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Texas Governor declares Feb. 2 to be ‘Chris Kyle Day’

In this April 6, 2012, photo, former Navy SEAL and author of the book “American Sniper” poses in Midlothian, Texas. (AP Photo/The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Paul Moseley, File)

Calling it a “privilege,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott officially declared Feb. 2 to be “Chris Kyle Day.” Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American history and the basis for the Oscar-nominated movie “American Sniper,” was called “a true American hero,” by Abott. I have declared Feb. 2 to be Chris Kyle Day in Texas. We […]

How’s this for civility: Top Democrat says Republicans prefer ISIS to young immigrants

AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke


‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 trailer promises revenge, epic adventure

GoT season 5 trailer

Thanks to a theatergoer who attended the IMAX screening of Season Four’s final two episodes, Youtube finally has its first glimpse of the “Game of Thrones” Season Five trailer. The trailer covers a lot of ground and promises a season full of revenge and adventure. “Justice has a price” is the trailer’s tagline and it […]

#SMH Fridays, week of Jan. 24


Welcome to #SMH Fridays! Obviously, that’s Internet speak for “shaking my head” Fridays, but you already knew that.

Biden: ‘The past six years have been really, really hard for this country,’ ‘tough for our party’

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to members of the House Democratic Caucus in Philadelphia, Friday, Jan. 30, 2015. (AP Photo/ Joseph Kaczmarek)

Vice President Joe Biden has a lot of singular qualities—he kills it with the ladies, for example, and is always down for a good ball joke.

Jon Stewart relives the NFL’s scandal-ridden year, including DeflateGate and Marshawn Lynch

via screenshot

It’s been a super great year for the NFL—#DeflateGate just won’t stop, no one has forgotten about Ray Rice, and Marshawn Lynch has been killin’ it with the press.

HuffPo blogger Obama tells Dems to ‘Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post’

President Barack Obama addresses House Democrats, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tom Gralish, Pool)

President Obama offered some pretty ironic advice at the House Democrats annual retreat Thursday. According to The Hill, Obama told his fellow Democrats to hold their fire while the administration works on trade deals that several liberal lawmakers have expressed opposition to. “Keep your powder dry,” he said. How did he suggest doing that? “Get […]

Katy, I served with Marshawn Lynch. I know Marshawn Lynch. Katy, you’re no Marshawn Lynch.

The star player of this Super Bowl weekend, and Marshawn Lynch. (AP)

Katy Perry, already the greatest Super Bowl halftime performer in the history of the spectacle without having upper registered one note, went into her version of beast mode during a Thursday press conference.

Hashtag activism now has a theme song, and it may inspire you take no action on anything whatsoever

Hashtag activism now has a theme song, and it may inspire you take no action on anything whatsoever

This song needs a hashtag.

The Daily Show confronts the dangers of ‘mixed marriages’–politically mixed, that is

via screenshot

The Daily Show has braved one of the great dilemmas of our politicized generation: dating outside your political party.

John Oliver has been ‘brainwashed’ into watching the Super Bowl, calls it ‘peak America’

Image via Screenshot

John Oliver knows how to get along in America. And his strategy starts with paying attention to the biggest game of the year. “I’m on a green card and if I don’t watch the Super Bowl, don’t I get ejected?” Oliver joked to David Letterman Thursday night. “I love it because it is peak America. […]

Celebrities confess to deflategate on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Image via Screenshot

There is no greater love than the love between Bostonians and the Patriots’ Tom Brady. And people are often willing to take the fall to keep a loved one out of trouble. So it seems a lot of Boston residents have been coming forward and taking the blame for “deflategate.” Jimmy Kimmel had copies of […]

Code Pink thought it had the upper hand by shouting down a Nobel winner. Then John McCain spoke up.

Henry Kissinger, pictured over the left shoulder of the suited individual in the center, takes his seat as Code Pink protesters demonstrate. (Via screengrab)

Sen. John McCain all but told a particularly disruptive group of Code Pink protesters to get the hell out of his committee room Thursday.

Jesse Ventura says Chris Kyle is no hero


Oh boy.

Belle Knox, the ‘Duke porn star,’ hopes to get into libertarian politics


James Deen isn’t the only porn star wowing the press with their political ideas!

The government declares the Super Bowl a ‘no drone zone’

Image via Screenshot

Sorry, NFL fans: the government plans to keep the Superbowl a “no drone zone,” even if they need to resort to “deadly force” to do so.

When the map went haywire, this weatherman turned the forecast into a comedy routine

Arizona. Scorched.

Somebody give this guy an Emmy.

John Cornyn asks the only question that seems to matter at the Loretta Lynch confirmation hearing

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, before the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing on her nomination. Lynch defended President Barack Obama's decision to shelter millions of immigrants from deportation though they live in the country illegally but she said they have no right to citizenship under the law. If confirmed, Lynch would become the nation's first black female attorney general. It is the first confirmation proceeding since Republicans took control of the Senate this month.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) bluntly asked the only question that seemed to be on every Republican’s mind Wednesday at Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing to be the next attorney general. “You’re not Eric Holder, are you?” Cornyn asked. “No, I’m not,” Lynch replied. “I will be myself. I will be Loretta Lynch [if confirmed.]“   Cornyn said […]

The Daily Show wants all you persecuted ‘manspreaders’ to live free from male oppression

Image via Screenshot

“Manspreading”: The defining male rights movement of our generation!

Jon Stewart rips Obama for visiting Saudi Arabia out of ‘self interest’

Image via Screengrab

During a segment of Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Stewart poked fun at the Koch brothers for their planned spending in 2016 before laying in to Obama for cutting his recent India trip short to visit Saudi Arabia.