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Clinton vs. Trump on higher education: Trump winning, big

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Staff Writer Anthony Hennen analyzed the college plans offered by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While Hillary’s plan has been public for months, the Trump campaign has offered a few outlines that hint at new possibilities for higher education. Check out more of the Red Alert Politics podcast at

Meyer: Millennials dislike “chief panderer” Hillary Clinton, low turnout may swing election [VIDEO]

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Washington Examiner Political Reporter Gabby Morrongiello and Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer discuss why a majority of millennials love Bernie Sanders, yet despise Hillary Clinton — and what this means for the general election and Donald Trump. 

I was right about Trump all along: What the establishment & #NeverTrump don’t get about America

FILE - In this Sunday, May 1, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts to a song during a campaign rally at the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute, Ind. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Staff writer Ryan Girdusky and host Michael Koolidge discuss Trump’s big win in Indiana that made him the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and what’s next for both parties and the #NeverTrump movement. Girdusky has predicted Trump’s victory from the beginning and explains why the establishment doesn’t understand about the American voter. Check out more of the […]

Cruz wins 77% of VA’s statewide delegates, earned only 17% in primary (3rd place)


Senator Ted Cruz has won 10 of the 13 statewide delegates available at the Republican Party of Virginia convention. These 13 are separate from the three per congressional district that have been or will be selected as well. While Cruz won 16.9 percent of the statewide vote, he earned 77 percent of the statewide selected […]

Trump vs. Clinton: Who would win the youth vote? [VIDEO]

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Washington Examiner columnist Lisa Boothe, Democratic Pollster Jessica Tarlov, and Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss a new Harvard University poll claiming millennials would pick Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Podcast: I offended campus liberals so badly, they convened a “safe space”

Students gather inside Nassau Hall during a sit-in, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, in Princeton, N.J. The protesters from a group called the Black Justice League, who staged a sit-in inside university President Christopher Eisgruber's office on Tuesday, demand the school remove the name of former school president and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson from programs and buildings over what they said was his racist legacy. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Red Alert Politics contributor Jayson Veley joins host Michael Koolidge to talk about the reaction of his fellow students at Eastern Connecticut State University to an editorial about white privilege. Read the full story here. Check out more of the Red Alert Politics podcast at

Major liberal magazine: Tipping is “twisted, racist”

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

As time progresses and society advances, liberals are struggling to create new ways — whether it’s “cultural appropriation” or “micro-aggressions” — to say America still has a massive racism epidemic. Now, progressives think they have proof that the act of tipping servers is “racist,” too. “Twisted,” even. Mother Jones, a failing liberal rag, featured an op-ed in their […]

RAP Editor on ‘Draft Tebow for Congress’: Perfect millennial GOP spokesperson [VIDEO]

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Red Alert Politics editor Ron Meyer joined the Daily Share on HLN to discuss RAP’s endorsement of Tim Tebow for Congress in Florida’s 4th district. Since the endorsement last Thursday, the Draft Tebow movement has gained serious momentum, trending on Facebook and getting coverage on Bleacher Report, CNN, CBS Sports, and numerous local media outlets in […]

Higher Ed Round-Up: “Safe spaces,” fraud, and college dropouts


Staff writer Anthony Hennen rounded up this week’s campus news, including the Ohio State University’s fascinating response to student protests, the Department of Education’s broken college auditing system, and why some millennials are better off skipping college altogether. Articles mentioned: Liberal cannibalism: OSU silences protestors with “safe space rules” No audits: Oversight fault grants aid to colleges that […]

Big Education, like Wall Street, is funding Hillary Clinton


Staff writer Ryan Girdusky exposes just how much money Hillary Clinton has received from universities compared to the other 2016 presidential candidates. Here’s the article he discussed: “Academia hearts Hillary: Clinton bags 84% of top 10 college donations” Check out more of the Red Alert Politics podcasts at

Cavuto vs. ‘Fight for $15’ activist: Will CA, NY min. wage hikes kill jobs? [VIDEO]

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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto invited ‘Fight for $15’ activist Naquasia Legrand to debate New York’s recently passed minimum wage increase. Legrand, who kept a composed smile throughout the interview, argued that a massive minimum wage hike was the only way to increase wages for all and fight income inequality. “Everything else is going up but our […]

IBD Poll: Clinton schlongs Trump by 42% among young voters, 33% among women

Donald Trump. (Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press); Hillary Clinton. (Matt Rourke/Associated Press)

A new Investors Business Daily (IBD) poll has some awful news for Donald Trump — and for Republicans’ electoral chances in November. Among young voters aged 18-to-24, Sec. Hillary Clinton has a massive lead over Donald Trump, defeating him 64 percent to 22 percent. Against Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump loses this demographic by nearly 50 […]

Don’t write “Trump” in chalk. That’s racist


Staff writer Rebecca Downs follows the absurd pattern of college students who have been “triggered” by “racist” messages — ‘Trump 2016’ written in sidewalk chalk and on whiteboards. Check out more of the Red Alert Politics podcast at

Tim Tebow might run for office? [VIDEO]

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Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt joined Tim Tebow for an interview during his foundation’s golf tournament to cover all the admirable ways Tebow is helping children in need. Seeing how Tebow interacts with the community and his genuine desire to help others, Earhardt asked Tebow about his interest in politics. “What about this election cycle, have you […]

Poll: Clinton smashing Trump by 26% among millennials, 16% among women

Image via AP/Elise Amendola

A series of awful polls from across different networks and educational institutions are confirming what the #NeverTrump movement has been saying for months: Donald Trump is unelectable — even against Hillary Clinton. Last week, we reported that Trump’s disapproval ratings among women and young Americans are above 70 percent, according to Fox News and others. But […]

Scholarly study: Millennials are “the most narcissistic ever”


A new study from Case Western University shows millennials self-identify their generation as “narcissistic” — and other generations agree. While most Americans already likely agreed with this assertion, this is solid academic research proving it. The given summary of the study says it all: “So-called millennials consider their generation the most narcissistic ever. Older generations […]

Podcast: How Donald Trump could unite the Republican Party


Staff writer Ryan Girdusky suggests 3 ways that Donald Trump’s campaign can unite the Republican Party. Check out more of the Red Alert Politics podcast at

Third Party: Libertarian polling at 11% versus Trump, Clinton

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson

In the latest Monmouth University poll, Gov. Gary Johnson is polling in the double-digits as a third party Libertarian candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Johnson polls at 11 percent, while Clinton at 42 percent and Trump has 34 percent. The RealClearPolitics average — which excludes third party candidates — has Trump trailing Clinton […]

Carnival launches U.S. cruises to Cuba

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Have you ever wanted to see tropical communism? Get ready to ride in comfort. Carnival Corp. — under its “Fathom” brand — has been approved to launch cruises to Cuba, and the company is already selling tickets. Carnival secured approval of the route under the new exception to the Cuba embargo for “people-to-people” travel, and their announcement […]

Feds to investigate GMU bomb-making arrests, still no statement from administration

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So much for being a “small” issue. Federal investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are jumping in to investigate the bomb-making materials found in a George Mason University dorm room. As we reported, three students were arrested last week — despite the public only being informed yesterday, via court documents and not […]