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Borowski debunks Lahren: All human beings have liberty [VIDEO]

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The flood of conservatives slamming Tomi Lahren is overwhelming. Many self-righteous Republican purists have blasted Lahren for declaring she is “pro-choice.” Lahren, a 24-year-old host for TheBlaze, said it would be hypocritical to support constitutional limited government while also being pro-life. Rather than just joining the chorus of rude slam-jocks on Twitter, libertarian speaker Julie Borowski put […]

It’s time for Trump to rope-a-dope the media [VIDEO]


What can President Trump do to fight back against the media’s incessant focus on Russia? Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox Business’ Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto to discuss Trump’s media strategy. Meyer suggested, “Trump needs to rope-a-dope the media.” Rope-a-dope? What is that? Meyer explains, “Mohammad Ali popularized this term ‘rope-a-dope,’ […]

How to break into (conservative) journalism [VIDEO]

(via RAP)

Interested in a career in journalism? Red Alert Politics hosted a workshop at CPAC to empower millennials with the tools they need to succeed in modern journalism. Red Alert Editor Ron Meyer moderated the panel with Tim Carney, Commentary Editor for Washington Examiner,  and Emily Jashinsky, Commentary Writer for the Examiner and a frequent Fox News guest. They covered paid writing […]

Trump’s likely SCOTUS picks are very, very different [VIDEO]


Donald Trump is set to announce his pick for the Supreme Court on Tuesday night. The stakes are very high, and Trump’s choices have very different opinions on some controversial issues. Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky was on Fox and Friends First on Tuesday to discuss the justices that Trump is most likely to choose to fill […]

Every Women’s Marcher needs to listen to Mia Love’s speech [VIDEO]

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Congresswoman Mia Love (R-Utah) delivered a tear-inspiring speech at the March for Life yesterday, drawing on her personal experiences and elevating a perspective often ignored by the media. Everyone should watch this to get another viewpoint, especially those who participated in the Women’s Marches.

A sign? Trump supporter extinguishes protestor fire

(Via Twitter/Ryan Lovelace)

Today after President Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, protests erupted blocks away near K Street and 12th Street NW. Protestors affiliated with #DisruptJ20 set fire to trash cans, broke windows, attacked cars, and threw rocks at police. Some Trump supporters tried to engage with the protestors, but […]

WhiteHouse.gov just changed over: Check it out

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As soon as the swearing in of the 45th President of United States happened at noon, WhiteHouse.gov got a makeover — featuring the new policies of President Donald Trump. The “Top Issues” section includes: America First Energy Plan, America First Foreign Policy, Bringing Back Jobs And Growth, Making Our Military Strong Again, Standing Up For Our […]

House of Cards drops trailer minutes before Inauguration [VIDEO]

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Netflix’s hit show House of Cards dropped their trailer for the newest season minutes before President-elect Donald Trump was to be sworn in. The trailer, captioned ominously, “We make the terror,” starts with children saying the Pledge of Allegiance — sending chills down the spine of many viewers. One has to speculate if the show will […]

Senator Warren refuses to shake Betsy DeVos’ hand [VIDEO]

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is apparently too disgusted to shake hands with President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. Showing that partisanship comes first to her, Warren refused an attempt by Betsy DeVos to shake her hand and exchange pleasantries at DeVos’ confirmation hearing. C-SPAN caught the moment (around the 1:00 mark). Warren, who […]

Senate Democrats’ most embarrassing confirmation hearing moments [VIDEO]

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Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Last week was a doozy for Senate Democrats in the confirmation hearings for President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointments. Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox and Friends’ Abby Huntsman to run down the most embarrassing moments.

Millennials should be happy about Trump dismantling Obamacare [VIDEO]


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Will President Obama lose his legacy after President-elect Trump’s first 100 days? Progressives are organizing a “Day of Action” to fight for his legacy and, in particular, Obamacare. Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer debated Democrat strategist Antjuan Seawright on Fox News’ America’s News Headquarters.

‘Most transparent ever’? No, Obama is the Jay Cutler of transparency [VIDEO]

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has declared President Barack Obama the “most transparent” president in history. He also added, somewhat contradictorily, that most Americans don’t care and there is “no constituency in American politics for transparency in government beyond journalists.” Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer debated Democrat strategist Brad Bauman on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, […]

UN-Israel vote: Obama voted “present,” should return Nobel Peace Prize [VIDEO]

(Fox News)

President Obama’s decision to have the United States allow the United Nations to demand Israel abandon its “settlements,” some of which Jews have been living in for generations, has created even more chaos in the Middle East. Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer debated Democrat strategist Antjuan Seawright on Fox News on America’s News HQ. Here’s the […]

MTV helped normalize anti-white identity politics [VIDEO]


Too often conservatives mock the extreme identity politics coming out of college campuses rather than combatting it. They claim that students will change once they reach the “real world.” However, MTV’s “New Years Resolution for White Guys” video proves that they’re more likely to change the culture than change themselves. Red Alert Politics’ senior writer Ryan […]

Feedspot names Red Alert Politics #16 on Top Political Blogs list

Top Political Blog

Feedspot has added Red Alert Politics to their Top Political Blogs list, calling it one of the “best 100 political blogs on the planet.” Red Alert placed #16 on their top 100 list. Here were the criteria: The Best Political blogs from thousands of top Political blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed […]

Liberal calls Trump a ‘Twitter terrorist,’ Hashmi calmly destroys him [VIDEO]

Brad Bauman (left) called President-elect Donald Trump a "Twitter terrorist." Asst. Editor Siraj Hashmi was like "Nah, I got this one bro." (Photo via RT)

The media’s outrage over President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter habits continues to exceed new heights after he recently targeted a union head over the recent Carrier deal. Last week, Trump announced that he kept his promise by keeping over 1,000 Carrier plant jobs in Indiana from going to Mexico. Chuck Jones, the head of the United […]

Jeff Dunham: Achmed interviews Wonald Grump (played by Walter) [VIDEO]

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Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s latest video with his famous puppets leaves no prisoners. It makes fun of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the media, safe spaces, participation trophies, and a host of other politically incorrect topics. Achmed the Dead Terrorist plays the media, interviewing President-Elect Wonald Grump — played by Walter. Achmed thanks Grump for […]

Hey Protestors: President Trump will be good for millennials [VIDEO]

Here are three tangible ways the lives of millennials could improve in Trump’s first term. (Photo via Screenshot)

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox and Friends to discuss his op-ed “Why millennials should look forward to President Trump”. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Contrary to original projections, millions more millennials ended up voting for Donald Trump for president. Our Millennial Polling Average, which took the mean of the latest eight polls, […]

Girdusky: Protestors should respect fellow millennials who voted for Trump [VIDEO]


Young people across the country have taken to the streets to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, claiming that he doesn’t stand for them. For millions of millennials, however, he does stand for them. Red Alert Politics‘ Ryan Girdusky explained on Fox Business Network’s Making Money with Charles Payne on Monday that despite the media’s claim […]

Dems’ attacks on Comey “a distraction” from Hillary emails [VIDEO]

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The Democrats seem to be all-in on going after FBI Director James Comey for the latest revelation about Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee notifying them that the agency was looking into Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s laptop after they discovered that approximately 650,000 emails were downloaded onto her computer. […]