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Ariana Rowlands

Ariana Rowlands is the President of College Republicans at UC Irvine, where she is studying Business Information Management. She has lived in Southern California all her life and her passion is to help discover and mobilize conservative youth in the very liberal state of California.

Articles From Ariana

Despite $175 million in extra cash, UC blames funding for admitting more foreigners, fewer locals

California has some explaining to do for the sudden inexplicably shady increases of non-resident admissions to their universities. 36,039 out-of-state and international students will start their college careers at University of California (UC) schools in the Fall, but the number of in-state students admitted to UC schools has been reduced by 1,206 from 2016. New […]

Conservatives, we don’t need to play identity politics

Conservative millennials need to be able to promote our Party’s values for all people, regardless of the special interest group to which they subscribe. Recently millennials have been faced with a resurgence of identity politics within the growing young conservative movement. Identity politics arguably cost the Democrats the last election, and if conservatives continue on […]

College sued: Funded LGBT groups and “Kink 101,” but not pro-life group

Nathan Apodaca, the President of the Students for Life chapter at California State University San Marcos, has filed a federal lawsuit against campus officials after being denied $500 to host a pro-life speaker. The university collects mandatory student fees that are allocated to student groups who request these funds. However, the university has given nearly […]

Professor who called Trump’s win “an act of terrorism” chosen for Professor of the Year

Professor Olga Cox, who teaches Human Sexuality at Orange Coast College, told her class in December that the election of Donald Trump was an “act of terrorism.” Despite this, Cox was recently nominated and selected by her fellow faculty members for the “Professor of the Year” award. According to students, it is an Orange Coast […]

Professor calls libertarians ‘fascists, racists’ who deserve a ‘lasting price’ [VIDEO]

On Monday, January 16th, Bucknell Economics Professor Marcellus Andrews wrote a tempestuous email titled, “An Open Letter to Professor Wooden, the Faculty and the students of Bucknell,” in which he called for “a steep and lasting price” to be imposed upon the student libertarian group of “racists and fascists” that invited a conservative speaker to […]

Protestor called a black Republican ‘token n—–.’ Now, he responds [VIDEO]

Sacramento State’s College Republicans held a tabling session on February 2nd concurrent to a large anti-Trump protest on campus. Emboldened by the Trump-bashing chants, the College Republicans ventured over to the group of protesters to show their support for the President by holding up a College Republicans flag. Mason Daniels, president of the Sacramento State […]

Letter: Berkeley won’t budge on bogus $6,300 ‘security’ fee for Milo event

Following a letter sent by the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) to UC Berkeley’s Chancellor disputing the $6,372 security fees the school had imposed upon the group to host popular conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, the school issued a scolding response to the group, calling their claims “baseless.” The letter sent by BCR to administrators earlier this […]

Ariana Grande brands herself as a sexual object, but complains when treated as one

On December 27th, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to air her grievances about witnessing her boyfriend’s fan calling her “sexy” and congratulating her boyfriend for “hitting that.” “This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I felt sick and objectified,” said Grande, who frequently dons scantily clad outfits and takes […]

3 millennial Hispanics explain why they vote GOP (and how the Party can continue to grow)

Hispanic voting trends benefited the GOP this election cycle, but the numbers are not favorable by any standard. National exit polls from the 2012 election show that Obama clinched 71 percent of the Latino vote while Romney managed 27 percent. Predictions said the news coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign, painting him as anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant, […]