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Brendan Pringle

Brendan Pringle is a freelance journalist in California. He is a frequent contributor to Red Alert Politics and has contributed to other conservative news outlets. He is a National Journalism Center graduate and formerly served as a development officer for Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch. Follow him on Twitter @BrendanPringle.

Articles From Brendan

Justin Bieber has become the newest mouthpiece for Black Lives Matter

Just when you thought he was done making bad decisions, Justin Bieber officially announced his support for the controversial Black Lives Matter movement. On Friday, the pop singer posted the Black Lives Matter logo on Instagram with the following caption: “I am a white Canadian and I will never know what it feels like to […]

Pepsi CEO is still wondering why the Kendall Jenner ad backfired

Five months after pulling its short-lived, tone-deaf commercial featuring reality star and model Kendall Jenner, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi is still wondering why it backfired. The two-minute-and-39-second ad, which features Jenner ditching a modeling shoot to join a generic protest, quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons. Shamelessly evoking protest imagery and using plenty of […]

Shocker: Millennials willing to trade voting rights for debt forgiveness

As college leaves graduates saddled with more and more student debt every year, it’s no surprise that millennials are becoming increasingly desperate for an escape. During the presidential election, candidates pandered to this vulnerable demographic by proposing all kinds of idealistic policies for debt forgiveness, but the issue predictably went by the wayside as soon […]

“Generic Millennial Ad” perfectly rips millennial stereotypes

Millennials are perhaps one of the most stereotyped generations that’s ever existed, and a new “Generic Millennial Ad” from Calgary-based stock video company Dissolve has cleverly lampooned every millennial ad that’s ever been created. The ad is made entirely from Dissolve’s stock footage, and impressively captures the media’s clichéd view of millennials as a neatly […]

“Offensive” to Indians? California tells 4th graders to stop building mission projects

A new educational framework in California is encouraging teachers to drop a 4th grade tradition — constructing a replica of one of the state’s historic missions — in favor of a more “nuanced perspective of history.” Nancy McTygue, executive director of California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) and one of the lead writers of the new […]

At U-Miami, ‘Dreamers’ will get free college — but not Americans

The University of Miami (UM) has announced that all Floridian high school graduates with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) status will receive grants to cover their annual expenses beginning in fall 2018. This includes tuition, room and board, and even health insurance. The grant, called U Dreamers, already covers DACA students (aka Dreamers) from […]

Giving up on climate change, millennials are buying large SUVs

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) sales are up, and one unlikely demographic is driving this trend: millennials. According to a survey from Ford, older millennials actually prefer medium and large SUVs over smaller vehicles like compact and mid-sized sedans. The mainstream media constantly boasts that millennials are greener than Kermit the Frog, backing up their claims […]

Liberals attack restaurant for adding ‘minimum wage surcharge’ on receipt

Social justice warriors lashed out against one of the most successful restaurant conglomerates in the nation over a new surcharge instituted at one of its chains. Landry’s, which owns chains such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the Rainforest Café and McCormick & Schmick’s added a new line to the bottom of receipts at its Oceanaire […]

Obamacare failure: The uninsured are turning to over-the-counter animal drugs

As Obamacare costs continue to spiral out of control, some cash-strapped Americans are skipping the doctor’s office and heading to the pet store for relief (and no, we’re not talking about therapy dogs). Unbeknownst to them, Petco, PetSmart and other veterinary supply stores are now serving an entirely new clientele — one without fur or […]

A new journalism degree costs $147,514… for one year

If the cost of higher education already seemed absurd, Columbia University’s School of Journalism has set a new bar. The school is offering a new, one-year master of science in data journalism with a price tag of $147,514. This includes tuition, fees, and living expenses. Even though the median annual salary of journalists is less […]

After disastrous tenure and resignation, ex-Berkeley Chancellor still gets massive salary

A former UC Berkeley chancellor is set to make nearly $434,000 next year, despite the fact that he won’t be teaching or managing any campus programs. Nicholas Dirks has been with the UC system for four years as an executive, and is now taking advantage of a policy that rewards executives who plan to return […]

Half of incoming students worry they’ll drop out: Will taxpayers be on the hook?

Faced with increased pressure to pursue a university education, many college-bound students are worried they will become drop-outs. According to a new report from Allianz Global Assistance, 51 percent of prospective students believe there is a chance they won’t finish college. Nearly half of currently enrolled students said the same. Surveyed students cited “a [potential] family emergency,” […]

Liberal Slate won’t let their writers unionize. The reason why proves conservatives right

Known as a leading leftist voice and the heart of the anti-Trump resistance, Slate Magazine’s progressive agenda apparently stops short with its employees. After more than 90 percent of its editorial staff signed cards to unionize with the Writers Guild of America back in March, the site’s management refused to voluntarily recognize the Guild as […]

“Melting glaciers”: Group tells Princess Kate to stop having babies

A San Francisco-based population control group is calling on the world’s most famous royal couple to stop having children. Having Kids, a nonprofit whose mission is to promote smaller families to prevent Armageddon (or something like that), has written an open letter to Prince William and Princess Kate, urging them to not have any more […]

TLC stars spar: “Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God”

Mainstream media outlets and social media trolls are trying to crucify reality television star Derick Dillard for authoring what some are calling a “transphobic” tweet. Dillard, who married Jill Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting in 2014, decided to make a bold statement on Twitter about another TLC reality show, I Am Jazz, which […]

Astrologers predict August 21 solar eclipse will bring “downfall” to Trump

The mainstream media seems eager to report on almost anything that could shed negative light on President Donald Trump. Their newest “nothing-burger” comes in the form of looking to the stars for dirt on the president. Come August 21, a solar eclipse will cast a shadow about 70 miles wide on the United States. This […]

J.K. Rowling blasts Trump with fraudulent Twitter video, refuses to apologize

J.K. Rowling’s “row” with President Donald Trump has stooped to a new low. The Harry Potter author, who boasts 11.4 million Twitter followers, retweeted out a viral video of Trump appearing to ignore a little boy in a wheelchair at a recent event on Obamacare. Unfortunately for Rowling and the more than 70,000 followers who […]

Outdoor companies are blasting Trump, hoping to drive up plummeting sales

As their sales continue to decline, outdoor companies are trying a new marketing strategy: attacking President Trump’s environmental agenda. The outdoor recreation industry has been vocal in its opposition to Trump’s rollback of national monuments and climate change policy. 2016 was a lousy year for the outdoor industry, particularly the last three months of the […]

Fake News: New York Times claims mac-and-cheese is toxic

Cash-strapped millennial parents can rest easy. It turns out that the viral New York Times’ story claiming that boxed mac-and-cheese is toxic is just another nothingburger. The mainstream media has grown accustomed to publishing sensationalist pieces from unvetted sources, and this shock story is the latest example. The article, entitled “The Chemicals in Your Mac […]

Survey proves millennials aren’t lazy at all — they’re just underemployed

For years, older generations have characterized millennials as lazy, entitled brats, but it turns out they have it all wrong. A new survey from Bankrate found that millennials – particularly young millennials – are the most likely to have a side hustle. Take that, Simon Sinek! About 28 percent of 18 to 26 year olds […]