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Brendan Pringle

Brendan Pringle is a freelance journalist in California. He is currently an opinion columnist for and is a frequent contributor to other conservative news outlets. He is a National Journalism Center graduate and formerly served as a development officer for Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch. Follow him on Twitter @BrendanPringle.

Articles From Brendan

Outdoor companies are blasting Trump, hoping to drive up plummeting sales

As their sales continue to decline, outdoor companies are trying a new marketing strategy: attacking President Trump’s environmental agenda. The outdoor recreation industry has been vocal in its opposition to Trump’s rollback of national monuments and climate change policy. 2016 was a lousy year for the outdoor industry, particularly the last three months of the […]

Fake News: New York Times claims mac-and-cheese is toxic

Cash-strapped millennial parents can rest easy. It turns out that the viral New York Times’ story claiming that boxed mac-and-cheese is toxic is just another nothingburger. The mainstream media has grown accustomed to publishing sensationalist pieces from unvetted sources, and this shock story is the latest example. The article, entitled “The Chemicals in Your Mac […]

Survey proves millennials aren’t lazy at all — they’re just underemployed

For years, older generations have characterized millennials as lazy, entitled brats, but it turns out they have it all wrong. A new survey from Bankrate found that millennials – particularly young millennials – are the most likely to have a side hustle. Take that, Simon Sinek! About 28 percent of 18 to 26 year olds […]

Democratic establishment seeks to boot Bernie Sanders in 2018

While the Democratic Party attempts to rebuild and unite, bitter Hillary Clinton supporters are plotting the political destruction of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who remains a threat to their influence. Clinton’s allies have been working nonstop to unseat Sanders and diminish his relevance among the millennial voting bloc. Sanders, who won 71 percent of the vote in […]

“WTF” is the new party alternative for Democrats

 (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File) Young Democrats have a new outlet where they can build the movement and vent their political frustrations to leaders, bypassing the Democratic Party establishment. Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga, teamed up with Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and other venture capitalists to launch a digital platform called “Win the […]

6 children with 4 women: ‘Young Thug’ rapper is Planned Parenthood’s new favorite celebrity

Rapper Young Thug, known for “masterpieces” like “Free Blac Youngsta” and “WTF U Doin,” made headlines last week after he donated all proceeds from his recent New York City concert to Planned Parenthood. He made the announcement on Twitter, justifying his decision with the line: “I was a teenage parent. Planned+unplanned parenthood is beautiful.” Young […]

Have young Americans turned their backs on Israel?

According to a new survey commissioned by Brand Israel, support for the State of Israel among millennials is declining. While most respondents had a positive view of Israel, young people were more likely to view the nation state in a disapproving light. Sadly, even Jewish-American millennials are not completely united with Israel. A 2013 Pew […]

3 years from disaster? Climate alarmists try to scare millennials into action

Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres is struggling for relevancy after the United States announced this month that it would be dropping out of the climate change pact. In an article published by the journal Nature, Figueres and other climate “thinkers” warned that the planet could face unsafe and irreversible temperature increases if greenhouse gas emissions […]

California’s budget pushes college for all, ignores apprenticeships

As the Trump administration works to expand apprenticeship programs and match young workers with well-paying opportunities, the State of California is naturally going the opposite direction. Snubbing apprenticeships and trade schools, California legislators are instead working to incentivize their increasingly expensive university system. Under California’s new budget deal, students who meet the baseline requirements for […]

Victory for sharing economy: Trump rescinds pro-union regulations

While the mainstream media was busy covering unverified stories about Russia, the Trump administration quietly nullified what could have been an existential threat to many millennials’ livelihoods. On June 7, U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta rescinded the Obama administration’s regulatory guidance on independent contractors. Whether they realize it or not, millennials working in the […]

To undo snowflake mentality, one college is forcing students to fail

The Snowflake Generation now have a new resource at Smith College to build “resilience” – the latest, trendiest buzzword in academia. According to The New York Times, the women’s college has launched an initiative called “Failing Well,” which seeks to “destigmatize failure” for its students. The program includes workshops on imposter syndrome, discussions on perfectionism, […]

Police arrest black teens at the National Mall. Their crime? Selling water

While the violent crime rate in D.C. continues to soar above the national average, the U.S. Park Police appear to have other priorities. Three plainclothes police officers went undercover at the National Mall to bust three young black teens on Thursday as they were breaking the law in our nation’s capital. Their crime? Selling water […]

Trump helps the DREAMers… and the liberal media still attacks him

Despite the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s announcement last Thursday that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would continue, the mainstream media has spent the last week stoking fear and anxiety in the Latino community. From the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, every major news outlet expressed the same disappointment: […]

Trump’s new policy empowers Cuban millennials

President Trump’s reversal of President Obama’s trade policy with Cuba infuriated almost every mainstream media outlet when he announced it in Miami on Friday. Journalists bemoaned the impact that these changes could have on the island state, and highlighted some of the entrepreneurs who are benefiting from the American tourist dollars that have poured into […]

No, it’s not against the law for President Trump to block you on Twitter

President Trump’s personal Twitter account is under fire yet again, but this time it’s not for anything he’s said. Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter to the President on Tuesday, demanding that he “unblock the Twitter accounts of individuals denied access to his account after they criticized or disagreed with him,” and […]

Student to plead guilty to voter registration fraud in a swing state

The broken voter registration system is receiving new attention after a James Madison University student has agreed to plead guilty to submitting 18 fraudulent voter registration forms. While working for a Democratic-affiliated organization called Harrisonburg Votes, student Andrew J. Spieles claims he created false registrations to help a co-worker meet a quota. Spieles faces a […]

Berkeley professor to race conference: ‘Whiteness is inherently violent’

Race-baiting reached a new low at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) last week, as the university hosted a conference organized by the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. Some of the future Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world gathered together to hear speakers denounce “whiteness” and delight in “white tears.” The […]

Trump’s infrastructure plan could be a game-changer for millennials

As the fight for health care and tax reform remain at a standstill, President Trump has shifted his focus this week to infrastructure. A seemingly bipartisan issue, Trump faces significant resistance from both Democrats and Republicans on the finer details of his proposal, leaving many to question whether Trump has bitten off more than he […]

Cheap PR stunt? Yale accepts girl for absurd essay on ordering pizza

By now, several media outlets have covered the story about the Tennessee teen who got accepted to Yale with an essay about ordering pizza. A few months ago, Carolina Williams made the unorthodox decision to write her personal statement about the joys of Papa John’s pizza delivery. What’s more shocking is that Yale ate it […]

Survey: Many 2017 grads expect student loan forgiveness

With the commencement season now in progress, many graduates are feeling as carefree and stress-free as ever, despite facing the crushing weight of student debt. This is probably because more than a quarter still think the government is going to make it magically go away. According to the Student Loan Report’s Student Debt Survey, 27.5 […]