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Pee-wee Herman actor revamps voice-over for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ movie trailer

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Marvel’s new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer is epic all on its own, but Jimmy Fallon had an idea for a new direction for the superhero flick. Paul Reubens was Fallon’s guest Wednesday night and Fallon had him reprise his role as Pee-wee Herman and dub over the latest “Avengers” trailer. Thor with a Pee-wee […]

Anti-vaccine group looks to add some propaganda to your Halloween candy

vaccine 2

Guess we can add Halloween to the list of holidays that has been politicized from every possible angle. First, the sugar was too unhealthy, and then we had claims of candy wrappers causing climate change. Now we have anti-vaccination candy. While some people believe — ahem Jenny McCarthy — that vaccines cause autism in children, scientists have […]

Teens suspended for taking a picture with airsoft rifles

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Two 16-year-old Massachusetts teenagers were suspended for posing with airsoft rifles for a Homecoming photo—even though the photo was taken in one of their own homes.

White House Hit With What Appears To Be Sustained Cyberattack


THE HUFFINGTON POST — WASHINGTON — The White House computer network has been hit by what appears to be a sustained cyberattack, administration sources told HuffPost.

The FCC could pave the way for a new era of internet TV


Regulators are tip-toeing toward a huge change that would grant new content to online TV companies.

When Democrats say things about businesses and jobs

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The Washington Free Beacon spotlighted the ridiculous statements Democrats have made about businesses and jobs by cutting a fabulous video featuring clips of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others.

Russian hackers broke into the White House network

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Hackers with suspected ties to the Russian government recently broke into the White House’s unclassified computer network, the Washington Post reported Tuesday night.

‘The Daily Show’ creates ‘world’s worst country song’ about the Texas election

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“The Daily Show” is in Texas this week and  correspondent Jason Jones is on a mission to find out what the top issue facing Texans is in this midterm election. But instead of finding consensus Jones heard every issue imaginable. From abortion and gay rights to border control, open carry and Ebola, Texas voters seemed to have […]

Jon Stewart makes fun of Dems for ‘running frantically’ from Obama

Image via "The Daily Show"

Jon Stewart evaluated exactly how “toxic” President Obama is ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

Daniel Radcliffe shows off his rap skills with ‘Alphabet Aerobics’

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Daniel Radcliffe didn’t need a Patronus to save him from this challenge. He claimed the prize all on his own. Radcliffe appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday night and talked about his love for all things rap. He said that in addition to memorizing lines, he also learned all of the words […]

Someone taped a bottle of Fireball to a camera and passed it around at a wedding. Now watch.

Someone taped a bottle of Fireball to a camera and passed it around at a wedding. Now watch.

In what’s certainly one of the more novel uses of a GoPro-like camera in Internet memory, someone duct taped one of the devices to a bottle of cinnamon-flavored radioactive waste with a hint of antifreeze and passed it around at a wedding.

WaPo: The FTC is suing AT&T for throttling its unlimited data customers


THE WASHINGTON POST — AT&T broke the law when it slowed down mobile Internet speeds among customers who’ve paid for unlimited data, federal regulators said in a complaint unveiled Tuesday.

Jon Stewart mocks America’s ‘perverse obsession’ with Ebola virus

Image via "The Daily Show"

Jon Stewart mocked America’s “perverse obsession” with Ebola during a segment of “The Daily Show” Monday night.

Stephen Colbert roasts Louie Gohmert for comment about gay massages in military

Image via "The Colbert Report"

During his show Monday night, Stephen Colbert took a few punches at Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) for his recent comments about gays in the military.

Top lawmaker claims Obama is exploring ‘plans’ to bring non-U.S. Ebola patients here for treatment

FILE - In this Monday, Aug. 4, 2014, file photo, a Nigerian health official uses a thermometer on a worker at the arrivals hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba, File)

A leading House Republican says he is aware of information that points to the United States eventually receiving non-U.S. Ebola patients for treatment.

Jimmy Kimmel teaches audience how to deal with ‘Elsaween’

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It’s shouldn’t be surprising that Disney’s mega-hit “Frozen” would be inspiring the most popular Halloween costume of the year. But, as late night host Jimmy Kimmel points out, it is important to put on a happy face for every repetitive Elsa costumes that comes to your doorstop to trick-or-treat. On his show Monday night, Kimmel […]

Jimmy Fallon plays the world’s worst game of charades with Charles Barkley, Ewan McGregor

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Jimmy Fallon hosted a rousing game of charades Monday night… or rather, he tried to. He soon discovered that his guests, Charles Barkley, Ewan McGregor, and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, had a hard time making it past the number of words in the title their partner was trying to guess. Apparently there is a discrepancy between the […]

Wendy Davis to Jon Stewart: ‘I’m going to be governor’

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If her wheelchair ad and interracial marriage gaffes didn’t prove it already, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis showed just how out of touch she is Monday night on “The Daily Show.” Host Jon Stewart brought his show to Austin, Texas to cover the midterms and invited liberal darling Davis to discuss her campaign and Texas […]

Why Dems are winning on minimum wage

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

POLITICO — For Republicans this year, the minimum wage is the wedge issue from hell. Even as Democrats lurch toward a potentially disastrous midterm election, support for raising the federal minimum wage is resonating with voters. In fact, it may be the only issue on which Democrats are winning: A Pew Research Center poll earlier […]

Space entrepreneur thinks artificial intelligence is ‘summoning the demon’

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Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of private space travel company SpaceX, is not looking forward to our robot overlords.