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Aubree Poole

Aubree Poole is an intern at Red Alert Politics and a senior at Lancaster Bible College, majoring in Communication. Writing is her passion, and she also enjoy traveling and composing music.

Articles From Aubree

Free Speech Undead: Milo will return to Berkeley

Is free speech a dying right here in the United States? Not yet, according to Milo Yiannopolous, former editor of Breitbart News and professional provocateur. He announced plans for a multi-day event to be held at the University of California Berkeley, a liberal school that he appeared at last February for a campus event. Protesters interrupted […]

Millennials most harassed online? “Political harassment” claims doubled in 2016

Millennials are the most likely demographic to be harassed online, and the attacks are heating up along with the 2016 election. A survey from Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies, and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark reveals that millennials are often attacked by people they know on social media, and these attacks are most common among the 18-34 age group. […]

Lazy or reasonable? Millennials want to vote online

The United Kingdom recently discovered what could motivate more millennials to vote in elections and its findings may be a useful tool to inspire American millennials to vote, rather than stay at home and sulk in November. According to a study conducted by Squiz, 53 percent of millennials would be more likely to vote if they […]

Will Clinton or Trump forgive student loans?

Millennials are drowning in student debt and hoping that the next president will give them a hand. According to data from the New York Federal Reserve, 17 percent of millennials are defaulting on their loans and only 37 percent make regular payments. So, things aren’t looking good for many young people. The Student Loan Report […]

Bleak economic report should make millennials vote for Trump

A report from the Commerce Department on second quarter economic growth put a damper on Hillary Clinton’s claims that the economy has grown stronger since President Obama took office. The report revealed that the economy has grown by only 1.2 percent in the second quarter, and experienced a growth of just 0.8 percent in the […]

4-in-10 millennials think Trump and Clinton agree on climate change

4-out-of-10 millennials believe that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share the same views about climate change, according to a Global Strategy Group poll released during the Democratic National Convention. Trump has said climate change scientists are “practically calling it a hoax,” and Clinton acts as if climate change is a greater threat than global terrorism, however many millennials polled believe that there […]

Military leaders: Millennial recruits are ‘undisciplined’

The United States Military is being infiltrated by millennials and leaders are scrambling to figure out how to adapt to the younger generation. Common complaints concerning the wave of millennials joining the military is that the generation is soft, undisciplined, and quite dependent upon technology. “The problem that we do have is that right now […]

Study: Millennials won’t always be mooches

The Society of Grownups recently released a survey of the most popular reasons that millennials receive financial help from their parents, revealing that half of the millennials surveyed receive financial support for cell phone service, groceries, and bills, to name a few. This means that 1 in 3 adults are still receiving support from their […]

Survey: Disgruntled millennials leaning toward Green Party candidate

A recent survey from the Global Strategy Group revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are facing high unfavorable ratings amongst millennials in the nation’s battleground states. The group, claiming to be the first to complete a millennials-only survey in battleground states, found that 75 percent dislike Trump and 63 percent dislike Clinton. Millennials’ disdain for both the […]

Twitter and U.S. colleges must stop coddling Generation Snowflake

Twitter’s ban of Milo Yiannopolous, the self-proclaimed “most fabulous supervillain on the internet,” doesn’t appear to correlate with free speech crackdowns on college campuses. However, upon closer examination, it is not unreasonable to see a connection. Yiannopolous was permanently banned from Twitter following comments made about “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones. Some of Yiannopolous’s followers attacked […]

Executive action: New student loan rule may cost billions for taxpayers, let colleges off the hook

The Department of Education is preparing to finalize a law that will allow for college students to sue their schools if they feel they were defrauded. However, the law does not require that the colleges themselves pay. Instead, the bill could fall on taxpayers, leaving them responsible to pay back millions of dollars in student […]

IWF offers conservative solutions to empower women: Will Trump use them?

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is running on a platform of being the first female presidential candidate of a major party, Donald Trump has not lost the women’s vote. The Independent Women’s Forum published “Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women’s Lives,” a report that details policy reforms that conservatives could push […]

Dean resigns after protests over “too white” curriculum

The dean of Seattle University has retired after a public outcry from university students who accused her of allowing a curriculum that they feel is “too white.” Students were angry that the dean suggested they read a book entitled “Nigger.” The book was written as an autobiography by Dick Gregory, a prominent civil rights activist. […]

Facebook accused of blocking DNC leaked email links

Facebook is under fire once again for censoring content on the website, and it looks as though the censoring is once again favoring liberals. According to Mediaite, Facebook is chalking up accusations that the site was forbidding the posting of links to the WikiLeaks data on leaked emails to a company “accident.” Many users saw […]

Petition goes viral: Include Gary Johnson in presidential debates

A new petition is going viral on with the hopes of acquiring enough signatures to include Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the national Presidential debates. The petition, started by Adam Sheets of Lucasville, OH, currently has 40,225 signatures and needs only 9,775 more to meet its goal of 50,000. It has grown by more […]

Kendall Jenner partners with conservative website to “rock the vote” [VIDEO]

  Kendall Jenner has partnered with the conservative website, Independent Journal Review, and voter advocacy organization Rock the Vote, to create a video inspiring millennials to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Jenner dressed up as a flower child, a grunge kid, and a sophisticated businesswoman in the video to illustrate a history of millennials […]

Ben Carson supports anti-LGBT rhetoric in GOP platform

Despite millennial voters becoming one of the most liberal generations in history, the Republican Party adopted one of the most conservative platforms this year, especially in regards to LGBT rights. It refers to marriage as a union between “one man and one woman” and supports conversion therapy for LGBT individuals. A previous study by FTI Consulting […]

Millennial delegate: Trump staffers threatened me during RNC rules debate [VIDEO]

It was a scene of disgruntled delegates at the Republican National Convention this week when Donald Trump staffers reportedly intimidated delegates who signed a paper demanding a roll call vote into removing their names from the list. Tommy Valentine, 22, a delegate from Virginia, was among those from “10 or 11 states that had the […]

Frank Luntz: The election will hinge on Florida millennials

Pollsters offered a harsh prediction to hopeful Republicans at the commencement of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. If Donald Trump can’t win millennials in Florida, he will lose the state — and the election. “If the election were held today, Hillary Clinton wins,” Frank Luntz, a national pollster, told the Florida delegation. “You want an […]

Poll: Millennials pessimistic about America’s future, 90% believe two-party system is flawed

A GenForward poll of millennials found that three quarters of them believe that the United States is failing as a nation, and 90 percent believe that the two-party system is seriously flawed or has real – though fixable – problems. This poll illustrates the discontent of many millennials who view the current state of the […]