgotten principles that attracted millions of immigrants to the United States in pursuit of the “American Dream” — but the LIBRE Initiative is seeking to resurrect those principles.

Poll: Obama’s leadership receives worst review in three years

Nearly two months have passed since the partial government shutdown ended and the disastrous Obamacare rollout began. While the President’s overall approval ratings have been thrust into a downward spiral, opinions of his leadership as Commander in Chief have also taken a turn for the worst.

Feds distance themselves from college campus speech restrictions

Free speech and due process guaranteed by the First and Fifth Amendments remains intact on college campuses as federal officials have backed away from implementing the “blueprint” for campus speech restrictions issued by the Departments of Education and Justice in May.

U.S. being ruined by ‘stupid people,’ Herman Cain says

The George Washington University Young America’s Foundation and College Republicans welcomed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain to campus Monday night, and the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza delivered a slice of sharp criticism.

Circle K clerk fired for using gun to defend himself, shoppers during armed robbery

‘Save a life, lose your job’ might be a suitable slogan for the Circle K franchise after it fired a store’s clerks earlier this week because he used a gun to protect himself during an attempted armed robbery.

[WATCH] Chris Christie crashes Jimmy Fallon’s late-night thank-you-note session

Winning a second term isn’t the only thing newly re-elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie proved capable of this week.

[WATCH] John McCain: “I think it’s a problem” to hire immigrants over Americans

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) ran into trouble last week when he openly acknowledged one of the Senate immigration bill’s largest flaws.

[WATCH] California surfer uses food stamps to buy sushi and avoid work

Why bother getting a job when you can jam out, surf and enjoy sushi with your bros, thanks to government food stamps?

POTUS struggles on the golf course during first full day of Martha’s Vineyard vacation

Taking a break from an economic talking tour and his feud with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Barack Obama arrived Saturday in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for a vacation with his family — and the first activity on his agenda is anything but a surprise.

What’s perhaps is surprising, however, is that the POTUS might not be a very good golfer.

Be careful what you Google or police could show up on your doorstep

Googling kitchenware and school supplies at work could land you a visit from the police. At least, that was the case Wednesday morning for a couple in Long Island, N.Y., who answered their door to six men from a joint terrorism task force.

Russian anti-gay laws prompt vodka boycott

Cosmopolitans and other vodka-based drinks won’t be the beverage of choice for gay rights activists, so long as Russia’s anti-gay laws remain in place.

Atheist group scrutinizes optional faith-based college dorms

Multicultural, international, exchange student and gender-specific dormitories have existed conventionally for years on college campuses, but optional housing for students of religious backgrounds is apparently unacceptable.

[WATCH] Ted Cruz slam Obama over yet another empty promise

Fiery Texan and 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz has wasted no time pointing out recent inconsistencies in President Obama’s rhetoric.

Obama goes after “phony scandals” during economic talking tour

President Obama is in denial regarding the scandals of his administration, calling them “phony” during his speech at Knox College on Wednesday.

Obama’s senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer dismisses recent WH scandals as “phony”

According to a senior Obama advisor, the abundance of improprieties that have plagued Washington recently — and may have contributed to a drop in Obama’s approval rating — need not be taken seriously.

8 freebies at the Make Progress National Summit

Progressives have made no secret of their belief that some things should either be free or available at the expense of others. From poster child Sandra Fluke’s push for free birth control to free Obamaphones, freebies are essential to the progressive agenda — and Generation Progress’ 2013 Make Progress National Summit was no exception.

Progressives leak strategy to pass immigration reform: welcome House GOP bill

Progressives have devised a plot to move immigration reform through Congress, and they couldn’t refrain from broadcasting it at Generation Progress’ — formerly known as Campus Progress — day-long youth conference Wednesday.

EPA headquarters to be renamed after Bill Clinton

Like many other presidents before him, Bill Clinton will soon be lending his name to the headquarters of a federal government agency.


Denver exercise groups may have to pay to use public parks

Whether it’s a group of mothers lightly jogging with strollers or a yoga class stretching beneath the sun, it’s fairly normal to see organized group activities taking place in a park. In Denver, Colo. however, pursuing these outdoor exercise classes comes at a price.