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Evan is a Naturalized American citizen currently living in Israel. Full time computer geek by profession, comic book nerd, political wonk and foodie by hobby. He's been involved in writing and politics since high school. He is a contributor for Big Journalism. Follow him on twitter @EvanPokroy

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RNC to Target Young Voters in 2012

As the GOP presidential primary winds down and the focus shifts to making Barack Obama a one-term president, all eyes will be on the Republican National Committee, the only body able to work directly with the presidential nominee.

In 2010 the Republican National Committee’s political department, headed up by Gentry Collins, helped the GOP win a record number of House seats. The RNC was able to nearly triple the number of people volunteering at the committee’s headquarters from 2008, the majority of which were young professionals. Now, under the direction of chair Reince Priebus and political director Rick Wiley, the RNC is looking to build on it’s past success and generate a national strategy for engaging young voters.

BarackOn: Get Your Ambassadorship To Exotic Locales

The Republican establishment is sometimes seen as the stodgy old guard of the center-right movement, but the Republican National Committee’s communications team is doing a great job at changing that stereotype.

In their latest viral salvo against the Obama administration, the research and communications division has rolled out a brilliant play on the popular Groupon website, the BarackOn.

How can you get in on the amazing deals at BarackOn? Well, pony up some cash!

Remembering Andrew

I’m still in shock as I write this. Andrew Breitbart isn’t with us anymore and I’m not sure what to do. I’m trying to wrap my head around the whole idea.

Although I have been writing for his Big sites for exactly a year, I had never met Andrew in person because I currently live in Israel. Andrew was planning to visit Israel this spring and we were going to meet up during his trip.

Andrew came on my radar when he was working for Matt Drudge. It was in passing – a story about the guy doing most of the heavy lifting at The Drudge Report. When he started appearing on Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld on Fox, I was sold. Here was a guy who was having fun. Here was a guy who could get his hands dirty fighting for what he believed in without losing his ability to laugh at it all.

Stay Classy, Occupiers

The Occupy Movement doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. To fill up their time, the more extreme activists have once more returned to their abhorrent protest tactics of last fall.

There certainly was no lack of reasons to disparage the movement. The encampments were hives of scum and villainy. Murder and mayhem abounded, yet in certain political circles, it was considered a wonderful expression of youthful exuberance.

In more recent cases, certain Occupy groups haven’t even attempted to hide their hateful motives. Occupy Denver organized an event last week where a large group of occupiers got together to have a “F@&k the Police” march. This level of hate is rather de rigueur for Occupy Oakland, but is now spreading to other camps. Messages went out to participants to wear masks and bandanas to oppose a “violent and dystopian police state.”