Cliff Maloney Jr.

Cliff Maloney Jr. is the Executive Director at Young Americans for Liberty. He served as National Youth Director for Rand Paul's 2016 Presidential Campaign Committee where he managed "Students for Rand" and mobilized 507 chapters nationwide. For more information on YAL: visit

Articles From Cliff

Trump’s revamped agenda: The great, bad, and ugly for millennials

Tuesday night, President Trump outlined his plans for the nation. In his proposals, millennials were left with the great, the bad, and the ugly. A minority — 37 percent — of young voters chose Trump in 2016, yet all of us millennials are impacted by his policies. That’s why I was relieved to hear him double […]

America needs a new path: More millennials want a libertarian future

In an election that features two of the most unpopular candidates in modern history, the majority of Americans are feeling alienated and disenfranchised. Those who feel most ignored? Young Americans. According to Pew Research, an estimated 62 million millennials are of voting age. For the first time, millennials match Baby Boomers as the largest electorate. […]