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Arrianne Talma

Arrianne Talma is a writer at Red Alert Politics. She attends the University of Virginia where she is studying Government and Global Development Studies. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, she is a fan of warm weather, beaches and island life, so the adjustment to the crazy weather of the East Coast has been an interesting one. After graduating, she hopes to work at a publication in D.C. Follow her on Twitter at @arriannetalma.

Articles From Arrianne

Adam Kokesh says drugs were planted, he will run for President

More than a week ago, gun-rights activist Adam Kokesh was arrested on charges of possessing illegal drugs while also having a firearm. Now, the libertarian is speaking out, saying the drugs found in his home were not his and were planted.

Labor Dept removes photos of Hilda Solis within hours of successor’s confirmation

Within hours of Tom Perez becoming the new Secretary of Labor in a contentious party line vote, top Labor Department officials received an interesting email regarding the transition process. The matter at hand: that all photos of outgoing Secretary Hilda Solis be removed from Labor Department offices stat.

Rand Paul: Detroit will receive bailout “over my dead body”

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) has some choice words for President Obama should he push for a federal bailout for Detroit: “Over my dead body.”

Two Colo. politicians to face recall elections over gun control laws

Two Colorado state senators are in the fight of their political lives this September as a result of their support for stricter gun control in the Centennial state.

College grads less likely to be engaged in their work, new poll finds

If you thought that a college education was supposed to prepare you to be a hard-working, engaged employee, think again.

Texas seamstress sells Rick Perry voodoo dolls in protest of state’s new abortion law

It wasn’t enough that opponents of Texas’ new abortion law protested using tampons, urine and feces in front of the state capitol recently – because if all else fails, sticking pins into a voodoo doll of Gov. Rick Perry can do the trick as well.

‘Nanny State’ Mayor Bloomberg introduces legislation encouraging residents to take stairs instead of elevators

With only a few months left in office, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be making every last-ditch effort to make sure people start caring about their health, announcing plans Wednesday to introduce legislation before the City Council that would encourage people to take the stairs and not the elevator.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren continues to blame GOP for student loan interest rates doubling

Like other Democrats before her, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) continues to blame the GOP for allowing the interest rates on federal student loans to double earlier this month, arguing that they allowed the interest rates to rise so large corporations can continue to benefit from tax loopholes.


[WATCH] Stevie Wonder to boycott Florida until ‘Stand Your Ground’ law repealed

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder has decided that he will no longer perform in Florida because of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” laws.


Kanye West introduces the $120 Plain White T-shirt

After Parisian clothing brand, A.P.C., debuted its Kanye West clothing line this weekend, they received a frenzy of orders from buyers who wanted to wear clothing similar to the hip-hop artist’s. But there was one piece in particular that caught everyone’s attention, likely due to its obvious uniqueness and eye-catching allure — a $120 plain white T-shirt.

UPenn Professor calls God “a white racist God with a problem” after Zimmerman verdict

George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict really isn’t sitting well with one Ivy League professor — so much so that she now believes God “is a white racist…with a problem” who “is carrying a gun and stalking young black men.”


Missouri Gov. signs bill into law encouraging NRA-sponsored gun safety course

Students in the Show-Me State will soon learn about gun safety at the young age of 6. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) signed into law Friday a bill that encourages Missouri schools to teach first graders gun safety from a course approved by the National Rifle Association.

FLOTUS’ latest ‘Let’s Move!’ project: The ‘Walking School Bus’

First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative is no longer limited to the classroom — now she’s using it to take over school transportation as well.


Department of Defense spends $3.5 million to protect gophers and butterflies

While 650,000 furloughed civilian employees continue to face the harsh realities of federal budget cuts due to sequestration, a Washington state military base has just received a $3.5 million grant from the Defense Department to protect gophers and butterflies.

Indiana school district reports losses of $300k from FLOTUS’ ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative

First Lady Michelle Obama’s federal lunch regulations have students in one Indiana school district going home hungry, and the district reporting thousands of dollars in losses.


Potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton earns $200,000 for speeches

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has remained busy since she left the State Department six months ago, traveling around the country to give six-figure speeches at various industry groups’ events.

President Obama makes special cameo in NSA-themed trailer for Bruce Willis’ ‘Red 2’

The revelation of the National Security Agency’s surveillance on Americans’ phone calls seemed like something you’d see in a Hollywood spy movie rather than hear on the news. And thanks to the program’s outing last month, Hollywood has brought the NSA to the silver screen —  incorporating reality into the trailer for Bruce Willis’ new action spy movie, “Red 2.”

[WATCH] Students blame Republicans for student loan interest rates doubling, say they should all be “put to death”

In a video released by Campus Reform on Thursday, Georgetown students revealed some deep-rooted frustration with the Republican party, going as far as saying all Republicans “should probably be put to death.”

PolitiFact Ohio gives Rachel Maddow a “Pants on Fire!” rating for vaginal probe comment

Outspoken MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is no stranger to being called out by PolitiFact’s “Truth-o-meter” for her controversial and often over-reaching comments. This time around, however, the progressive talk show qualified for the blog’s “Pants on Fire!” rating after claiming that Ohio’s new budget calls for a “mandatory vaginal probe at the insistence of the state.”

Tenn. school district special committee concludes textbook’s anti-Semitic content not biased

A five-member special committee formed by a Tennessee school district has concluded that a geography textbook, which was flagged for containing anti-Semitic content, is not biased and won’t be changed for the upcoming school year.