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Emily Schrader

Emily is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she was a leader in Republican and pro-Israel political groups. Emily also worked as a researcher for Israel educational organization StandWithUs in Los Angeles, CA. Emily specializes in foreign policy and has written for sites such as The Commentator, Big Peace, Pajamas Media and more. You can read her blog at She currently resides in Washington, D.C. Follow Emily on Twitter at @GippersChutzpah.

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Articles From Emily

We Cease, They Fire: A Mistake by Netanyahu?

TEL AVIV, Israel – Wednesday night was supposed to bring about an end to the conflict between Israel and Gazan terrorist group Hamas. That would be wonderful, if it were true. Unfortunately it’s not so clear. In fact, most of the people living in Israel, including myself, are pretty angry about the ceasefire because it puts the lives of Israelis at risk.

After being bombarded by over 1,200 rockets from Gaza, and striking over 1,500 terror sites in Gaza as part of Operation Pillar of Defense, the government of Israel agreed to a ceasefire Wednesday. The ceasefire includes an initial 24-hour time period during which both parties agree to stop attacks. If there is no violence during this time period, Israel will then ease the ability of Palestinians and goods to get across the border crossings, easing the blockade.

Schrader: Running for Shelter — On the Ground in Israel

As I predicted in my first article, the attacks have not cooled down in Israel or Gaza at all. Yesterday, we saw an unprecedented rocket attack against Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, along with numerous rockets being fired into other Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv.

Today, we saw continued rockets into southern Israeli cities like Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon, among others, and two more rockets fired at Tel Aviv. This brings the total rocket count to more 737 in this conflict alone.

Schrader: What’s really going on in Israel

Last night when I was sitting in my class at Tel Aviv University, I saw a tweet pop up from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official Twitter account. It announced an official operation against Gaza after the recent increase in rocket attacks fired against Israel civilians from the Gaza Strip by the terrorist organization Hamas.

As some of you may remember, a similar operation was launched in 2008 with Operation Cast Lead that did in fact deter rocket attacks, I can’t say I was upset or even concerned when I read this because I figured I was safe in Tel Aviv.

I was wrong.

Keeping Kids in Love with Liberty: Young Americans for Liberty

Student initiatives geared for national and statewide elections are nothing new in today’s political world, but when “Students for Ron Paul” exploded onto the scene during the 2008 presidential cycle, no one expected a national youth movement dedicated to protecting constitutional freedom to blossom from a mere student coalition. That movement is Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), and with over 26,000 student activists and more than 220 chapters, it has certainly become a force to be reckoned with.