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Charyssa Parent

Reporter, Red Alert Politics.

Former Fox Newser. I enjoy politics, and expresso shots. Lucky to have 3 little brothers to keep me hip. Graduated from Elon University. Former college athlete. Richmond, Virginia native. Animal lover.Self proclaimed chef. Living by him and for him.

Articles From Charyssa

LGBT GOP group: Members of White House were blindsided by the trans ban

Gregory Angelo, President of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization dedicated to advocating for LGBT rights, said he was blindsided and disappointed in the President’s series of tweets on Wednesday that declared transgender people were no longer allowed to serve in the US military in ‘any capacity.’ However, he says he is not the only […]

“Forever GI Bill”: New GI Bill overhaul gets unanimous support from House

In a unanimous vote, the House of Representatives passed an expansion to the GI Bill Monday. The GI Bill has helped millions of veterans pay for college, graduate school, and other training programs since 1944. “One way we make sure that the GI Bill endures is by updating it to meet the times.” Speaker of […]

Trump bans trans: U.S. military will no longer allow transgenders to serve

The President announced Wednesday that the United States will no longer allow transgender individuals to serve in the military. In a series of tweets the President revealed that transgenders would be ineligible to serve the US military in ‘any capacity.’ This decision by the president would reverse President’s Obama’s 2016 directive that allowed transgenders to […]

Professor ‘annoyed’ by support for ‘war criminal’ John McCain

A San Diego State University professor is facing a lot of criticism after he posted that he was ‘annoyed’ by the good wishes for Arizona Senator John McCain, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last week. In a nearly 300 word Facebook post, Jonathan Graubart, a professor in political science, called the Republican Senator, who […]

Iraq war veteran: You can’t disrespect millennials and respect the military at the same time

Chris Roessner, an Iraq war veteran turned screenwriter, is tired of the stereotype that millennials are often selfish, unmotivated, and narcissistic. Following high school, Roessner was accepted to a top film school in California, but had no means to pay for it. He decided to join the military instead to utilize the GI Bill incentive, […]

Watchdog group finds nearly $7 billion of wasteful government spending

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), a non-partisan, non-profit organization, has released their 2017 Congressional Pig Book. This yearly report identifies ‘pork barrel’ spending items by calling out lawmakers who are responsible for wasteful spending through earmarks. “You don’t have to be a vet of Washington to understand that by leaving any door of funding open […]

Brat: How (and why) the Freedom Caucus plans to force a vote on full Obamacare repeal

In an exclusive interview with Red Alert Politics, Congressman and Freedom Caucus member Dave Brat (R-VA) said that the only way for both parties to move forward on health care is through a complete repeal of ObamaCare. The Freedom Caucus have been vocal advocates for a full repeal of ObamaCare. After the Senate was unable […]

Rep. Brat: How young Americans can “put the fear of God into your congressman” — EXCLUSIVE

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Virg.) says it is time for young Republicans to get in the game, calling on millennials to “put the fear of God into your congressman.” “You’re the only group that doesn’t have a lobbyist,” Brat told Red Alert Politics. “Why don’t you start a nonprofit on Capitol Hill, pay yourself a nice […]

Concealed handguns: Women getting permits at 326% faster rate than men

More than 16.3 million Americans have a concealed handgun permit, breaking last year’s record by 1.83 million. In its annual study, the Crime Prevention Research Center found, for the fourth consecutive year, that permit holders across the United States have increased with this year’s jump to the highest in our nation’s history. “I think there […]

New 2018 Poll: Trump voters and Republicans are much more likely to vote than Democrats

Despite ongoing criticism of health care reform and the Russia investigation, GOP members are remaining loyal to their party. A new poll by Washington Post-ABC News discovered that Republican voters are trying to keep control of the House and Senate in this upcoming midterm election more so than Democrats. The study found that Republicans are […]

Federalism in K-12 Education: Where Trump’s Executive Order stands today

The Department of Education is nearly 60 days into its review of K-12 schools. In April, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Federalism Education designed to “alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos hired a team to give a top to bottom evaluation of K-12 programs by meeting […]

Congressman: You don’t have to go to college to be successful

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) knows that student loan debt is a top issue facing young Americans. His solution is to encourage a change in mindset. “We’ve shoveled so many people on the line that unless you go to college you can’t be successful, which has led a lot of students to go heavily into debt […]

Expert: Your college loan is causing your tuition to rise — and all Americans are on the hook

Nationwide, over 44.1 million people are in student loan debt owing over $1.4 trillion. Overall, the majority of loans granted to students are federal subsidized loans, which have left private lending companies unable to compete. In order to attain a subsidized loan, the undergraduate student must qualify by showing significant financial need. But with nearly […]

Fed Study: Debt-laden millennials are opting to live with parents rather than buying a home

A new study found that millennials are willing to bite the bullet and take out loans to compensate for increased tuition rates, but at the expense of purchasing their future assets.   The Federal Reserve Bank of New York study is the first to examine the relationship between increased tuition, student loan borrowing, and home […]

Campus sexual assault: Inside Devos’ meeting with colleges, victims, and falsely accused men

Thursday Secretary of Education Betsy Devos held a meeting to discuss campus rape policies under Title IX.   “No student should feel like there isn’t a way to seek justice, and no student should feel that the scales are tipped against him or her,” Devos told reporters. The meeting lasted nearly five hours and the […]