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Ashley Pratte

Ashley Pratte is the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation.

Articles From Ashley

OPINION: Student loan forgiveness equals taxpayer debt

Attention taxpayers: not only will you see an increase this year in what you owe to the federal government, but you will now be subsidizing President Obama’s student loan forgiveness plan.

OP-ED: Young people are suffering greatly under Obama administration

Young America’s Foundation has released its Youth Misery Index (YMI) numbers for 2014, and it’s a record high of 106.5.

OPINION: In search of true leadership from the ‘Vacationer-in-Chief’

Obama has exemplified weakness again by not taking a strong stance on foreign policy, and America will suffer for it.

The train wreck continues: to be shut down on ‘National Youth Enrollment Day’

With National Youth Enrollment Day just around the corner, new reports say that will be shut down for scheduled maintenance beginning on Saturday, Feb. 15 — the last day to enroll for coverage beginning March 1.

Blurred Lines: Obama’s State of the Union versus reality

Last night’s State of the Union address made it crystal clear that President Barack Obama has become addicted to the idea of dependence upon government rather than valuing economic freedom and free-market solutions.