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Corinne Clark

Corinne Clark is a graduate of the University of Nevada (2010) and the Institute of World Politics (2013). She currently works as a Republican communications consultant with Vertical Strategies in Washington, DC.

Articles From Corinne

Free to choose: Millennials embrace traditional gender roles

Despite the loudest protests of radical feminists, new reports show that millennials are more likely to accept traditional gender roles than the previous generation. Initial assessments have been fueled by controversy, but millennials may be more proving to be more rational than our predecessors have argued. According to a new study that looked at nationally […]

The new Obamacare replacement is a huge disappointment

In 2010, a political movement that would forever change the path of the Republican party swept the nation: the Tea Party. Its number one grievance? Obamacare. In the years following the first rallies, the movement brought leaders to Washington who battled bureaucracy, took on establishment politics, and strongly opposed entitlement programs like Obamacare. After a […]