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Bruce Jenner shocks liberals by coming out as transgender and Republican

Image via ABC News

Former Olympian and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Bruce Jenner finally revealed that he identifies as a woman in his Friday night “20/20″ interview with Diane Sawyer, but it was a different announcement that had viewers freaking out. Sawyer asked if Jenner cheered when President Obama became the first president to even say the […]

Oberlin liberals post names, accuse Republicans, Libertarians of ‘perpetuating rape culture’

Image via Reason

The story of how Oberlin College liberals reacted to the visit of AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers just keeps getting more and more outrageous. Reason reported Friday that the same liberal students who think that Sommers ideas should be treated as a literal threat to their “safety” decided to pay the favor back to the groups that invited […]

#SMH Fridays, Week of April 19


Welcome to #SMH Fridays! Obviously, that’s Internet speak for “shaking my head” Fridays, but you already knew that. Here at Red Alert Politics we spend entirely too much time on the internet and some of the things that we see out there are just absolutely astonishing/mind-blowing/horrifying/disgusting/trendy/weird/insert any adjective here. As such, we have decided to […]

Seth Meyers defends Hillary Clinton from allegations in ‘Clinton Cash’

Image via Screengrab

Seth Meyers defended Hillary Clinton during Thursday’s episode of “Late Night,” dismissing allegations about the former secretary of State that will be laid out by the forthcoming anti-Clinton book “Clinton Cash.”

Blake Lively says Obama left her husband Ryan Reynolds a voicemail and he deleted it

Image via Screengrab

Blake Lively told Seth Meyers about the time she met President Obama on Thursday’s episode of “Late Night.” It involved the actress confessing to the president that her husband Ryan Reynolds deleted a voicemail Obama once left on his phone.

YouTube star Todrick Hall blends Disney songs with ’90s hits in awesome new video

Image via Screengrab

His new song, which features vocals from Shoshana Bean, remixes Disney songs like “A Whole New World” and “Under the Sea” with 1990s jams like “This Is How We Do It.”

‘Tonight Show’ Announcer Steve Higgins shows off his flawless Shaggy impression in the first ever ‘Shaggy Off’

Image via Screenshot

“It Wasn’t Me” or was it? “The Tonight Show” hosted the very first “Shaggy Off” Thursday night between Shaggy impersonator Steve Higgins and 90s superstar Shaggy himself. While it seemed like Shaggy had the obvious upper hand, Higgins dug deep and found his inner  Jamaican reggae fusion singer. The race was almost too tight to call […]

Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon call on their siblings for help during a game of flip cup

Image via Screenshot

It was a family face-off during this game of flip clip. Actor Chris Evans and his brother Scott Evans went up against Jimmy Fallon and his sister Gloria Fallon in the drinking game on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” Unfortunately for Gloria, her partner was dead weight and the Fallons could not hold a candle to the […]

University of Maryland students can’t recognize Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan may be the name that Republicans and conservatives invoke in practically every conversation, but to the average college student, he means very little. The Media Research Center found out that very few students at the University of Maryland could even identify the legendary president when shown one of his most iconic photos. Most […]

Red Alert Podcast – Maria Santos on ‘trigger warnings,’ ‘safe spaces,’ and free speech on college campuses

REd Alert podcast

Staff Writer Maria Santos talks with host Michael Koolidge about the liberal students so traumatized by the presence of a speaker they disagreed with that they demanded “safe spaces” from her speech. Check out more of the Red Alert Podcast at https://soundcloud.com/red-alert-politics.

Zev Chafets: ‘They simply don’t invite any conservatives’ to give commencement speeches to avoid ‘embarrassment’

Zev Chafets (Fox)

An author has figured out exactly how colleges are getting around the uproar and “embarrassment” that comes with inviting a conservative or Republican to speak at your commencement ceremony — “They simply don’t invite any conservatives at all.” Zev Chafets made this declaration Wednesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “Of the 60 top […]

A wrongfully convicted man tastes his first real hamburger after 36 years behind bars

via screenshot

After years of fighting his wrongful conviction for a 1978 murder, Michael Hanline was finally exonerated by DNA evidence.

Trey Gowdy jokes about ‘the real crime’ in his run-in with DC authorities over AR-15


Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) is taking his recent spat with the DC authorities in stride.

Jimmy Fallon, Russell Crowe sing ‘Balls in Your Mouth’ to celebrate Earth Day

Image via Screengrab

Fallon wrote the tune about the BP oil spill that occurred five years ago. Crowe loved it so much that he exclaimed BP should “get on their knees” to thank the comedian.

Chris Christie asks Fallon ‘what the hell’ with all the fat jokes

via screenshot

Chris Christie went on Jimmy Fallon’s show to inform him he does NOT appreciate all the fat jokes.

Stewart interviews Fox News’ Dana Perino, labels her co-host Eric Bolling a ‘dumb guy’

Image via Screengrab

Perino spent a lot of time discussing her childhood — she grew up on a ranch in Wyoming — and though Stewart was pleasant to her, he couldn’t resist getting in a few jabs in at her Fox News colleagues.

Jimmy Fallon showcases Obama’s expressions, including the ‘Bitch, Please’

Image via Screengrab

Jimmy Fallon just can’t get enough of President Obama’s facial expressions. The comedian featured another segment of “Obama expressions” on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

Meet the four hypocritical MSNBC hosts who are in tax trouble

File photo

A recent piece published in National Review sheds light on four prominent MSNBC anchors who have found themselves in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Liberal Democrats pressure Clinton to advocate ‘debt-free college’

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

WASHINGTON POST — Liberal leaders are pressuring Hillary Rodham Clinton advocate a national plan for “debt-free college” in her presidential campaign, part of a broader effort to convince the Democratic front-runner to embrace pillars of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s progressive agenda. The push comes as prominent Democratic senators and House members plan to introduce resolutions calling for the elimination of student debt at […]

Jeb Bush thinks NSA spying is the ‘best part of the Obama administration’

Jeb Bush cover (1)

Jeb Bush, the NSA’s biggest fan?