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Annie Patton

Annie Patton is an intern with Red Alert Politics this summer through the National Journalism Center. She was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and just finished her junior year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She is studying journalism with a minor in marketing and a specialization in public relations. She is a big fan of airport reunions, her siblings, spontaneous adventures to new places, Michigan football, and Megyn Kelly.

Articles From Ann

Offensive? College’s ‘Bias Incident Team’ bans ‘three blind mice’ halloween costumes

Last fall, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s “Bias Incident Team” banned the wear of three students’ “three blind mice” Halloween costumes that were reportedly offensive, mocking the disabled. Heat Street obtained the documents regarding the incident, revealing a member of the Bias Incident Team reported the students after seeing the photos on Facebook. “There was concern […]

Unemployed 25-year-old wins Michigan House race

A come-from-behind victory is something you only usually read about in sports stories and movies like Rocky, but an unemployed 25-year old scored a surprise upset when he won the the Republican primary for a Michigan House seat on Tuesday. Steven Johnson won the election, defeating more established candidates by 509 votes according to Michigan […]

24-year-old creates Tinder-like app to simplify the roommate search

As finding housing during and post-college grows increasingly more difficult, Paul Burke was quick to capitalize on the industry’s struggles. Burke, who caught the entrepreneurial bug at a young age, released a new app in May called “RentHoop.” The recent college grad was no stranger to the frustrations of searching for housing, and wanted to […]

Rape victim speaks out against Clinton’s anti-gun agenda [VIDEO]

The National Rifle Association’s new commercial aims at individuals’ right to self defense, with a feature from rape victim Kimberly Corban who urges citizens to fight for their 2nd amendment rights. Hillary Clinton may want to take a listen. Corban was sexually assaulted while a student at the University of North Colorado, absolutely defenseless when […]

New reality show “House Divided”: Trump supporters vs. Hillary supporters

Fullscreen’s reality series “House Divided,”  premiering in the fall, could be the most creative attempt yet to persuade millennials to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The new series “follows a group of eight millennials (two Trump supporters, two Hillary supporters, and three undecided) ahead of the election,” Mashable’s Saba Hamedy reported. In the sneak-peak […]

Millennials to Clinton: We “want to be inspired” (but aren’t)

This year’s presidential election presents an interesting challenge for both parties to obtain the votes of the largest living generation, millennials, who currently make up a third of the electorate. The Chicago Tribune noted that nearly 78 million millennial voters could be the ‘clear and straightforward path to victory’ for Clinton. But presently, the Democratic […]

Remember “The Freedom Kids”? They’re suing Trump

Though six months have passed since the U.S.A Freedom Kids performed at a Donald Trump rally in January, the creator of the act, Jeff Popick, announced plans to sue the campaign. The song, “Freedom’s Call,” “denounced the other presidential candidates as sworn enemies’ and  ‘was mocked on social media,” Mother Jones reported. Popick, who is […]

Michael Steele to millennials: “The system is rigged” [VIDEO]

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele addressed millennials in a video on MSN, hoping to relay the true political power the largest living generation has on this upcoming election. Steele is aware of the possibilities of millennial influence if they choose to get active in their party and hold positions in office to help craft […]

Sarah Silverman to loyal Sanders’ supporters: “You’re being ridiculous” [VIDEO]

Comedian Sarah Silverman, a Sanders’ supporter during his campaign, addressed his loyal supporters during the first night of the Democratic National Convention yesterday evening with the message: “To the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous.” Silverman took the stage at the DNC alongside Senator Al Franken, also a comedian and an avid Hillary Clinton […]

Poll: Gary Johnson just 3% behind Trump in Utah — is this the one state he needs?

Gary Johnson continues to hold a surprisingly strong position as a third party candidate in the 2016 presidential race, trailing close behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Utah. “Despite being one of the darkest red states in the country, Utah is also one of the most anti-Trump,” The Salt Lake Tribune’s Robert Gehrke and Matt […]

Trump leads Clinton in post-RNC poll, winning 16% of former Obama voters

Morning Consult’s new poll reveals that although media critics wrote off the success of the Republican National Convention, survey results prove otherwise. The national poll, conducted from July 22 to 24, shows Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 4 points, with Trump winning 40 percent of the vote, Clinton with 36 percent, […]

Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Trump’s RNC speech [VIDEO]

On Tuesday night during The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mocked Republican nominee Donald Trump after his speech at the Republican National Convention. Fallon’s scarily accurate impersonation began with a flashy entrance in true Trump fashion — dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” The skit was a play off Trump’s so-called “unconventional” speech at the RNC introducing […]

Lower age to run for president? Captain Morgan (yes, that one) leads ‘Under 35’ campaign

Far be it from an alcohol company to let a political marketing opportunity go to to waste. Captain Morgan launched a petition that proposes individuals under the age of 35 should be eligible to become president. The #Under35POTUS campaign, a collaboration of VaynerMedia, Taylor Strategy, Carat, and Starpower, encourages individuals over the age of 21 to visit […]

RNC Digital Director working to reach millennials

The Republican National Convention’s digital director, Samantha Osborne, is under serious pressure to organize and facilitate all forms of social media to assemble the GOP together-with millennials as her central target. The 29-year-old is capitalizing on the social media dominance of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who has used Twitter as a platform for communication […]

Stephen Colbert is making a comeback with hilarity at the RNC [VIDEO]

(The LateShow with Stephen Colbert, Screenshot via YouTube) The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert refused to pass up the opportunity to broadcast his talk show live at the Republican National Convention, which began yesterday. “I want to be the first one to announce the moment America becomes great again,” Colbert said on the show. “On the […]

What Mike Pence offers as Trump’s VP: For millennials, not much

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sparked speculation about his vice presidential search after meeting with three of his top candidates earlier this week. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie campaigned with Trump in Virginia Beach on Monday. Then, Trump visited Indiana Governor Mike Pence at his Indianapolis home following a dinner on Tuesday, and planned to meet with former House […]

Openly gay Republican pushes for change to RNC’s stances — gets denied [VIDEO]

Tuesday morning presented new challenges for the Republican Party as the first publicly gay member of the GOP’s committee platform, Rachel Hoff, proposed an amendment to recognize gay marriage. Her plea was rejected by the 56-member group. “We are your daughters, we are your sons, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, the couple that sits next to […]

Generation #BlackLivesMatter? Majority of millennials back controversial movement

GenForward, a new polling group, released a survey regarding millennials and their opinions regarding the presidential candidates, immigration, political correctness, and other issues. The study revealed that the majority of individuals surveyed support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and think racism is a “major problem.” The results revealed 63 percent of African Americans ages 18-30, 25 percent of […]

Millennials want to get married — just not right away: Here’s why

Though marriage rates have declined each year since 1970, for millennials, it’s not a matter of if they marry — but when. Marrying during or right after college is a rare occurrence in 2016, as more individuals choose to wait. According to the U.S Census Bureau, “since 1970, the median age for women to get […]

Trump’s VP shortlist? Poll shows Americans don’t care

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released his shortlist of vice presidential candidates, each with varying levels of influence within the political realm. With millennial voting habit a critical factor for November, YouGov’s new poll reveals where the vice presidential candidates rank among millennial voters. According to the poll, the vice presidential candidates are not a critical factor that […]