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Red Alert announces time and location for 2017 “30 Under 30” Awards reception

Join us for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and conversation as we celebrate Red Alert Politics’ sixth annual 2017 “30 Under 30” Award winners! Please RSVP by clicking here.  Our “30 Under 30” list highlights young, right-of-center leaders who are making an exceptional impact in their communities or on their campuses. In particular, we seek to highlight those […]

Campus free speech: Ron Meyer takes on liberal callers on C-SPAN [VIDEO]

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the state of free speech on college campuses. As is usual on C-SPAN, the callers made for a lively debate.

Confederates at the Capitol: ‘Those statues are right where Nancy Pelosi left them’ [VIDEO]

Former Speaker of the House and current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has called for all the Confederate statues housed in the Capitol Building to be removed. Under current law and precedent, including while Pelosi was Speaker, the states decide which two statues to send to the Capitol. Ron Meyer, Editor of Red Alert Politics, responded this morning […]

Twitter is the least of Trump’s problems [VIDEO]

The media is obsessed with covering President Trump’s Twitter account and oftentimes hold it to more scrutiny than they do his policies or administration. Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky appeared on Fox News Tuesday and said that Trump is plagued with managerial woes that are disrupting his agenda. Girdusky, who’s been a Trump supporter since […]

Red Alert Politics hires Lauren Cooley as Contributors Editor

WASHINGTON, DC — MediaDC announced today that Red Alert Politics (RAP), the leading online publication created by young conservatives for young conservatives, has hired Lauren Cooley as Contributors’ Editor. In her role, she will focus on recruiting young writers to join RAP, both young professionals and college students. She also will provide commentary and be reporting […]

No valedictorians or class rankings? Why losing is more important than everyone ‘winning’

Schools across the country are ditching a single Valedictorian — naming three, six, 48, or even zero valedictorians. Fox News’ Your World debated the topic, and Red Alert Editor Ron Meyer spoke out against the growing trend to get rid of competition in favor of participation trophies and generic awards. Here’s the full segment: Ron Meyer Fox News Channel- […]

Has Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ become ‘Big Bezos’?

Is America becoming a dystopia? Fox Business’ Charles Payne shared a fascinating theory on his show Making Money. He believes George Orwell’s 1984 description of Big Brother could be seen in modern life as Big Tech, with three or four major companies controlling all our personal information. Payne said: “There is no doubt George Orwell got everything right but […]

You can watch the Congressional Baseball Game online

Out of a tragedy comes more attention for causes the victims cared about. Tonight, the Congressional Baseball Game will go on as scheduled at 7:05 p.m. eastern time. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is still in the hospital after the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, yesterday. Heroic Capitol police officers helped save dozens from being massacred […]

Trump (channeling Rihanna) to NATO: B—h betta have my money [VIDEO]

President Trump created an awkward moment when he called out NATO leaders to their face during a Thursday speech. “Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of […]

Mr. President, please focus on your economic agenda [VIDEO]

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss the President Trump firing former FBI Director James Comey. Both Cavuto and Meyer agreed that Trump needs to limit distractions — like the Comey firing — and focus on his economic agenda, before moderate Republicans and those in tough districts will be scared […]

Dems are pushing pre-existing conditions myths to distract from GOP plan lowering premiums [VIDEO]

Social media in the last week has been full of false news and myths about the House-passed health care plan and how it impacts those with pre-existing conditions. The way Obamacare dealt with pre-existing conditions was to put the higher costs from these plans on all Americans. This is one of the biggest reasons premiums […]

No, the Boy Scouts should not admit girls

Earlier this week, NPR published an article entitled “Meet the Teenage Girl who wants to be a Boy Scout.” The article speaks about a 16-year-old girl, Sydney, who, after tagging along with her brother to Boy Scout’s meetings, wants to become an official member. She feels that her exclusion from the scouts is unfair and she […]

“Whiffed Punt”: Budget deal a “total betrayal” of Trump agenda [VIDEO]

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox and Friends First this morning, and he was fired up against the newly announced budget deal between Democrats and Republicans. Meyer called it “a total betrayal of the Trump agenda” by congressional Republicans. “Listen, I understand in football, sometimes you have to punt. But, the problem is […]

Fox’s Stuart Varney: “No, Millennials are not lazy” [VIDEO]

Fox Business host Stuart Varney is fired up about busting the stereotypes about millennials. Despite the media hype, he says millennials are “anything but lazy.” From Today’s youngsters do not have it so good. Student debt is a chronic problem. So are the very limited job opportunities and then there are house prices and […]

No laughing matter: It’s hard being a conservative comedian in Hollywood

Standup comedy was known as the last refuge of total free speech. Want to make a joke about killing a family member? Okay. A dark sexual fantasy? Great. Mocking and criticizing a beloved celebrity? Absolutely fine. Over the last few years, however, it’s become harder and harder to be a conservative comedian especially if you […]

Left-wing talk show host: Fox News women deserve sexual harassment

On Thursday April 20th, Ron Kuby, a leftist radio talk show host on “Curtis and Kuby,” said the women who were sexually harassed by Bill O’Reilly should not have been surprised by what happened to them because they created a culture that permitted his behavior. “These women… on air… helped create and perpetuate and profit […]

Meyer responds to triggered students who called Chick-fil-A “unsafe” [VIDEO]

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer, who is also an elected representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Northern Virginia, had his jobs collide when an item came before the Loudoun Board regarding Chick-fil-A. Last week, Red Alert reported students at Duquesne University were protesting a new Chick-fil-A on campus, calling it “unsafe” with a “questionable history […]

‘America First’ means funding the border wall, not a war in Syria [VIDEO]

President Trump announced to Michael Goodwin of The New York Post that he would not be putting ground troops into Syria. Nonetheless, military hawks have been clamoring for more engagement in the war-torn country. Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky appeared on Fox Business’ Making Money on Tuesday, stating that more military strikes in Syria and another war […]

Millennials reveal why they support President Trump on MSNBC [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s The Point with Ari Melber featured a segment entitled “Growing Up Trump,” which gave millennial leaders on both sides of the aisle the chance to speak out about the beginning of President Trump’s administration. The segment was broken up into three parts: the first featuring all Democrats, the second featuring all Republicans, and the third […]

Dr. Drew advising Trump administration on drug addiction [AUDIO]

Part of the President’s first term agenda is tackling the opioid crisis that’s destroying countless lives throughout the country. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and New Jersey Gov. Christie are set to lead a commission on drug abuse and are pulling in some star power to advise, like addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky. On his daily […]