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Beth Baumann

Beth Baumann is an independent publicist in Northern Idaho. She is also contributor to Bearing Arms and PolitiChicks. Beth is the former Outreach Specialist for Tedder Industries and Communications Assistant for the American Conservative Union. Follow her on Twitter @eb454.

Articles From Beth

In response to California’s quest to become America’s first “sanctuary state”

I’m a native Southern Californian who grew up about 90 miles north of the Mexican border. Throughout my whole life I saw the negative effects of illegal immigration: wage stagnation, heavy poverty, and a lack of respect for the American way of life. While proponents of illegal immigration say each one of these immigrants come […]

What it’s like to be a millennial living in a flyover state

Millennials face a constant battle: whether or not to pursue a career or a family. It’s almost as if the two contradict each other. And, if you’re a millennial who wants to have it all, step back and prepare for criticism– you’ll be labeled a selfish know-it-all. When my now-fiancé and I started talking about […]

Teen Vogue’s pathetic attempt to con America’s youth into opposing guns

Gun control guru Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, is now doing everything in her power to con America’s youth. In a Teen Vogue op-ed, Watts discussed how to combat the “gun lobby.” Throughout the piece, she attempts to make the argument that America is less safe because of guns: …America has something else no […]

So offensive: NFL QB buys guns for his offensive line

There are two things that Americans love: guns and football. Now the two are coming together thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles’ rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, who gifted the entire offensive line with Beretta shotguns. Each shotgun has the player’s number on the butt of the gun, a nice personal touch. Although Christmas was a few […]

The Spirit of Christmas: Me. Me. Me.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love the lights, decorating the Christmas tree, and being surrounded by family. Most people are cheerful and like to spread joy to others through toy drives and charity events. This year, I looked at a Christmas tree decorated with the wishes of homeless kids’ wants and needs. […]

Andrea Bocelli, take a stand against liberal bullies

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, liberals have done everything in their power to alienate anyone and everyone even remotely associated with him. Now, they’re taking things to a whole new level. Last week, Trump approached blind singer Andrea Bocelli about singing at the January 20th inauguration. Once fans got wind of the Italian […]

Liberals: My president is black… and his legacy is nothing else

As Barack Obama’s presidency winds down, Americans on both sides of the political aisle are beginning to anticipate his legacy. How exactly will President Obama be remembered? Of course, Obama will be known for being the first African-American elected to the White House. That is historic in itself, but liberals are making it seem like […]

Teen Vogue gets political. No, it wasn’t smart (what a shock)

From state recounts to hit pieces, liberals are doing anything and everything they can to attack President-elect Donald Trump and undermine his historic election win. Even Teen Vogue, a celebrity gossip-type magazine, is getting in on the condemnation of Trump. According to Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue’s weekend editor, Trump’s win was because of “gaslighting.” In […]

Obama’s Vacations vs. Trump Force One: Trump saves, while Obama spends

As a millennial, it annoys me when government spends money they don’t have, billing future generations with debt. Congress – and the President – spend our hard-earned dollars like they’ve won the lottery. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in public office. You spend what you want, when you want, how you want and leave […]

Viral: 7-year-old girl shoots a deer, shatters stereotypes [VIDEO]

Responsible gun ownership means practicing gun safety and teaching your kids how to behave around firearms. A video of a young girl’s first hunting trip has gone viral for a number of reasons: 1. She’s young and she’s handling a gun. Liberals are quick to say no child should handle a gun. These anti-gunners fail […]

California chooses illegal immigrants over American students: Sanctuary campuses and lower tuition

The University of California (UC) system is known as one of the best education programs in the world. Along with that designation comes one massive undertaking: deciding who to admit vs. who to decline. Part of that decision process involves the acceptance of illegal immigrants. Let me back up, though. I was born and raised […]

Lower court vacancies: More Important than Scalia’s replacement

Since the start of the 2016 election, voters were fixated on one crucial issue: who will replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia? During the final weeks of the campaign, we heard Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talk about their vision for the Supreme Court. While the direction the Supreme Court takes is important for America’s […]

Beastie Boys rapper raising funds for Planned Parenthood, blaming Trump/Pence

Beastie Boy’s Ad-Rock has partnered with Keep, a vegan footwear company, to design a new shoe, known as “Ramos Ad-Rock.” Proceeds from the shoe’s sales will go directly to Planned Parenthood. The motivation behind the design is political (of course). The reason this partnership began? You guessed it. The 2016 presidential election. “Given the outcome […]

Gun industry: Let’s rethink how we sell to women

I walk into a sporting goods store, my hand on the door handle. I take a deep breath and prepare myself for what I’m about to experience. Walking into these stores is all the same. I have employees stare me down, trying to figure out why I’m near a gun counter. I’m a woman, after […]

Life as a millennial woman working in the gun industry [Opinion]

I’ve been around guns my entire life. It’s part of the territory that comes with being the daughter of a law enforcement officer. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my dad bringing his 9mm Smith & Wesson with him wherever he went. I was taught to “never, under any circumstances, ever touch […]